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    Jenn0207 got a reaction from WickedWitch in February Bandsters?   
    Yes I have already bought some Gas-X lol. I have started the Protein Shakes and I think I am just going to cut back a lot. Thank you for the reply.
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    Jenn0207 got a reaction from judych in February Bandsters?   
    Feb 29th! and so excited!! I have not told anyone except my mom and am not really sure how to bring it up or what their reaction might be. Any suggestions?
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    Jenn0207 reacted to XTA in February Bandsters?   
    Jenn, I also have only told a few people; my parents, my sister who has the band, my cousin who has the band, my two best friends, and of course my husband and kids. As far as anyone else is concerned they can think what they want. If people ask me what I am doing I am just going to tell them I am eating smaller and healthier meals, and excercising more. People get so weird when you tell them about it. I guess it is because they are not educated on the subject. Well, good luck to you!

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