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  1. That's correct, Pregnant not even 2 months after surgery. I see some threads but I'd just like an update of anyone that is going through this or went through it already... I was 300 pounds at my highest weight, now down to 240. I'm not even concerned as much about the weight gain as I am for my baby. I know this wasn't planned, but I'm already in love with my little pumpkin. The doctor that I saw at my nuchal screening told me that my weight and the fact that I became pregnant so soon after surgery makes me high risk, emphasizing preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and internal herniation. It's just all so much. I'm 25 and this is my first baby so anyone that can weigh in at all is appreciated. I've had terrible all day sickness and scared about nutrition and everything...
  2. BeautiifulEvolution

    Weight After Pregnancy

    My sickness is much better. I was on zofran in the beginning too. It did nothing except perpetuate my migraines, so they had to give me something else. But now, I'm pretty good, maybe nausea twice a week. The key for me is to never allow myself to get too hungry or too full.
  3. BeautiifulEvolution

    Weight After Pregnancy

    Vsg, you are beyond lucky... I'm far better than I started out but still get sick probably about twice a week. Also, I was thinking about contacting La Leche League for help with breast feeding.
  4. BeautiifulEvolution

    Weight After Pregnancy

    I'm now 27 weeks pregnant and about 33 weeks post op. I have actually lost 28 pounds since discovering I was pregnant. Pre op I was 300... Down to 252 when I found out in July and at 224 now. I I'd have terrible morning sickness and still get sick occasionally, but overall, I feel pretty good. I'm a FTM expecting a baby girl in 13 sort weeks.
  5. BeautiifulEvolution

    18 Mths Post & 5 Wks Pregnant -- Need Advice

    I'm 5 months pregnant and will be 6 months post op on the 18th. I would say to start prenatal vitamins immediately. They won't hurt u, whether the pregnancy is viable or not. Don't keep taking other vitamins tho. All has been well with my pregnancy. Down 71 pounds and baby girl is perfectly fine. Good luck to u.
  6. BeautiifulEvolution

    Scared I Might Be Pregnant

    I'm praying that u aren't since u don't want to be. But just in case u r, I'll say I'm 12 weeks prego and only 4 months post op. definitely not ideal and wasn't in my plan but everything has been fine so far and my doctors aren't expecting major complications so try not to get too worried either way.
  7. BeautiifulEvolution

    Pregnancy Vs Wls? Please Help.

    IMHO, I would try for the baby first. I know that there are risks with obesity and pregnancy, but I think with good medical care, u would be ok. On another note though, I had fertility issues of my own, though I'm a little younger than u are. I didn't have VSG to get pregnant, but I'm 3 months out and 7 weeks pregnant. I know I was supposed to wait 18 months after surgery, but this is what happened. My surgeon and ob both know and are fine.
  8. Started on soft foods today and tried chicken salad... Idk if I was eating too fast, if chicken salad wasn't soft enough, or what but I have serious chest pain right between my breasts! I wanna cry and I'm getting scared, because I feel like if something was stuck, it should have gone down hours ago. I ate around 6pm! what to do? What is this?
  9. BeautiifulEvolution

    Uhhh... Got A Question!

    Thanks!!!! I was lactose intolerant before surgery and I haven't changed I'm sure. Just Iquids in, liquids out!
  10. Hey guys! I was sleeved on Wednesday and usually I hear about constipation. However, I have diarrhea!!!!!! What's wrong and has this happened to anyone else? Think I should call the doc? I also don't urinate much... Sorry to be so gross.
  11. BeautiifulEvolution

    Finally Approved! April 18Th

    Yup... 2 days. Feeling pretty ok!
  12. Soooo... I was thinking that this really wasn't going to happen for me. I had taken all of the steps, but insurance was taking so long to approve me. IMHO! However, today I got the call! I'm approved and having surgery in two days!!!!! Now I feel like I'm on an emotional rollercoaster... I'm excited, nervous, sad, and anxious all at the same time! No matter what, I will be having surgery and look forward to my new life!
  13. BeautiifulEvolution

    Finally Approved! April 18Th

    Yeah... I got my date before my info was submitted to insurance. I lost 11 pounds on my pre op diet. It was 1200 calories and I did liquids for the last 3 days.
  14. BeautiifulEvolution

    Compression Garments

    Hey all! I am having surgery in 3 days and so excited... My biggest concern is the loose skin! I am wondering did anyone wear compression garments? Which ones did you wear and how soon can you wear them?!!?!?
  15. BeautiifulEvolution

    Pre-Op Jitters

    I am scheduled for the 18th 3!!!!!!
  16. BeautiifulEvolution

    Preop Surgeon Shopping

    So, last year I finally convinced myself that I wanted to have WLS... I originally wanted LapBand until I learned about the sleeve. I found a surgeon, found out my insurance didn't cover wls, and had to change insurance. Now, I'm covered and ready to go. But, now after being sure of who my surgeon was going to be, I want to SURGEON SHOP! The one that I was going with is at a Center of Excellence and seemed great, but I feel like I can never be too sure. Sometimes those seminars seem too much like a sales pitch. Does anyone know where I can find reviews and comments about surgeons in NJ??? How many surgeons did you visit before you actually had surgery??? Help me!
  17. BeautiifulEvolution

    Negative Medical Professionals

    I personally would have shut her down within the first 20 minutes. Say something like, "I understand and respect your opinion, but I've already made the decision about what's right for my life. Thanks in advance for concluding this conversation!"