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  1. I'm going by the "recommended" soft food items on the full liquid diet and boy do they hurt. For example, sugar free pudding with Protein powder mixed in...oh dear god..that produced so much gas I only could get a few bits down and had to quite. Same with the strained cream of chicken Soup that was listed. They only thing that is great is crystal light, Jello, plain old Water and yogurt with Protein Powder. Did anyone else have these problems. Maybe I am just pushing it to hard?? I'm not hungry or full....unless this really uncomfortable, gas-y feeling, with gurlying stomach noises is signs that the sleeve is full..... I honestly have NO idea how to get in all of the recommended food that they list there. 64 oz of clear liquid, 1/4 cup of soft liquids 3 x's a day and 60 grams of protein. It does say that I have to build up to it...and I'm only four days out from surgery. Am I expecting too much?? Boy this hurts. I've been walking really slowly on the treadmill (same pace as when I walked around the hospital floor) too about 3 times a day. Any thoughts??
  2. Hopefully I got all the important points in my topic title Does anyone have any suggestions on how to lose those last twenty lbs on a semi vegan diet. Actually after surgery, I started working with a wellness coach and figured out I have a whey allergy, so I don't eat any dairy anymore, no eggs, no cheese, etc. Also don't eat beef or pork and only eat chicken very rarely. I do eat a lot of fish though, so I can't be considered fully vegan. Not worried really with labels, just having a hard time losing those last 20 lbs. Especially when a vegetarian diet can be centered around so many carb like foods. I've also had a problem with low Iron levels and us sleevers, I've been told, can't really take an iron supplement because its too hard on our small stomachs. So does anyone have any suggestions for me?? I'd love to hear from some veggie sleevers and know what worked for them. I am also joining a local vegan/vegetarian meetup in my area to get some good ideas too. Thanks and hope everyone is well!
  3. Haven't been on here in awhile and just thought I'd post an update. I am 65 lbs down and in the 170's now. I am so happy..and all of my clothes fit or are to big now. Its a great feeling. Has anyone else ever been sitting in a office meeting wondering how many of the people are smaller than you? (Mostly cause you're embarressed about how big you are?) and then thinking...'okay..well I know she doesn't weigh less than me" well I did....all the time. That's finally stopped. I'm not worried about it anymore. Also, I'm not worried about over eating anymore....I just can't. However here are some drawbacks I've run into: Because of gall bladder issues, I can't really eat much, other than tofu, fish, low fat cheese and popcorn. Because of that, my Protein intake has gone way down and I've lost A LOT of hair. Serious amounts. Sorta concerning...even to my husband, but its normal. Frustrating, but normal. AND I'm one of the "lucky" ones that got gallstones after losing weight so I am having surgery to remove it on Friday. It was rather quick, since I've been having attacks. I saw my surgeon on Monday (I already had the ultrasound done by my PCP last week) and he said that it needed to come out asap before any complications arise, so....Friday. Same surgeon who did my sleeve. At the time he didn't think I needed my gallbladder out cause I wasn't very large to begin with and he didn't forsee my weight loss being so sufficient that it would cause stones...but alast it has. Oh well. That's the way the ball bounces I guess....If it will stop me from throwing up and having pain in my side....well I'm all for it. Nervous a little, but i had a feeling it was coming for about a month now. Anyway, just wanted to give an update. Hope everyone is doing well and rocking their sleeves!! Keep at it!
  4. well from what I've learned, better safe than sorry. But a lot of people have stones and don't have any symptoms. Apparently the only time you have to start worrying is when you start having symptoms...like throwing up, getting nauseous after eating, getting a fever after eating, etc. But hey, if you are worried about it, see your PCP. Your best healthcare advocate is yourself.....as I found out. If I hadn't been persistent, I could have ended up much worse off.
