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  1. Ive been experimenting with blending soups and some taste pretty good with the chunks smoothed out.. cream of mushroom.. lentil soup.. I even blended up a chinese take out's sweet corn chicken soup, added some extra lemon and black pepper and it was great! I think if you have a basic vegetable or chicken broth, it would make it less boring adding different flavors to it each time you have it, like one day add lime juice and a little soy sauce for an asian touch.. next day add oregano/thyme and garlic/onion powder for an italian mood.. hhmmmm a little curry powder and dried chilli flakes for an indian feel.. stuff like that you could probably find recipes online for healthy soups that have good blend potential, hmmm i wonder how much experimenting members have done with their blenders hehe
  2. Fadeout

    February Bandsters?

    I can relate to your sulking emoticon.. I really sobbed when I had to delay my appointment.. but then I realized (and hope you find comfort in this thought too) that a few weeks delay is nothing compared to years of being held back by extra weight. Everything happens for a reason, maybe you will get a bit of extra time now to make final preperations too. All the best to you
  3. Fadeout

    February Bandsters?

    EEEK is right! hehee reminds me of the excited nerves/fear of a baby on the way, except this time we're delivering our own rebirth so to speak yes there is fear of the unknown but no second thoughts and as soon as those negative doubts poke my brain I shake it off! Im working on my list of things to prepare for the event, im getting those papaya chewables too.. and I have to go in next week to get instructions on my pre-op diet! Wish you all the best, here we go!
  4. Fadeout

    Kinda Bummed...

    I wonder if you gained because of the working out? And the stress of a weigh in might be causing you to hold water in? Stress definitely does that to me. But its your journey and your efforts and if she is mean again she might need a reminder that you are a person not just her job. One thing I remember reading is that if you drink three whole glasses of water as sooon as you wake up it will totally and immediately flush your whole system out, if you know what I mean, and that might give you a good jump start! Good luck!
  5. Good luck with your Feb surgery! I just wanted to add a little thought. I imagine for a lot of us, making this decision took a lot of strength, and personally I think it is a stepping stone towards learning to love yourself better (better love better you!) and because of that I feel its important to remember the priority is you right now. I agree with mgmagnolia, your sis in law might feel threatened and react negatively but depending on personalities she might soon be inspired by you and support your journey. I had to tell my boss, and when my surgery date was confirmed I told some other colleagues because Id rather be openly discussing it and raising awareness than wonder if ppl are whispering their guesses about my weight loss over coffee.. Ive told my husband and daughters and two girlfriends who have been lovely and supportive. Ive decided I wont tell my family because they would only have negative things to say and would belittle any success. I feel I deserve to make that choice regardless of how I might be judged if they later found out, and I hope you feel as comfortable with your decision.
  6. Hi Miekah, My advice to you is to realize what you want from the inside out. You said in your post that you fear the drastic lifestyle changes.. But you also said that the quality of your "current" life is drastically declining. So the way I see it is, a drastic lifestyle change to your downward spiral would be one that breaks the cycle and lifts you out to positive opportunities. I hope that thought, as well as the researching youve been advised to do, helps you make a decision that you are happy with!
  7. Hi Mrs. Rogers in addition to all the advice youve already received, I just wanted to say that I can relate to the whole "awkwardness" of telling your husband your going for the surgery after years of insisting you are totally fine with the weight. I spent the last 18 months getting back into a workout routine and swimming and while it did gather me in a bit my weight didnt budge. THAT is when i decided to have the conversation, and told him that While i am "fine" with being a big girl (like ur hubby hes into that too), i was NOT fine with making so much effort and seeing no results, and that i have decided to get banded as a helping tool to finally see results that i deserve. That and answering all his concerns about the surgery and post surgery requirements, went really well! Hope you find it a positive experience and opportunity to create a supportive envirronment for you
  8. Hi everyone, Im already appreciative of all the interaction on these boards, have been reading everything I can find on gastric band surgery recently as Im planning to get it done next month. I live in Kuwait and havent had the opportunity to meet ppl here to openly discuss out experiences, so again these boards are a treat. Anyway, im a 5'6, 30 y/o mother of two girlies (4,8) and have been putting on the weight ever since i got married ten years ago. Before that i was always quite active exercising at least 2 hours a day, doing laps at the pool and weight training. While married i was holding a job, studying in the evening and eventually shuffling that with sleepless nights with baby... Needless to say food became my crutch big time. I am authentically "big boned", and while that has helped keep the extra weight packed in well, it only goes so far until the "frame" starts to tumble!! At 20 I was a very fit, healthy 160 lbs. at 30 ive added a whopping 100 to that. i also know that a strong aspect of my weight problem is deeply rooted emotionally and that even though i actually love healthy eating and exercizing, part of me has been hiding behind the weight to protect myself from several diffferent issues, rejection for one. Soooo. After much self-investigating ive finally found myself, and im finally ready to let go of my shell of weight and be a free roaming crab who isnt afraid to be vulnerable ( lol im a cancer sign, hence the corny metaphor). Ive chosen gastric banding because ive tried eating proper and exercizing for 18 months now with no results, because banding is the less invasive wls, and because i am ready to commit to the lifestyle changes it requires and move onto a next stepping stone in my life. Thank you all for reading my long long post hehee, wish you all healthy success!

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