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  1. First let me say I feel fabulous! I've lost over 70 pounds in just over 5 months. I went from a 22 to a very comfy 12. The road has not been easy and for all you newbies...here is my list of amazing highs...and of not so sunshiny lows. Disclaimer: This is my experience...it may not be yours. It will be uncomfortable for a few days post op I was not hungry for weeks after surgery I was scared to eat or drink and I didn’t drink enough...thus constipation and weakness I didn't feel normal for about 6 weeks. I needed naps and I took them The weight literally falls off...seriously I was looking for pools of fat in bed when I woke up in the morning I hit the 4 week stall and it lasted two weeks. Expect it and don't stress On day three, I had a massive freak out…seriously threw a four year old fit…pissed off my stomach was gone. No one noticed for months and that irritated me. EVERYONE notices now and it's all they want to talk about. Don’t tell anyone you are going to Mexico to have your stomach cut off unless you trust them completely. I threw up alot...just slime mostly...while I was learning my new tummy. It will scare you and if you are like me…it will happen a lot when you transition to solid foods. food addiction does not magically go away...if you have a problem before..you will still have it. I think about food all the time, but I finally have a way to resist it. I am a sugar addict. I never crave carbs, but I crave sugar like a mad woman. Going out to dinner is awkward. I hate watching people eat Put the lotion on the skin! My skin got really dry. I’ve lost half my hair at 4.5 months post op. Mine came out in chunks. Freaked me out! Our Golden Retriever and I are in a competition for shedding. It will be ok. Take your Vitamins and buy Nioxin. It doesn’t help my hair loss, but I feel like I am at least doing something about it. Don’t take a powerful laxative when you are constipated…especially before your child’s school performance. It may say “See results in 2-4 hours” but it means 30 mins and then you’re stuck on a mini toilet with both legs numb, crying to everything holy to save you. Shopping is amazing! I still feel like people are looking at me like I don’t belong there…but that’s all in my head. My shoes no longer fit. they are too wide now! Your pre WLS Spanx will look huge in a couple months Trust me…put some Granola bars in your glove box and a few packs of mixed nuts. Sometimes your hungry and there is nothing that you can eat. Handy meals from the market or gas station when you didn’t plan ahead. Single string cheese, an apple, mixed nuts, readymade hard boiled eggs, The inside of California rolls- no rice, campbells Soup at hand or ready made soup in a coffee cup. Handy items at fast food places that sit ok on my tummy include: Taco Bells refried Beans or the inside of a chicken taco. Wendys chili, McDonalds oatmeal, McDonalds yogurt parfait I feel guilty in front of my heavier friends. I always try to wear a sweatshirt so I don’t rub the weight loss in their faces. You get drunk really fast...like a half glass of wine. Be careful...it sneaks up on you...and before you know it, you’re waiting for your hubby to pick you up...from less than a glass. Its crazy. I don't really even try anymore to drink. I crave raw fish, cooked fish, broiled fish, grilled fish...any fish really and it feels amazing on my tummy. I cant eat steak I love that I have collar bones I update my Facebook pictures and secretly love the compliments I own a woman's North Face now I can buy bras at Victoria's secret I pack all my food for work in snack bags and the little tupperware containers for salad dressing. I can still have M&M's...its just like 9...instead of the king size bags Take heartburn medicine everyday...don’t wait until you get heartburn. Buy stock in Maalox You can have a full meal at Costco- Samples + WLS = Cheap Date! Food Portion jokes get really old Fast food burgers makes me want to vomit. At 5 months...salad is wonderful. I can eat about a cup of greens...which takes me a while and I feel a tiny bit normal. Post-op, If you can swing it, buy a Vita-Mix blender and make your own soup. Canned soup was nasty right after surgery. Freeze them in 4oz canning jars. It will be two servings. Quit Smoking before surgery. I waited and it slowed my healing. It also gave me terrible heartburn. I am 5 weeks smoke free You don't have to "confess" you had WLS. It's ok to say thank you for the compliment and not feel guilty. I'm just now starting to accept that I had a little something to do with this insane loss. I tell people when they ask now how I lost the weight, that i exercise and use portion control. People will treat you different. Salesladies ask if I need assistance, men hold open doors and the skinny girls at work talk to me now. It's shallow and pisses me off, but it's nice to not be invisible anymore. WLS is very difficult. For me, it’s not physical, but the mental. Sometimes I just want a cheesecake like before. It goes away very quickly, but it still comes and goes. Sometimes I get angry at my sleeve because I can’t eat something I see others eating. Most of the time I have to hide my expression when I see people shovel food in the way I used to. It’s shocking to see when you’re on the other side of WLS. I used to inhale my food like a tiny food thief was going to come in and take it away from me. You will have to say no to your family when they all want to go to a Chinese buffet. I’m still not ready to walk in and be near a buffet. It feels awesome to give your clothes away, however, do not offer them to your heavier friends. It’s insensitive and they won’t return your calls for a week. Last one...I played laser tag this past weekend with a bunch of 9 year old boys. It was soooo Much fun!!! Please feel free to add any other thoughts or tips...
