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  1. Monique Salmond

    Sex Is Great

    My sex drive since the surgery has been thru the roof! Im sure my hubby is enjoying it (sometimes ) but seems to need a break (3 days) . I am feeling super sexy even with just 20 some odd pounds gone. I kinda feel Im more into it than he is. Anyone else encounter this, or am I alone yet again?
  2. Monique Salmond

    Sex Is Great

    Heck yeah! You go girl! WORK IT! Lol. I find I'm able to do better positions and I last a lot longer as far as liking the burn I get from... working it! Sneak in a mini workout
  3. Monique Salmond

    Hmmm Friends Or Not?

    I say drop her if she doesnt want to support you thru your harder times then she can sit on the sidelines. If and when you see her dont inform her of things. Just hi, Im well. How are you and let it be. Iknow I had A LOT of family and friends tell me I was going to die having the surgery. Im down 55 lbs and feel amazing. Still not goal weight (about 30 more to go) but I am happy I weeded out a lot of the negative people in my life. The WLS is very hard to deal with emotionally and mentally and then the food and to add negative people is just not something you should put yourself thru. good luck and hope to hear something on a more positive note in a few months... Maybe some wedding photos! Enjoy YOUR life and dont worry about hers!
  4. Monique Salmond


    Way to freakin go!! AWESOME!
  5. Monique Salmond

    Tiger Cub Scout Leader

    Why would I say Tiger... I meant WOLF!!
  6. Monique Salmond

    6 Month Bandiversary!

    That is GREAT!!! Congrats! I just past my 4 months, down 55 lbs. From a size 20/22 to a 12!! The BEST feeling EVER! I feel bad for those who it doesnt work for. I thank God I got lucky and have had such sucess! Life has been so different since I "got my life back" XD To many more pounds down the drain!
  7. Monique Salmond

    Great Free Workout App

    Today my "Fill Dr" said to stop crunches and sit ups cause it can tear the port and cause it to be superficial. What kind of midsection workouts couldI do to trim this muffin top. Losing weight fast, not really the tummy. I workout daily if not at LEAST 3 times a week most times twice a day walking and running weight training swimming.. Any pointers would be welcomed. Thanks!
  8. Monique Salmond

    Fat fuller face

    From the album: Right before the surgery 2011

    Looks like Im hiding food!
  9. Monique Salmond

    2008 With my hubby

    From the album: BEFORE THE WEIGHT GAIN

  10. Monique Salmond

    Sex Is Great

    Sad thing is I didnt know I was addicted to food OR an emotional eater till post op when feeling down and in a tough spot found myself in the kitchen and wondering how I got there... Having to deal with issues without drowning them in food has been great for not only me but my husband and my kids cause there is a lot more talking and less angst. And I think I am dangerously addicted to sex! I seriously cant get enough. I think this is how men feel everything in everyday life IS sex! Lol Poor guy, needs a tap out!
  11. Monique Salmond

    Milk Problems Anyone?

    I am currently 9 days post op and my goodness milk and I are not friends :/ I dont understand how or why but I am actually up right now cause my stomach has been thundering with shifts since I ate a soup at 6!! Ugh so not a good night for me.

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