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  1. Hey everyone! I'm a year post lap band and I've lost 50lbs but still have 40 to go! I need a walking buddy that lives in the hurst tx area or HEB area. I preferably would like to walk in the mornings. I need someone that can push me and vice versa. Anyone interested??
  2. Carrie where in hurst are you?
  3. Anyone use dr Adam smith at ft worth lap band???
  4. Is there anyone out there that had the iband done with dr Adam smith in ft worth and had it revised to sleeve?? Currently in the process of trying to get my iband removed and converted to sleeve. Only problem is with the gastric plication done under the band hardly any drs will even talk to me!! I guess this plication in the long run can be harmful. Just wanna know if anyone has had this done thanks!
  5. Hi there curious to know who out there has had the Iband at Fort Worth lap band or the gastric plication under band somewhere else?!? Any complications?? Thanks
  6. Glad your doing well, I can't wait to get sleeved on tues and get this out of me
  7. Tahneesamson

    Anyone revise from iband to sleeve?!

    Well the Iband sucks I don't recommend it to anyone!! I get mine removed tues
  8. Tahneesamson

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    I'm having surgery tues with dr davidson )
  9. Tahneesamson

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    I'm having a revision band to sleeve. Super nervous!
  10. Tahneesamson

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    Really my dr said only 3 days before.
  11. Tahneesamson

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    730am!! Where are yall gettin sleeved?
  12. Tahneesamson

    Newbie looking for Oct sleevers!

    My dr is only making me do a week before so I start tues. How are u doing? Who are u going to?
  13. I could eat a lot more and I started having weird stomach pains after eating. I just want this out of me ;(
  14. How far out are you? Just curious becaz I'm having mine removed next week. The plication came undone except for a few sutures;(( just wondering if anyone else had this happen
  15. Tahneesamson

    Dallas, Texas Sleevers! !

    Getting band to sleeve oct 28th! How do I join a support group??
  16. Tahneesamson


    Wait you are a revision to sleeve??
  17. Tahneesamson

    Anyone revise from iband to sleeve?!

    Way more difficult not eat more difficult lol
  18. Tahneesamson

    Anyone revise from iband to sleeve?!

    No it's eat more complicated than band to sleeve. The iband is the band and plication done on your stomach under the band. It was a clinical trial being conducted my some drs with true results.
  19. Hey there, me and a couple other gals in the dfw area have started a support group. If u would like to join us on this journey please do so! I am being banded April 2 with Dr Adam Smith. Come join us!!
  20. Tahneesamson

    Need a Support Buddy - DFW Area

    Where do u live?
  21. Hey there! I'm 5 weeks post op and have lost 20lbs. My weight loss has slowed now like I knew it would. I haven't been eating very good just very little. I have pcos so I'm not suppose to have breads and sugars so Atkins or south beach is what I'm suppose to follow, but I haven't. I would love to hear if low carb has helped any of you banders???? Thanks! ???Š
  22. Ok I've had 3 fills so far and I'm at 7cc in a 10cc band and I'm still not at restriction!! At what fill and cc amount did you reach your green zone??
  23. I need to hear from some Atkins or southbeach followers!! Anyone doing one of these diets and losing consistently? I'm stuck at a plateau and in thinking of going low carb
  24. Tahneesamson

    Disappointed And Frustrated

    I know u don't want to hear this, but are you exercising??

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