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  1. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Yes he gave me several reasons of why he preferred this procedure over the Band and all of his reasons were valid. I won't get into any specifics, because I don't want to discourage or disrupt anyone else's decision or recovery, but if you really want to know you can send me a private message and I will be more than happy to tell you the reasons.
  2. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Hello everyone!!! Wellllllllllll....I was SUPPOSED to be having surgery today BUT...I'm NOT!!!!!! I went to preop on Wednesday and my doctor somehow talked me into considering the sleeve instead of the band. Soooo....they have to resubmit my a request to my insurance company so hopefully I will get an approval SOON!! Soooooo glad to see everyone is doing well!!!!
  3. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting really excited and more nervous!! I pray nothing goes wrong!!!!!
  4. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    So glad to hear everyone that had surgery this week is doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD NEWS!!!!
  5. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    I start my preop diet tomorrow and will be on it for 7 dayS......and then on the 22nd I go for preop and start clear liquids!!!!! UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! LOL!!! I honestly am so READY to start my new journey!!!!!!!!
  6. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Keeping you in my thoughts today, sweetsoutherngirl and phatkatblue!!!!! I PRAY ALL GOES WELL!!!!!
  7. WOW!! That looks huge!! You should definitely contact your doctor!!!!
  8. mrsbrown0224

    Preop Diet

    Good morning all!!! My doctor put me on a 7 day diet plan (no carbs or sugars) and 2 days before surgery (clear liquids). Anybody else on a similar diet?
  9. mrsbrown0224

    1 yr anniversary after surgery

    YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE MY NEW INSPIRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. mrsbrown0224

    Hospital Stay

    I am 45 mins away from the hospital I will be having surgery at too. My husband and I are preparing ourselves for an overnight stay as well. I won't know until my preop on the 22nd if I will be staying. Thanks for all the feedback ya'll!
  11. Do you have to stay overnight after the procedure? Or is it generally an outpatient surgery?
  12. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Yes we do!! I will friend you!!!
  13. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Quinnmc79....I have my surgery on the 24th too!!!!!!!!!
  14. mrsbrown0224

    Christmas Eve @ 167 lbs

  15. mrsbrown0224


  16. mrsbrown0224

    1 Year Later!

    CONGRATSSSSS!!!!! Very inspiring!!!!!
  17. mrsbrown0224

    101 0680

    Love that dress!!! You look amazing!!!
  18. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Ummmm....LEGALLY she can't ask you that either. I haven't told ANYONE what I'm being off for. That's what FMLA is for. Are you going to use FMLA??? My superviser approved me with NO QUESTIONS.
  19. mrsbrown0224

    Preop Diet

    Well....I gotta a good deal then. I wasn't told about shakes...soooooo...I will pretend like I didn't see ya'll comments!!! LOL!! **YUCK**
  20. mrsbrown0224

    Self Fills

    I'm not educated enough to know if this is right or wrong...so I will just stay in my lane and read the comments! I haven't got banded yet...so I'm CLUELESS!!! LOL!!!
  21. mrsbrown0224

    Self Fills

    I'M SPEECHLESS RIGHT NOW!!!!! Really?!!?!?!? WOW!!!
  22. mrsbrown0224

    16 Months Out, Just A Little Update.

    Thanks for this info!!!!!! And CONGRATS on your successful journey!! I pray my journey is this successful!!! I'm getting banded on Feb 24th.
  23. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    Dr. Dewitt in Birmingham is my doctor. I live about 45 mins away from there. My date of surgery is Feb 24th.
  24. mrsbrown0224

    February Bandsters?

    kmt1973....Is your surgery being done by an Alabama surgeon?
  25. mrsbrown0224

    Jan 20 2011 / Nov 16 2011


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