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    One year out 86 pounds down

    Fabulous! Celebrate! Great going! One Love.
  2. It's been a while since I've been on this site. It's always good to come back. I simply have been very busy and when I have extra time these days, I am usually choosing to workout rather than get on the internet. Yes, that is a lifestyle change in my new awesome sleeved body!! :-) So..., I'm at the salad bar at my work and see a colleague coming towards me that I haven't seen for a bit. She says..."I saw you, recognized your hair, took a second look, and thought no that is not her, but then..., YES it is You! YOU look fantastic! You are so thin, healthy, fit and glowing! I have to contribute it to my sleeve, incorporating a plant-based diet, daily hardcore exercise, and loving life! Those kinds of comments sure do give a boost and affirmation for all the hard work. YEAH! I can not tell you how fabulous I feel. VSG = the best decision, for me, EVER!
  3. CAsleeve

    Moves for butt and back?

    Any Jillian Michaels workouts!!! Any Taebo or kickboxing type workout! Any kettlebell workout! Try CrossFit! There are all kinds of workout out there and on-line. I highly recommend checking out YouTube for ideas. I just found the Spartacus workout on YouTube yesterday (I think it is the Spartucus Workout #8 or something like that.). I wrote down the list of exercises (they are one I do in my bootcamp workouts also) and I'm going to do a few sets while on my walk today - outside, no equipment needed and an intense workout that works everything included butt and back.
  4. CAsleeve

    Newbie here!

    My surgery was 1/17/2012. Feel free to check out my blog postings. There is great advice from many on this site. One thing to know and remember. The sleeve is a tool - a super awesome tool! If utilized correctly and with respect you can't help but success to lose weight. You make your own decisions about what foods and nutrition you ingest and how you live your life. You can be successful or not. There is also the mind aspect. Nurture it, make appropriate changes or adjustments, ask for support, and move to a positive healthy fit lifestyle. Exercise, in my opinion, is not an option. Do it and often, Do weight bearing exercise, cardio and do it in a fun way - have fun!. There are so many options and opportunities to get fit and strong. Happy to answer any questions. I took a break for several months from this site as I have just been a bit over booked and choose exercise over being on line when it is the only time I can carve out. But I'm back and this site has been such a great reference. Angi, You are embarking on a challenging, wonderful life changing adventure. Follow your docs orders and guidelines. Be positive and treat yourself and your sleeve with respect and make good healthy choices at every opportunity. I LOVE MY SLEEVE! Best decision ever!
  5. CAsleeve

    Both ends....

    Might as well get poked and prodded in one visit and get it over with! Good luck to you. Just follow the instructions for prep as you definitely don't want to have to repeat the colonoscopy (for not being completely cleaned out, which happens).
  6. CAsleeve


    Congratulations! Isn't is just freaking fantastic!! Wow, in 4 months!
  7. Well, I highly recommend taking this opportunity to exclude beef from your diet for good. For one, it is good for the planet, but most importantly, it is good for you (everyone) not to eat red meat. You can get protein many ways - green juicing, leafy greens and vegetables (kale, spinach, watercress, artichokes, brussel sprouts, etc.), legumes. Getting sleeved is a great opportunity and tool to re-evaluate and look at the type of food in which you fuel your body. Best to you!
  8. CAsleeve

    Down in the dumps

    Celebrate your weight loss! You are right on track! Some weeks you might lose more than others. Some weeks, maybe not at all. You are doing great. Add some weight bearing and strength training exercises, do some exercise video a couple times a week (all this is possible!) Adding strength training tones muscle and helps to burn more calories. Might as well tone up while losing. Eat your protein and veggies first before anything. Cut out sugar and white flour everything - it works! You are doing great. Slow and steady wins the race or something like that.
  9. CAsleeve