  2. Hi all, I was sleeved on Jan 17th 2012 by Dr. Garcia. I followed the post op exactly and healed perfect with zero complications. I just had an endoscopy in Dec and my Gastro here said my stomach line looked perfect. He is very skilled. My #1 Advice: Go immediately, if not sooner, and purchase the GAS-X dissolvable strips. Do not try an off brand and do not try chewables. These were an absolute lifesaver that another VSG'er told me about. Matter of fact, buy 2 boxes as you will need them the first couple of weeks. I could only find them at Walgreens. Your tummy will rumble like crazy after a sip of anything. Don't panic...it is just your tummy telling you its working hard. The nurses do not wash their hands. It's a cultural thing. Don't stress about it, just ask them to wash them and they will do it. It is not rude and they totally understand. It's just not something they normally don't do. Tip for the ladies (I may get in trouble for this): The really nice replica handbags are in the back of the purse stores right around the corner from the hospital. The ones they display on the street are the cheap immitations- and they look it. The replica Gucci's, Channel's and Louis are in the back rooms under cover. Just ask the pushy salesmen for the "good bags". Walk away at least twice and dont pay more than $60 bucks. They will act like you are robbing them...LOL be firm in your price point. I purchased a very nice replica Louis for $55 and he started at $120. I went shopping day three and loaded up. They all know you are there for surgery, just tell them if they won't barter that you are tired and will maybe come back. The price starts to drop dramatically. I also picked up some beautiful handmade tiles with birds on them. They are my weight loss birds and I love them. Congrats and Good Luck everyone. Your in good hands.
  3. Hi, I'm Lacie. My sleeve date was 1/17/12. I've lost 105 pounds and went from a size 20/22 to a 6/7. I feel amazing and am at Goal. My marriage is stronger than ever. My husband loved me fat or thin, but now it's like...well...um....really fun with the lights on. I feel like we are dating sometimes. My kids love my new energy and my career has taken off. My job performance has not changed, but now that I am thin I am getting alot more opportunities. I never realized how my weight was affecting my career. I always thought I was ok, but now directors stop me in the hall to say hello, I get to go to London in March , and was asked to represent Boeing at a Houston NASA meeting. This is stuff that never happened when I was bigger. The sad part is I never knew these opportunities existed. Truth is, I would have come up with an excuse not to go for fear of not fitting in the airplane seats. My last performance review in Dec I was told I was on track for management. I was pissed when I told my husband. I told him that nothing I do at work has changed...and he said EVERYTHING about me has changed. He said I now walk with confidance, I dress sharp, I look professional and I smile alot more. I share this because this is what one year has done in my life. I got my spark back. Now there are sparks everywhere. Let me tell you though...it was not easy!!! LOL! I think about the liquid diet, the mushies, the gym i nearly killed myself at..litterally...fell off a treadmill and broke my ankle. I think about the stupid comments from co-workers and friends that made me cry and feel like I took the easy way out. I think about the friends I lost and how I would give anything to find a friend to have coffee with. I was the biggest girl in my social circle and now I don't have a social circle. I finally had to break away because the comments were too much and my hubby was tired of seeing me crying. For the newbies....you will find out who your real friends are. I guess though as I reflect on the last year I would say the major feeling I felt was Pride. Something I hadn't felt in many many years
  4. The first time (almost a week post op) My hubby asked if I had eaten a troll...its bad. Invest in the spray febreeze. No idea why...just is...lol I'm a year out and things are normal again.