  5. Well, for awhile meat made me nauseous and I didn't realize that what I had originally was an attack; i.e. I was out one night, had been to a comedy show and drinking and then...as you do...I ate a slider at a bar and immediately ran outside and threw it up. I've had three other attacks similar to that, occuring more frequently, until I realized it was any kind of fat, oil, etc that was making me get sick. And i started getting this pain in my side. Sorta a cross between a burning and stabbing pain under my ribcage. So I went to the PCP and she did an ultrasound and it was very clear that I had stones. She recommended I have I have it out and see my surgeon asap. She forwarded him the ultrasound and he said the same thing and wanted it out this week. So....at least I have a good healthcare team in place.
  6. I just poste this on the pre-sleevers section but thought some of you might find it helpful here too. I was killing time in Barnes and Noble friday night waiting for a friend and as I browsed the cookbook section, it was like this book was put there especially for me. There was one copy, completely out of place and ended up right in front of me. Its the Weight Loss Surgery Cookbook for Dummies. Its great, has a ton of great tips to get you through the first four diet stages and then a lot of great recipes post op. It is really more than a cookbook, its a kind of "What to Expect When your Expecting/After Weight loss Surgery" as far as eating, drinking, getting Vitamins in, nutrition, best practices, etc. And then also has a lot of recipes. I wish I had it before I had surgery. http://www.amazon.com/Weight-Loss-Surgery-Cookbook-Dummies/dp/0470640189/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331559451&sr=8-1 Just thought I'd pass it along.
  7. I hit wonderland about 3 weeks ago (or maybe a month now) and i've only dropped 5 lbs since then. Crazy....I'll admit I indulged a little more than usually sugar-wise, but that wouldn't halt weightloss altogether would it?? I'm curious is once you hit Onederland its harder to shed the pounds? I jumped back on the treadmill yesterday and plan on doing at least 30 minutes of fast walking 3-4 times a week, hopefully to kick losing back into gear. Suggestions? Stories?
  8. I just started eating these for lunch (which I used to pre-surgery and they never filled me up...now it takes all i can do to get a whole one down...which I L.O.V.E.!!) But this one is so freakin good its like a religious experience, lol. Chili Lime Chicken....and the nutrition is decent. 17g of protein, 240 calories, 770 potassium, 550 for sodium. It does have 37 carbs (or something around there) but WOW....its awesome!! Just had to share the news
  9. I'm not sure if this is just plain old unhappiness or if this is my depression talking....I have scheduled an appt with my primary care and therapist, but I don't know what it is. I've lost about 45 lbs, am in onederland and am now feeling better about myself....but I feel so unfullfilled. My relationship with my husband would probably make most people envious except that there really isn't any passion and i've been flirting with the idea of going elsewhere. Which I really wouldn't do, but it sounds exciting to me....something that we don't have much of these days. I talked with him about the unfullfilled feeling and he feels it too, but neither of us have any idea what to do about it. We don't have kids, and up until now, never wanted them. We started discussing it, but because of surgery, I couldn't even think about getting pregnant until next year. But I still don't know if that is a valid reason to have a child. Or if I really want one, or if I'm just bored. My career is really going well, I'm only 31 and am where most people are in my career in their mid 40's. I feel like I live my life for everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I like being there for my husband and my family, but sometimes I just feel like I do everything for everyone else and supress what I really want to do to not make waves. (i.e. my husband is okay with me taking a class if it is free, but the minute we have to pay for it, he doesn't think its worth it. Or if he doesn't understand the importance of it, he doesn't put any value to it and doesn't think its worth the money.) Not really sure what to do, but if anyone else has been here, I'd love to hear how you worked through it. I should also probably say this isn't the first time I've felt like this. Its seems to be cyclical.
  10. Joiebean

