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  1. Mary Beth

    Would like to join in

    Thanks to both Geoegia Girl and Jack :smile2:I need all the support and encouragment I can get:sad_smile:
  2. Mary Beth

    Low Carb Banders Unite

    hey Everybody! I get a Fill Monday in Mission,Tx. with Dr. Alleyn.
  3. Mary Beth

    Would like to join in

    I thought I posted early this am??? Must have been before coffee:lol:so if this is a repeat sorry...Here I go again..I was banded in Peoria, Il. by Dr. Rossi...he is GREAT I lost 40 lbs the first year..then I lost my job,my car, my home, my mind then I had Breast Cancer and all that goes with it:cursing: Now ... I'm fat and well and living in South Texas:thumbup: Low Carb is the way for me to get where I need to be! I will be calling Dr. Allen to make an appointment for a fill.
  4. Mary Beth

    Low Carb Banders Unite

    Hi everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted. I was banded in 03 in Proria Il. by Dr. Rossi.and -I've only lost 40lbs...2 fills, lost my job,home,mind, then had Breast cancer:ohmy:Now I'm in Texas,well, happy and ready to start all over:thumbup: I hate to give up SUGAR but Low Carb is the way to go to get me where I need to be.I would love to join in with you all:smile:
  5. Mary Beth

    Slow Losers - Unite!

    I've just moved to a gated community so there's a pool and great places to ride my bike. We'll see if this helps:confused: I can only lose if I STARVE! or about 900 cals. a day. My Dr. says my matabolosm is screwed!:mad: I don't know what else to do. We go out with friends and I can only eat a few bites...home isn't much better...what do you all try?
  6. Mary Beth

    Slow Losers - Unite!

    I started of great but even after a fill I didnt lose much. I eatabout 1600 cals. per day (thats more than recomended) but I stlii weight 200lbs. I bike,walk,swim etc...
  7. Mary Beth

    Slow Losers - Unite!

    Well looks like I've found my Group:embarassed: You want to know SLOW 50lbs. in 3 Years! HELP ME
  8. Mary Beth

    Band P.R.

    Band Wagon! I love that ! I wish I would have thought of it! See I'm off in the ozone somewhere thinking about new Lic. Plates(completly diffrent subject) Sorry I got BANDED 2...
  9. Mary Beth

    my first fill

    I was scared to death...but guess what? I did just fine! No fainting, I didn't gat queasy or nothing! My Dr. put in 1.5 cc's I didn't feel any diffrent for three day, and then it kicked in! I can't eat in the mornings, very little until about 3pm. But night is another story. I'm HUNGREY and I can eat a fair amount,so I have to be careful. I'm staying between 800-1000 cal. which is what my Dr. recommends foe me.
  10. Mary Beth

    Grieving for food loss?

    Hey Sultane! Don't be so hard on yourself! If you are like me and VERY sensitive to drugs, you are probably coming out of a morphine hight, which left me with a throbing headache for three days! Also I did not eat anything but liguids for 10 days. And yes, I mourn at least once a week for old habbits die hard! And YES we are ALL NUTS! Who wouldn't be. We have had more heartaches because of our weight than anyone, yet we crave the thing that made us so unhappy! And a DR. of PHYS. says we are normal! LOL Well Best of Health to you all! MB
  11. Mary Beth

    Had to get some taken out

    Thanks Kiwigirl, but the thing is I lost all of that in 8weeks! And not one lb. since:cry I'm hoping my fill Wed. will help me to start losing again. I know my first loss was extreme...I sure liked it that way:D
  12. Mary Beth

    Had to get some taken out

    Hey! Iwas Banded Aug. 25th You all are doing GREAT! We are all truely diffrent when it comes to geting the right fill, but it is so encourageing to hear what others have experienced. My Dr. is on the causcious side too,but I think he is the greatest! I've only lost 25lbs. but I'm happy with that. I get my first fill on the 7th, so I'm hoping for another 25 in the next three months! just in time for some spring clothes:)
  13. Mary Beth

    Going for the 3rd fill!

    Hello Everyone! I sure got my share of Christmas goodies;) I will be getting my FIRST FILL Jan. 7th. the day before my Birthday:eek: No Cake and Steak for me LOL My Dr. is very conserative only 1cc the first fill...but I will be begging for 2 cc's I'm the scardie cat with a needle phobia I wish us all a very HAPPY THIN NEW YEAR !
  14. Mary Beth

    My first Fill...

    I'm going to have my first fill Jan 7th! I can't wait, I've stoped losing for the past 10 weeks!
  15. Mary Beth

    4th Fill adventure... (LONG!)

    I already have a needle Phobia, now I'm a goner...fainted sitting right here at the PCLOL I may never get a fill and I'll never strain myself/MB

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