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  1. workinprogress0180

    Slow Weight Loss & Feeling Like Failure

    Hello, I was banded about 5.5 months ago also. My weight loss has been slow. It just now started picking up, however I am all the way filled up. I am at 11cc right now.I am just now starting to feel like have a band. I discussed this with the docs and they said everyone is different. Sometimes you might have to bump up the caloric intake a little especially if you are exercising alot. I lost about 40lbs to date. I weighed the same lb for 3 months straight. I understand your frustration Crystal
  2. workinprogress0180

    Getting Stuck?

    When I get stuck I feel it in my chest and I gagg, and spit up alot of saliva. You sound really stressed to me or what you ate just simply didnt agree with you....
  3. workinprogress0180

    Gained Weight! Argh!!

    14 pounds in 7 weeks sounds great to me....my weight loss has been super slow. Anywhoo...The body has a funny way of holding on to the weight. I know when its around "my special time of the month" I gain 3 lbs and quickly lose them once everything is said and done. Maybe you gained muscle while hiking. Have no worries...I am sure you will lose it quickly!
  4. workinprogress0180

    How Long Did Your Plateau Last?

    I was stuck in rut where I ate the same foods and did the same exercise routine just about everyday. I switched up everything and the scale SLOWLY started moving again. Good Luck. My plateau lasted from feb-last week....ugh....I just started losing again
  5. definatley get some more on there...you dont want to chance getting an infection. the wounds are still too fresh. Mine didnt come off until 14 days later and I still had to pull them off. Good Luck
  6. workinprogress0180

    My Cup Runneth Over?

    Hello Friends, My question of the day is what happens when your filled to capacity but dont have any real restriction? I have 9.5cc's in an 11cc band. I have a fill scheduled for Monday. I am getting nervous because I am not at the green zone yet. I am running out of room. So what happens when you get to 11cc's? Also I received my band 12/22/11 about 4 months ago. The weight loss has been very slow. I am down 32lbs as of today! Crystal
  7. workinprogress0180

    Vaginal Itching And Lapband

    Sorry if this is TMI but I have been having a constant vaginal itch without odor or discharge. The docs are clueless and have been giving me creams just to pacify me but they are not working.I am negative for yeast infections, bacterial infections, as well as STD's. I have seen 3 different ob/gyns. I was banded in December 22, 2011, about 3 months ago. I started this itch in February of this year. I also started birth control the end of January. I was on the same birth control for 2 years prior to the band and they made me stop it just before my surgery but I got back on it 4 weeks later. I am wondering if this is a side effect of the lapband or my birth control or could it simply be from the weight loss and different diet that my body is just going through changes. I am desperate to get rid of this. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I dont know what else to do. Crystal
  8. workinprogress0180

    Vaginal Itching And Lapband

    My sugars have been a little on the low side I suppose. Presurgery they were very high and I was on medication. They told me to stop my medication immediately after my surgery. I have only been checking them with my machine since then. They normally range from 68-96. Maybe I should talk to the bariatric surgeon about this. Crystal
  9. workinprogress0180

    Passed First Goal!

    may I ask what your menu consist of? My scale has not moved in a month. Sooo frustrated. I think I may be consuming too much. I do zumba 5 days a week. At a loss for what to eat. I dont eat fast food anymore or drink soda . Just frustrated. I have only lost 28lbs including preop weight...yikes Crystal
  10. workinprogress0180

    Obsession Over The Scales

    ugh...I have plateaued too...Its frustrating. I weigh myslef twice a day. I have too become obsessed and it just doesnt move. I have been taking in 1200-1300 calories a day. I am going to lower it to 1000 calories a day and see if that makes a difference...
  11. workinprogress0180

    3 Pant Sizes

    I didnt really think the lapband was working for me at first because I have yet to reach the green zone, but I purchased 2 pairs of too small jeans 3 weeks ago and decided to keep them as incentive to lose weight. Well I tried them on this morning, and they are a little snug but they fit and I can close them. I couldnt get them past my hips 3 weeks ago. I had my surgery done exactly 2 months ago on December 22, 2011, and I am proud to say I went from a size 20 in bottoms to a size 14...yayy...I get my 4th fill on Friday so hopefully I will be even more successful after that one! Good Luck to all my fellow lapbanders! Crystal
  12. workinprogress0180

    Calories Anyone?