    Unhappy With Life

    So this week is better....surgeon called (my appt last week got rescheduled due to an emergency surgery, but he called to follow up on the blood tests he ordered) and apparently I'm really low on Vitamin D (which is common i guess) but he wants me to start taking a supplement for it. So on top of the depression I have anyway, I guess a vit. D deficiency can make it worse. The surgeon also asked me to follow up with my PCP, which I am doing this week too. But overall, I feel better this week. I have to admit....and I am admitting this to you...my friends...because hopefully you'll understand....but part of my desire to stray was the whole "grass is greener" mentality. But when I actually saw the ex I had in mind...he had aged horribly...and I realized I have absolutely no desire for him at all....like I thought I did. And my husband truly is the catch I've known he is. Sometimes I just get the whole "what am I missing" woes and they get the best of me. But we are on a better path now, and I'm just feeling more positive, so its a step in the right direction.
  11. Joiebean

    Unhappy With Life

    favordone, that's awesome!! I wish we had stuff like that around here, but it would take some real searching. After reading everyone's posts....and assessing more of my mood, i think its an inbalance in my meds. I am really fed up with work...and while I have a reason to be, I am miserable here too, not just at home. I think the idea of an affair is just something to give me a small jolt of adrenaline to snap me out of it, but then I'd just feel guilty....really guilty...and have to live with it. And I would never hurt my husband that way. So I definitely won't do that....but i WILL be talking to my doc very soon to figure out how to remedy this. Thanks everyone for your comments. I truly appreciate being able to speak from the heart here without getting judged.
  12. Joiebean

    Unhappy With Life

    I appreciate your comments twoboysandagirl. I agree with you. That's why I'm trying everything I can to be happy. Thank you for saying its normal to fall out of like with our spouses. I actually makes me feel more normal. And I definitely don't want to throw in the towel. We work really hard to make it a good marriage. Its just not that exciting. But then....is it always supposed to be? probably not. I think we rushed into getting married too. Got engaged when we were both still infautated with each other and then by the time the wedding came around, I think neither of us wanted to conceed that we rushed into it. But we are compatiable and I do love him. Oh and regarding my job....(and I know this will sound like a jab) but I do make more than him. Not a ton more, but enough, and am more advanced in my career, with a higher degree.
  13. Joiebean

    Unhappy With Life

    BKmama, to answer your questions....yup, I take meds for my depression, but I had never heard that they absorb differently after wls...I'll definitely make sure to ask my doc about that next week. I'm really hoping that this is just some chemical unbalance because I hate feeling this way.... And my husband and I have actually been going to marriage counseling for the past year. We had a big blow up last August where he said some things that were very hurtful and I left. That snapped him out of the delusion that I would stay no matter what and he's been trying much more since then, but I'm not sure if he's slipping back to his old habits. I have no problem being on my own...I actually prefer it, I've taken care of myself since i wa 17, so having a needy husband is one of the things I have a hard time with myself. Btw, thank you all for sharing your thoughts. It helps me organize my own and think about things differently. I appreciate it. and it makes it feel better than I'm not the only one who has gone through it.
  14. So for you sleeve veterans who are further out, I'm at 3 months and stalled...completely stalled. scale isn't going anywhere. Clothes are fitting better...but other than that...I'm feeling like it won't move again. Any suggestions on how to get out of it? I totally feel like this is my fault. A couple times a week I eat those indian pre-packaged diet lunches-between 170-340 calories and I can usually only eat about 3/4 of it. That's the only thing that is really new. I guess I'm eating the full fat yogurt with some granola too, but again, only about 1/2-3/4 of the cup with a handful of granola mixed in. Those are pretty much my staples. I still use shakes every other day. Just not sure if its me or if this is just normal. I know I've seen these posts over and over-"I"m in a stall, help!" but now that its me and it doesn't seem to be budging for about a week and a half, now I'm concerned. Any thoughts?
  15. Joiebean

    Staples? Drain Removal?

    I didn't have staples, but the drain....whew...that was wierd. I guess it depends on how far the surg. puts it in, but mine was really long and wound around a lot....taking it out sucked. It didn't so much hurt, as everyone else said, but it was a cross between having heart palpatations, wanting to vomit and getting the wind knocked out of me, all at the same time. I say this not to scare you, but I asked my brother how it was and he said it wasn't bad at all (he had a drain for a different surgery) but his was just under the skin...mine was all deep in my stomach. But the good thing is that it only lasts a second. I did go completely pale and got a little woozy, but it passed within a minute or so after it came out.
  16. Joiebean

    Do You Really Feel Full?

    Yup, what thinoneday descibed is almost spot on. If you eat too much you get that thanksgiving bloated feeling and want to puke. I tend to get flushed and get a small fever too. Go figure. But to answer your question, I don't get the 'full' feeling you have pre-surgery. Now I get a full feeling like my stomach has enough in it and I don't need anymore. And you learn this new feeling rather quickly....but its a good feeling. I find that its far better then the old full feeling. I know this is vague, but I hope it helps. I actually really prefer eating small amounts just to keep my energy going and never actually getting the full feeling. It seems like its just easier to move around and stay active.
  17. Joiebean

