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  1. ddyandra

    Not Sure If This Is Serious Or Not...

    thanks! i thought about if it was band related or not. the main reason i thought it was is because the pain is in a certain area (right below my bust line) which is pretty close to the band (i think?) and also because when i do have a "hunger" stomach growl the feeling goes away for a few seconds.. who knows it could be something unrelated to the band but i was just worried :/
  2. Hey bandsters! SO... i got a fill about 2 weeks ago and was doing pretty good. However, yesterday and more so today I have been pretty nauseous... its wierd because it almost comes in waves... i will be pretty good and barely noticing it and the next minute i will have a bucket next to me cause i feel like something is about to come up. The thing is that if I did throw up the only thing that would come up is liquid because I haven’t eaten anything today. I actually have food next to me but I can’t eat it because of this nausea. Now the WIERDEST thing is that I’ll be having this nausea feeling and then my stomach will randomly do a rumble growl type thing and the nausea will be gone for about 30 seconds. I really haven’t eaten much in the last few days because I really haven’t been hungry. I had a bag of popcorn last night (that lasted me a few hours before I ate it all) but that’s really been it. I have no idea what’s going on...so if someone could PLEASE give me any idea I would greatly appreciate it. I am only 18 and don’t know anyone personally with the band so I don’t really know what’s normal/not normal or fine/bad. I figure I should just go to liquids or mush for a few days and see if it goes away so don’t bother saying that lol I’m more worried if this is serious or not.. Please and thank you for any help/advice/input background: i got my band on december 28th 2011. i believe i have 5 ccs in my band currently and i have lost 40 pounds. (idk if that will help or anything)
  3. ddyandra


    so iv been sitting here and i have noticed some slight heartburn and i almost feel like i have to throw up even when i havent had anything to eat/drink.
  4. ddyandra


    thanks everyone. im going to stay on liquids for a little bit then try slowly to go back to mushy.
  5. ddyandra


    so i got my second fill just about a week ago. (last monday morning) and i still can not eat anything! i can eat mashed potatos slowly. but EVERYTHING else gets stuck. and stuck to the point where i throw up even when im taking TINY bits and chewing until its mush. is my band to tight??? please someone help. i need to know. should i just go back to liquids for a few more days then try something mushy later? iv only had the band for about 3 months so im not sure.
  6. ddyandra

    Any Good Ones?

    thanks everyone i spoke to my doctor and he said not to take anything and to just drink more water, which im doing. thanks again!!
  7. ddyandra

    Any Good Ones?

    i was just wondering if there were any good over the counter nasuea medicine to prevent me from throwing up. i am currently 8 days post op and there are some times then i just get really nauseous. I was wondering if there was anything i could pick up from walmart or something that works well. Or any medicine that i maybe shouldnt try for some reason. i know everyone is different and medicine reacts different to everyone but i was just asking for some input or anything cause i really have no idea what i should get from the store. thanks so much for the help you guys are the best Dyandra
  8. ddyandra

    Hick Ups

    the wierd thing is that i am not on the solid foods yet! i am still on only clear liquids...
  9. ddyandra

    Hick Ups

    alright guys... i am 8 days post op. and i have read that its normal and everything. but i have been getting the hick ups NON STOP. like when i drink Water, icees, when im just walking around BOOM ill start hick uping. like WTH?!?! So iv read that its normal and alot of people get them when they are full or its a sign to stop eating. but im still only on Clear liquids. why am i getting them so often? what does it mean? is my stomach healing or something? (that may sound stupid) is it ok? if anyone can give me any feedback i would love it. thanks guys! Dyandra
  10. ddyandra


    that must have felt SO good.
  11. ddyandra


    alright thanks everyone. i just wanted to make sure that everything was okay. i guess the doctor knows best lol. im just happy there are others who have been through this.
  12. ddyandra


    i have been drinking nothing but water and icees.
  13. ddyandra

    Surgery Pain

    just like everyone said. everyone is different. i was pretty sore after my band. of course it didnt help that i got my period (tmi?) just a few days afterwards so i think that added to the pain. i would be careful tho. i was 2 days post op and i thought i was fine so i went to take a shower and ended up banging on the wall for my mom. i was dizzy, light headed, and could barely walk. i just tried to do to much to soon. so take things slow. i would say a week after and i was bad to normal.
  14. so i have been reading a bunch of posts and ALL of them say how people are having atleast protien drinks by now. but im told i cant have ANY protien drinks till 2 weeks post op. My doctor said everything went great but i can still only have clear fluids for 2 weeks. anyone else hear of this? wouldnt going 2 weeks without protien be bad for my body?
  15. ddyandra

    Post Op

    thanks so much everyone <3

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