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  7. Hi Karen, I would love to come to NW Hospital support group. I will continue to check and see when the next meeting is. Being sleeved in Mexico, I have not attended a single support group. I imagine it would be very helpful even a year out. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer this post.
  8. This might be the wrong place to post this??? Hi All, Welp I am almost 1 yr post op (Jan 17th) and I hit my goal. The reason I am writing is to find out if anyone in the Lake Stevens, WA area would like to get together? I feel really silly putting this out there...it's kinda lame I know... It would be wonderful to get together and share a plate somewhere. I am 37 and very happily married. I work for Boeing. I have 3 kids (19, 18 and 10). I have been told I am normal and I love to laugh. I would just like to meet a friend that has had WLS and who understands meals of string cheese and having absolutely no alcohol tolorance. Please let me know...
  9. Wonderful Karen! I look forward to meeting you. I will PM you with my phone number. And CONGRATS DaybyDay! Your life is about to change in the most fantastic way. It won't all be roses...but when you hit goal and feel like you can run up three flights of stairs it will all be worth it! Feel free to message me if you ever have any freak out moments or questions. This board is amazing and full of support and encouragement.
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    For me, this happened with one bite too many. Without fail...one second after one too many- up it came. It gets better as you learn your tummy.
  11. I tried that Tegrice...Believe me...I kinda feel pathetic posting for a friend. Without going into details, it's been really tough with my freinds. The jokes and comments have become a little too much and I just thought maybe there is someone else in the area going through the same thing that would like to go have coffee or do a craft night without having to endure comments about their WLS. If anyone knows of WLS support group in the area I would love to hear about it. I contacted PSSC and they said their support group was just for their patients. That was a year ago...so maybe that has changed (its worth a phone call tomorrow)
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    Seattle, Washington anyone?

    Hi All, Welp I am almost 1 yr post op (Jan 17th) and I hit my goal. The reason I am writing is to find out if anyone in the Lake Stevens, WA area would like to get together? I feel really silly putting this out there...it's kinda lame I know... It would be wonderful to get together and share a plate somewhere. I am 37 and very happily married. I work for Boeing. I have 3 kids (19, 18 and 10). I have been told I am normal and I love to laugh. I would just like to meet a friend that understands WLS and meet someone who understands meals of string cheese and having absolutely no alcohol tolorance.
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    3 Lbs Away From Goal

    I am 2 pounds from goal! I had my VSG on Jan 17, 2012. I have lost 98 pounds and am a size 8. Im curious how to stop losing also. My weight keeps going down and people are starting to tell me I look too thin. I am 5'7". When i increase my meals and or calories, I lose more. Very strange.
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    You Know You're A Sleever When...

    Oh and you can take a bath and no longer have to baste your stomach like a turkey...its all the way under Water now!!! And...You weigh less than the weight you lied about on your driver's license.
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    You Know You're A Sleever When...

    You have little packs of nuts stored in your car, desk, purse and moms house, in case you get hungry and need a quick meal.