    Spinning classes

    I am right with you. I love spinning and do classes 2-3x a week. However, I did spinning classes for years prior to being sleeved. Spinning was much more difficult and a struggle pre-sleeve when I was 260-270lbs. Great for burning calories. I also recommend weight training, kettlebell and medicine ball classes to build muscle, to tone and burn even more calories along with yoga and roller recovery. The combination of it all is AWESOME. I've lost 98lbs since sleeved on 1/17/12 and it all helps to tighten and tone up. My once overly plump skin is a bit loose after the weight loss and I can tell already I've toned up quite a bit. I totally get it though, about the spinning. The endorphin rush and sense of accomplishment (even though you've stayed in one spot pushing and sweating your heart out) in an hour is the BEST! You are doing GREAT! Keep up the good work.
  10. I may have missed something from not checking in on this site for awhile, but I had to add my weight loss ticker back on. I used to have one in my signature that was fed from "Diet Ticker" but it disappeared along with the dates and progression. Oh well, I'm down 97-100 lbs (depending on when I consider the start date) over that past year! WHOOP! WHOOP! Dang do I feel great. I work out most every day at my work gym (which is an AWESOME gym). I do every thing from yoga to Zumba, to weight training, to Tai Chi to bootcamp, to kettle bell and medicine ball workouts, to roller recovery, circuit training. It works! Now to get the last 20-25 lbs off for good!!!! I love my sleeve. :-) ***** Edit....Ok, well I thought I added a new ticker, but when I published the comments above the ticker didn't show. bummer. Here is a manual entry: Surgery Date: 1/17/12 Surgery Weight: 276 Current Weight as of 1/17/2013: 176 !!!! YEAH!!!
  11. I will provide updates in the next day or two. I haven't posted on this site since September and I really just logged in to make sure I could still log in. Jan. 17th will be one year post op and I have to say...getting sleeved was the BEST thing I've ever done for myself!!! I look and feel FANTASTIC! I still watch everything I put in my mouth. I have adopted a 98% plant based diet and I do lots of green juicing. Green juicing has saved me. More in the next day or two.....
  12. Hi. Well along with getting sleeved a year ago there are two movies that absolutely changed my life. One was "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" (about juicing) and the other was "Forks Over Knives" (about plant based diets). Once you stop eating animal products you will feel light and powerful. I get protein in with lots and lots and lots of greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, soy beans. I eat greens before I eat anything else these days. Never felt better in my life. Let me know if you have any specific questions or anything. :-)
  13. Hi! Well, there is a fantastic movie I watched which got me turned on to juicing -> "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead". It is a very entertaining movie and you can get it on Netflix or iTunes. For a while you could watch i for free at www.jointhereboot.com. This movie changed my life!!! So..., I started out with a Jack LaLane juicer and it works just fine. But, I've started making quite a bit of juice - I sell/give juice to friends and colleagues at work - and I needed something more industrial. I wanted an auger juicer so I got the Omega J8006 and LOVE it. The juice I make the most is the following recipe: kale - washing super well is a must &remove the toughest part of the center rib spinach celery cucumber apples and/or pears lemon - peel off rind lots of fresh ginger - peel off skin sometime I also add parsley This recipe is so very delicious. I highly recommend watching the movie. Then, let me know if you have any questions. :-)
  14. CAsleeve

    9 Month Follow-Up Appt Was Today...

    Hello! I've so much to write, but so little time. I just had my 9 month follow-up appt today. My doc is pretty darn happy with me. However, not as happy as I am with myself!!! I bought my first pair of size 12 skinny jeans a couple weeks ago and I'm wearing them today! From a size 22/24 to a 12 (and a 'skinny' jean at that!)!!!! And, I still have ~40-45lbs still to lose. Crazy, wonderful, exciting! I love my sleeve. Now in saying that....eating is still a challenge. I try to stick close to 100% plant-based, whole food diet, but...once in a while... Anyway, you still have to watch calories and quantity and this will be forever. But, darn this sleeve rocks!!! So happy. Life is good. One Love.
  15. CAsleeve

    My Story

    Congratulations! I turned 50 last month...and you can teach an old dog new tricks...or atleast how to eat again. My journey with my sleeve has been the best thing I've ever ever ever done for myself. Congrats to you for taking the steps to a fitter, healthier, leaner YOU! One Love.
  16. CAsleeve