    Hello All, Just curious as too how many calories your nutritionist suggest daily. Is it 1000, less or more? Crystal
  13. workinprogress0180

    Soo Frustrated- Still No Restriction

    ugh..i feel the exact same way. I have an 11cc band and I am at 7cc's and I feel nothing...Frustrated beyond words. Some days I wish I opted for the gastic sleeve... Crystal
  14. workinprogress0180

    How Long Between Fills?

    i believe it really all depends on the practice because I was able to get fills 3 fridays in a row. They told me I could come back in 2 more weeks if need be. I still dont feel restriction by the way!..yikes
  15. workinprogress0180

    Feel Discouraged

    Call it impatience, but I was banded 5 weeks ago yesterday and I have only lost 13lbs post op and 9 preop for a total of 22 lbs weight loss. I received my second fill today. My first one was a week ago. They put 5cc in my 11cc band, and today they added 1cc. I am starving...yikes. I feel like a bottomless pit and I feel like I dont even have a band in me at all . I dont know if my birth control that I just restarted has increased my hunger or what, I am ready to feel restriction. I am not even sure what restriction feel like,but I know that I dont have it. Sorry for rambling on and on, but I am scared I wont be successful at this. Daily Menu 6:30 - blueberry banana Protein smoothie/shake 9:00- oatmeal (1 packet) 11:00 rolds gold pretzels (1handful) 12:30 tuna fish w low fat mayo on wheat toast or turkey w/ non fat cheese on wheat with mustard clementine 2:00 protein smoothie 5:00 grilled chicken with tomatoes, low fat mashed potatoes 8:00 yogurt I drink about 4 bottles of Water with crystal light in between Also zumba for an hour 6 days a week.... Am I eating wrong or consuming too much????
  16. When will I feel restriction? I have had a fill two weeks in a row and the doctors say I can come in this friday for another fill which is exactly one week since the last one. I just feel like this may be too much too soon. I feel absolutely no difference with these fills. I never get stuck, which I dont really want to, or feel any difference at all. I feel hungry all the time. I have to side track myself out of eating....Yikes. Wondering when will this "tool" will kick in!What am I doing wrong? Do you think I am getting too many fills too soon and its having the adverse affect? Crystal
  17. workinprogress0180

    One More Day Closer

    Hey I know how you feel...I am a stress eater too...hang on in there,,,you are doing well
  18. awww... happy for you...This is an exciting time. I was banded 6 weeks ago...only lost 24 lbs so far but I feel and look better already!! Good Luck to you! Crystal
  19. workinprogress0180

    Flipped Port

    I am so sorry to hear about that....This is all new to me. I was banded 6 weeks ago and have had 2 fills since then , and I dont feel any different. I have the realize band. what kind did the use on you?
  20. workinprogress0180

    Frustrated With The Lapband And Myself

    Thursday makes 6 weeks since i was banded! Crystal
  21. workinprogress0180

    3 Fills So Far And Still Hungry Between Meals

    I am in the same exact boat....I have had 2 fill in the last 2 weeks....I cant believe my doctor does them sooo frequently. He even said I could come back again this Friday which is a week later from the last one. Anyhoo...I feel no difference. Its straight will power. I dont even feel like I have a band in place. I have 6cc in my 11cc band. I have never gotten stuck with food or liquids. I dont know what to do! Crystal
  22. workinprogress0180

    16 Days Post-Op And Weight Isn't Moving...

    ugh I experienced the same things as you have. I am 5 weeks post op. I lost a considerable amount of weight up front and then all of a sudden it stopped and stalled for about 3 weeks. I just received my second fill and now the weight is starting to very slowly come off again, but its not without hard work. From what people tell me, this is normal. Just try to hang on in there and be patient. It will come off! Crystal
  23. workinprogress0180

    Feel Discouraged

    Thanks...those sound like great suggestions, that fully plan to put into practice....Hadnt thought of those!!!
  24. workinprogress0180

    7 Months And 100 Lbs Down

    Oh man thats great! I so cant see me losing close to that much. I was banded 5 weeks ago and I just had my second fill today. I swear the darn thing isnt working...yikes...Happy for you though. My weight loss is at a stand still Crystal
  25. workinprogress0180

    Xbox Dance Central For Exercise

    I love Dance Central 1 and 2 for the kinect. I also recently purchased zumba for the xbox kinect...Talk about a good workout...I love it and I do it 7 days a week and then go to a live zumba class every saturday!!!

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