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  1. Oh I so love broccoli and decided to have a snack of 1/2 c of slaw with 1 tea. of merical whip....( I have had this before) Well....I ate it maybe didnt chew to good but I was stuck so bad for about a hour...OOOhhh how my lil lifesaver reminds me to slow down and chew chew chew.....
  2. dee257


    Hello... I am one that has left...I loved the site when I first came... and I learned lots...I was not in the site 24/7 like some here...I tried to be a voice to some and like many of you have stated..if you didn't say what some one liked they bashed you...and I was doing great....I knew the bashing was from ones not doing so great...I didn't and don't care who likes or dislikes me....I hated seeing the MEANESS I was seeing.... I am not a mean person and I remember where I started...I did fallow my Drs orders to the best of my ability....I was afraid not to....but then I started reading how some ate pizza 3 days out or this or that and I really worried about newbies thinking...WOW you mean I can eat that and I wont hurt my band....the ones that posted were more BULLIES then concerning friends....and I didn't care for that either...so yes I went to FB and stay with a bunch of girls..that arnt always 100% agreeable but we do listen and were are all allowed to have our own opion... I wish you all well... ~hugs~
  3. Oh YEAhhh SOX !!!

  4. dee257


    ...............Congrats so exciting for you and your wife.....I have 5 adopted children and 2 bio......I have to say I love each of them the same.....my twin sister and I were adopted at age 7 by a Man who was the world to us...he has passed on but not a day goes by that I don't thank him for all he did for us.....A lil story here...one day when I was around 20....I can remember sitting with my twin and saying to her.....can you imagine if we were bio children of Daddies...would he love us more....because we couldn't imagine being loved more then he always made us feel.....now today with my own adopted children....I know adopted or not...we love them because they are OURS !!!! Grown in our hearts not our bellies.....congrats !!!
  5. Hello and welcome... Glad your heading in the right direction...great job !!! You will find many friends on LBT.... Dee
  6. dee257

    Untitled Album

  7. dee257

    first 5k

    From the album: Untitled Album

    this is my first 5k....2 of my sons and I did....what fun !!!
  8. dee257

    My Heart is Broken

    So very sorry for your lost....I to lost my best 4 legged friend a few months back very unexpectedly...its a pain that will get better...please greave but not with ice cream...maybe try frozen yogurt...your worth it...and again so very sorry
  9. dee257

    A New Day

    Dawn....your Brad sounds so sweet...what a wonderful gift with such meaning behind it.. I also have the memory loss thing because I read all your post girls and wanted to comment on each of yours and now I cant remember what... love ya all !!!!
  10. dee257

    A New Day

    Hello girls... I have been goin all day here...My dr apt went great...he said my band looked fine...and he gave me a fill but wouldn't tell me how much he put in....but as he was filling he asked the nurse what did you have in there and she said 10.....and he said well I just pulled one more cc out...and when he was done and I was sitting up I seen the syrange and I told he looks like you put 8 in....and he had a smirk...so I think im right ! He said im going to gain a lil weight back and he wants me to o...I told him nope not gonna happen I will just work harder...LOL He doesn't need to see me for 3 months.. Isaiah had a football game tonight and they WON !!! I got to work in the concession stand so I stayed warm....CJs nurse woke me last night to tell me CJ got ill and she cryed and his bellie bloated so she stopped his feeding...He stayed home today,Kaleb layed in his bed this morning and said he was taking CJ to school today..they both loved it... OOO I was trying to push CJ up in his crib tonight and didn't know my own streanth...I cracked his head against the head board....he cryed...and I cryed...but he forgives me and is smiling again !!!
  11. dee257

    A New Day

    Carole you are so positive all the time....its so refreshing...funny about the alarm clock....I only use my cell phones alarm....that vibrating on my night stand wakes me right up.. And yes like any good mom my boys are stars in my eyes and heart.... So sad watching the news today at the navy yard in DC...
  12. dee257

    A New Day

    Oh Janet...so good to hear from you...laughing you need to barrow some of Cjs diapers for bed time !!! Your daughter looks beautifully pregnant...what a exciting time...and like Carol said...a few short weeks tables will be turned....so proud of you... I went for my GI and the tech that took it said with out Fluid in my band he couldn't tell to good about how big or small the pouch was soposta be...he did think it looks a lil he wasn't sure how to word it...he said a slip usually is the bulk of the stomach comes above the band....he thought if anything.. mine looked like there wasn't much of a pouch....I see the surgeon tomarrow...so we will see....
  13. dee257

    Help!!! Can't eat - just got of 3 hr flight

    Im not sure about the band being effected by flying...but my son who is fed through a G-Tube had terrible discomfort when we flew...We called his dr and was told it will feel better in a lil that flying does both some children's G tubes.....hope you get relief soon
  14. dee257

    A New Day

    Janet hope your enjoying your meds....and that your resting that new knee... Dawn. and Michele..hope your enjoying a stress free weekend.... Diane I missed seeing your new hair cut ! Im working tonight 10:30 till 6 am....rush home get the kids off to school then the GI....see you all on the flip !
  15. dee257