    Feel Like Throwing Up

    It will pass! Be patient. So many good wonderful things to come. Could be reaction to anesthesia and other things. You've just had MAJOR surgery! You will have many throwing up experiences along the way until you learn to eat again. It just happens. Congrats on your surgery and your journey to a fitter, thinner you! One Love.
  17. As we all lose weight, yes, loose skin is a reality. However, you have to work at toning up. It will take time, but working out is a definite requirement...for everyone! If you don't want to go to a gym, there are many awesome video workouts out there. Any workout videos by Jillian Michaels are AWESOME! Kettlebell and medicine ball worksouts are highly effective. Yoga (which I think is the hardest workout ever) is also so very effective in building strength and toning. Stick with your workouts and gift yourself toned body. We all need to be doing weight bearing exercise to strengthen bone, build muscle, balance, and a clearer mind. It definitely doesn't happen over night. It is an ongoing process. JUST DO IT!
  18. CAsleeve

    Not What I Expected

    So very sad to hear your experience has been so drastic and not in a positive way. However..., I can hear your positive nature in even describing your situation. Please keep your spirits high as we out here are all sending you love, light and healing vibrations for a better outcome in the end. Everyone does need to consider these sort of situations could happen, but it is somewhat uncommon. Sending you love....
  19. CAsleeve

    My Story

    Getting sleeve will absolutely change your life! You've got a lot on your hands and responsibilities and YES, you need to be healthy and active to care for yourself and others. The majority of us that have been sleeved need it for many of the same reasons - can't do it on our own, morbidly obese, etc. Hang in there. The pre-process is so frustrating and we've all been there also. I wish you the best of success. Stay on track and the positives will flow in! You are on the best journey of your life and I hope you can get sleeved soon and continue on the journey to excellent health!
  20. CAsleeve

    How To Know When Your Full?

    Yes, often it is too late when you realize you've had too much and, it isn't much at all! I'm sure everyone has had a few throwing up episodes. Eat 1/8-1/4 cup of anything at one time. You will learn. You will also be able to each a half cup to a cup eventually. It's crazy and something you have to get used to. It's also a fabulous thing. Love my sleeve!!!! Good luck.
  21. CAsleeve

    Update(Venting) Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I hear you! I was very frustrated with the whole pre-op process...meetings, tests, staff not following up, etc. Be VERY proactive and keep on top of everything. Plus, with all the appointments and tests, I had to pay $6 parking fee every time I went there. Talk about frustrating! Just think of the positives, like losing the 8 lbs pre-op already!!! Way to go and BEST of LUCK!
  22. CAsleeve

    Bloating After Eating

    Yep, bloating is common. As you progress post-surgery, everything will change. What you might not be able to consume now, you might be able to later. Seems like I was just bloaty with most every thing at your point post op. And, your tastes might also change. Seems like dairy is a common issue with bloating. A lot of times and you will learn this, is you have to stop eating before you think you are full or think you need to (I know it seems like you aren't eating much at all), as you will get bloaty. I seem to have a delayed reaction or it is my brain hunger that tells me to keep eating, but the stomach says...no way and some times too late which leads to bloating, burping and very uncomfortable feeling. It has also caused me to throw-up a few times. Even though you think you are eating a very small amount, some times it is just a bit too much and you have to throw up. Yes, not very appealing, but it happens. Good luck.
  23. I LOVE WATER! I wanted to chug it also. However, it took a good 5 months before I could really drink water in that sort of fashion. Hang in there. It will happen, it will just take some time.
  24. Congratulations! Just take it easy and follow your instructions. Sound like smooth sailing for you so far though. I'm impressed you are already on-line asking questions! You've started an amazing journey! One Love.
  25. CAsleeve

    Can't Wait To Get Out The 200 Mark

    You CAN do it! I finally got below 200 and believe me....What a freaking fantastic feeling! I can't wait now to get to 150...and below! Remember..., make a healthy choice at every step. I'm rooting you on an cheering for you! One Love.

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