  16. Hi All, I was sleeved just over 6 months ago and I am struggling with the "Perfect" goal weight. Here is the deal...I have a history of failing every diet I have ever tried. (I know this is a lifestyle change not a diet..yada yada) I have a little success then I quit, that has been my life. I chose this surgery so I couldn't fail. Now I am feeling like a failure again. I have lost 80 pounds and feel amazing. I feel thin and beautiful and love wearing new clothes. I am about 20 pounds from my goal of 150 pounds but feel really good where I am at. My doctors still tell me I am overweight, my Nut wants me to increase my calories to lose more weight. I jog the soccer fields 4x a week and I think my weight is set at about 170-173 depending on the time of day. My husband says I could maybe lose 10 more pounds but definately not 20. I don't know if he is being nice or telling the truth (I know we are having happier "married couple time"). Here is the point of my rambling. Given my history of giving up, am I in denial like I was before surgery about my weight? Should I try harder to lose more weight? I went from a 22 to an 8. I am 5'6 1/2. I just feel like I am never going to hit everyone's perfect number for me. How can I lose this much weight and still feel like a failure...like I am doing something wrong ALL THE TIME. I feel like I have been chasing this magic number for years and I am finally in a place I am happy with, but no one in the medical field thinks I am healthy yet (*cursing stupid BMI chart*). My question to you all is have you struggled with the perfect goal number? Have any of you adjusted your number up? Should I trust the doctors/NUT and increase my fitness to 6X a week to lose more weight? I am attaching my before pic (never been shared before) and a pic taken with my amazing hubby this weekend for a visual reference. ***Note to pre-sleevers*** My sister is a photgrapher and insisted she do a shoot the weekend before my surgery. I was crying I was so embarressed. Now I am really grateful to have these photos. Have a friend or family member do them...you will be glad you did later. Disclaimer: I cant find the spell check, so please ignore any errors.
  17. Hi all, I have been tracking my food and can't seem to get over 800 calories on a good day. I've been all over the net looking for some higher calorie foods that are nutritious. I'm already drinking home made Unjury shakes with 2 scoops, eating avocado and cashews, and really focusing on lean protien. Fast food makes me gag! I'm never hungry and I'm sure this is why I'm losing my hair. any quick ideas would be much appreciated. I'm 7 months out, lost 80 pounds, feel great at 5'7" and size 8/10.
  18. Thanks. I think i still struggle with that all or nothing mentality. Either I am successful or I am a failure. I don't know how i am going to occupy my mind when i reach my goal and stop obsessing about my weight...or maybe it might be time for some counseling. My hubby very politely suggested that last ***ht...he might be right.
  19. Thank you all so much for each of your opinions and advice. I didn't expect such a huge response. I jog alot and have put on a considerable amount of muscle that way, but I don't lift weights. I am allergic to gyms...sooo...I havn't joined one. I tried a gym with a friend who advised me to "Omg..Try Spinning...It's A-Mazing" and the next morning it felt like I broke my vagina. I couldn't sit down for dang near three days. I tried Curves but the women in my neighborhood are serious oversharers and I ended each 30 min session wanting to punch people in the face. This is why I jog. I think I am going to work for 10 more pounds...meet in the middle like some of you suggested. That way I won't feel like I am quitting, and then I will follow the rest of your advice and accept my body. It's sooo hard though because I am so tired of my doctor's telling me I am overweight. Today I lost it in the car- I just started crying, and I usually don't cry. I saw my Lady Doctor for Lady stuff and I heard it again. I got used to hearing it from the NUT, so much that I expected it, but from my lady doctor? It felt like the old days again...even the dentist told me I needed to lose weight before surgery.After my apt today I just felt like I will never be healthy enough. I thought I was past the stupid "you need to lose some weight" lectures. Now that I am over my pity party I would like to say Thanks so much and I truely appreciate your honest feedback. I will never stop this lifestyle. I signed up for my first 5K on Sept 2nd. I'm training right now and just bought my first pair of race shoes - Neon Pink!!! I will post a pic after the race. I will increase my calories as suggested and add one more day of jogging, but I will not work out 6 days a week. That is just "nazi" as one of you said. Again...you all are the best. Thanks again!
  20. Ohhh and please don't feel like you will hurt my feelings. I really want some objective feedback here.

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