    Damn Easter Candy

    lol....and I thought I was the only one who gave into temptation...lol. I bought a bag of those mini snack size kit kats....ohhhh so good. But i can only have a couple before my body gives me the all to clear sign of "that's enough" But overall, in comparison to last year, I think we all did pretty well.
  18. Since I'm in the midst of taking my daily vitamin regime right now...I thought I'd respond I take a calcium tablet, B12, prilosec and 2 gummy multivitamins (all per doc's orders.) I only have to take the prilosec for another few weeks and then the doc will decide whether I need to continue with it. But I had a hernia too that was causing problems with acid reflux and damaging my esphogus so that could be why he wanted me on that. Check with your doc...mine didn't want me on any vitamins for the first week.
  19. Joiebean

    Sleeved Today

    Congrats to both of you for being on this side of surgery. I had the same hernia repair and sleeve done about 3 months ago. Just a few tips in your next couple days: Use the stomach pillow they give you in the hospital, to get up and press against your stomach. Its a life saver. Also, don't be surprised if you are hurting more than those who just had the sleeve and no hernia repair. Not everyone is like this, but I can tell you that the hernia repair was a lot more painful to recover from than the sleeve surgery. Oh and try to walk around the hospital as much as you can. It'll help get the gas from surgery out AND it will keep your spirits up too. I had fun walking around the halls at 2am when no one else was up except for the nurses. Good luck and keep us posted.
  20. Joiebean

    I Hate My Bowels!

    I got into that horrible cycle too where I would get totally constipated and the pain of getting all backed up. Make sure you are drinking enough (at least 64 oz a day.) At the suggestion of some others on here, I started adding benefiber to my liquids and shakes. Once I started taking it (took it a few times a day at first, now I take it every other day or so) I started to get regular again. Trust me though....I understand your pain. Its awful.
  21. So i'm about 3 months out and still eat and drink slowly. At 3 weeks....have you started to "feel" the food move into your stomach yet? I forget when I started feeling that...but usually what I do is take a bit, see how it goes down and if it doesn't have any trouble, then I'm okay depending on what it is, cream of wheat I can eat with less angst...meat I have to take really slowly.
  22. Yeah I always used it too and have since about week 3.
  23. So up until recently, if I put anything sugary, fatty, fried, pretty much anything on the "bad" list of food, my stomach just absolutely rejected it. Now that I am 3 months out, there are some things that it doesn't mind anymore, like a little bit of cake for bday parties, ice cream, etc. Although I don't dare eat to much of it. And I am definitely not eating anywhere near what I used to. I probably consume between 900-1200 calories a day. On the bday's, probably more around 1400-1500, but I didn't tally it up. I'm just nervous.....I know you all understand. There was some comfort in knowing that my stomach wouldn't let me eat it.....now its up to me. Which I have much more will power now than I used to, but still...that fear of past dieting failure lingers. We had left over ice cream cake in our freezer and I had one piece on Monday....and then I immediately threw it out because I knew if I didn't, it would start calling out my name right around 9pm every night. So it just went in the garbage. But I did find myself doing the kitchen hunt last night around that time...I don't think I ate enough at dinner. I ended up having 3/4 of a greek yogurt cup, which is overall, probably better than a spoonful of sugar (ie ice cream cake.) Anyway, just nervous.....
  24. Joiebean

    Dropped 2.5 Bp Already!

    that's awesome!!! You are doing it.....you are making a healthier you! Way to go!
  25. Disinterested in me romantically that is. We are still best friends. It just seems almost platonic...and I definitely NEVER feel appreciated anymore. It more about what I haven't done then what I have. And in all honesty....I went off on him this morning for saying that i looked "fine." He totally didn't get why I was upset and looked at me like I was totally overreacting, which set me off even more. To which I just said 'whatever' (the quintessential 90's kid response) and went to work. Nevermind that I spend hours getting my hair done to look "pretty" to him and he tells me he doesn't like it. I got it done last week and when I can home he immediately had a concern about the color and never once said it looked good. It looked "fine." I get my eyebrows waxed, lip waxed (which is freakin painful, but I do it...) AND have lost 45LBS!!!!! I don't get it.....I do everything I can to make myself the best I can be (let alone being really successful at work and making sure to include his family in everything and Celebrate their events when he won't even do the tasks I ask him to do to help me) and he just doesn't seem to appreciate any of it. The last thank you I got was a few weeks ago when I made meatloaf for our friends that came over. Previously he had asked me not to make it anymore because my last meatloaf made him sick. I'm sorry...I'm just venting...its just been a lot to take in lately.....I blew up this morning.

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