    A New Day

    Terri..believe it or not by game time it was beautiful here....I was actually warm !!! Our boys lost again but they played so hard....OMGoodness my Jakie was on fire...he got a sack...lots of tackles and both boys got to run the ball...I was so happy Charlie was able to get to this game... Glad your arm is better...don't frget to take your meds !!!
  16. dee257

    A New Day

    Thank you Carol.. I know I have to get a grip on my eating when im not as tight....Im sure I can...just sorta starved myself the last 2 weeks being so tight...
  17. dee257

    A New Day

    Good Morning girls... OOO its so cold here....well for me it is any way....The boys have football games today one at 2:30 and the other right after that.....Gosh Im gonna be sporting my hat and gloves for sure ! Carol I don't know how you do it with no fill....all I wanna do is eat right now...Im gonna cry when I get on the scale at drs office on Tuesday..tomorrow I go for the upper GI...im pretty sure everything is going to look good...because I can eat anything I want ( snd believe me I have since the unfill ) with no pain... ~hugs~ hope you all have a great Sunday !
  18. Very well said Alex !!! and great job Carol...~hugs~ cuz I bet you could use one or two....
  19. dee257

    I think I need an "un" fill

    Your right...no worth it being to tight to the point your uncomfortable
  20. dee257

    19 months since banding....

    Its been awhile since I have posted here.... Life for me is so very different then it has been for most my life... I wake up every morning HAPPY...wanting to get dressed...wanting to look in the mirror. Even wanting to go for a walk...thinking back its all things I always wanted to do...just wasn't going to happen with 130 extra lbs on me... The band is the best thing I have done for ME...Im thankful for my supportive Husband and my sister who is my bestest friend also.... Oh it has been work...in the beginning I was hungry like I read many of you are..but I knew what I had to do to get where I wanted to be...I hung tuff and its so paid off..I started with a BMI of 47...I was tired all the time...who wouldn't be ...Yesterday I weighed in at 130 with a BMI of 25 !!!! My Dr pointed out to me that I have lost more then what I weigh right now...omg I never thought id do it...well yes I did...what I really didn't know was how good it would feel in all aspects of my life and my family's life ..I have been studing to get my GED ...though I did have to take a break from that due to my husband had a heart attic a lil over a month ago and wow that wakes everyone up fast..he is doing very well now...eating right ...exercising a lil more then he did before..during that month my band got so tight I couldn't eat anything and enjoy it...not good...I did see Drs yesterday and got my band unfilled ( scary ) but a upper GI on Monday and if all looks good he will refill it...I was at 8.5 ccs....might go down to 8...what ever he says... SO life is wonderful 19 months since I was banded !!!
  21. dee257

    A New Day

    ~hugs~ hello girls... Wow nice to see us all back here...well almost waiting on Di... Nicole..I was just asking Terri about you today...so very sorry you have had some heart breaking weeks..But very proud that you are eating right and living a healthy banded life... Janet..so happy your home..your breaking all sort of records this year I think....and God love Maddy...Cj giggled every time Id talk to him about sending the pretty lil girl balloons !!! Terri Im sorry about your sore hinny...but very glad you went and had it checked..I have watched to many medical shows... Carole..you must be busy on another home improvement project...so awesome...I have a small hunnie do list for my hunnie tomorrow...lol Dawn..I thought I had shared about how we came to get CJ...our lil Isaiah was in the hospital for 5 days when one night the dr came in and sat on the bed and told me they found a huge mass in his chest...they talked about cancer..and asked for my preachers number and family...they called and told them they were transporting Isaiah to the Childrens Hospital....I don't remember much after going to my kness crying...it was the worse hours of my life...my baby was only 4....God heard all our prayers and a week later after bone marrow test and biopsies he was discharged...God heard our prayers !!!! When I came home from the hospital I had so much spam emails and I almost just sweept them all out but God made me go through them and there was a mail from a agency asking if Id be interested in a lil boy with many medical problems...I begged Charlie...because he was already saying NO WAY...he was saying what we just went through with Isaiah how could I want a child that would come with medical issues...I assured him I was just going to meet him...I didn't want any more kids either...well ONE look at his smile and hearing his giggles...I knew he was my baby !!!! and he had been in a few different homes where they didn't work out..and the foster mom who had him told us...she saw a instant bond with us all...the saddest part of this story is...CJ was adopted when he was 11 months out by a family...When he was 5 the police raided the home on a tip from a neighbor and found 4 boys 2 mentally challenged woman and CJ locked in a basement !!! CJ was 5 and only weighed 25 lbs...one boy was actually found in a home made cement room with no lighs ..just kneeling on a blanket..the older children told the police..Oh that's the toy room...so so sad....that all that makes CJ so much special to us all...and to hear him giggle and smile all the time keeps my faith .... Our Kaleb came to us through his 13 yr old mom who was 7 months preg when she came to us...Jakie came to us as a new born whos mom didn't know she was preg and already had a 3 yr old she couldn't care for...and Isaiah was born in the back of a ambulance by the same mom as Jakie on St Pattys day...she left the ambulance and told them to give the baby she couldn't think of a name for to the family that took her other baby... Im not that special....its them boys that are everything to me... love ya all
  22. dee257

    Soft Full

    my soft fill feeling is my nose runs...
  23. dee257

    19 months since banding....

    Thank you...so true about diet and exercise..and I haven't stopped smiling since I got my insurance letter of acceptance !!!

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