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    Band Friendly travel foods

    I have a 10 hour road trip coming up and I'm worried about what I will eat while in the car. I dont eat at fast food places because there is nothing there I can really eat without PB'ing or vomiting. What kind of foods/munchies would you suggest to take in the car. (I just got home from an 8 hour road trip and have to leave again in a few days for a 10 hour trip, while on the 8 hour trip, I did not eat the whole way there or back because my family wanted fast food, and there was nothing that I knew I could eat.) I cannot eat chicken, grapes, or any bread products. I know I can eat string cheese, but need more than that for 10 hours....HELP
  2. bluetigereyes

    lapband failure.

    There is no failure unless you give up! Don't be embarassed, go back to your doctor, get a fill and start the day new. Every day is an opportunity to start over and renew your commitment to losing. I'm having to do this myself as I hit my 100 lb loss and have sat at this plateau now for sevearl months. I admit, I havent been following my diet plan like I should but I know that tomorrow is a new day and plan to start fresh. No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress, you're still way ahead of everyone that isn't trying!!!
  3. bluetigereyes


    Sounds delicious, but there is no way I can eat chicken. There is very little meat that i can actually eat. I usually have Tuna or ground turkey, thats the extent of meat that I can handle..some days I wonder if I'm too tight, but other days I feel like I could eat a horse!
  4. bluetigereyes

    What happened to the private messages?

    Its still happening....gone again! Thanks for all your hard work on this....it doesnt seem to like me right now
  5. I have been having a conversation through private messages and when I went to reply, it disappeared and hasnt been back. I dont want this person to think I just stopped talking to him. I cant even go to his profile and click the "send Message" button anymore....If its a feature thats been removed...Pleae bring it back because people arent always on at the same time to be able to talk.
  6. bluetigereyes

    Banded 1 yr and have it removed!!

    PLEASE PLEASE reseach the sleeve FULLY before you go under the knife again. I have a band, my dad had the sleeve. I hhave had my band for almost a year and have lost 75lbs. I feel like I'm losing slow, but when I look at the big picture, I'm happy with where I'm at. BUT, my dad had the sleeve in May of this year, has had complication after complication resulting in MILLIONS of dollars of hospital bills (He has been in the hospital 4 times due to complications, one time was over 4 months in there! and just got re-admitted again 2 days ago, and was told he will be in there until after New Years!) I'm not going to bad mouth the sleeve, but I just hope and pray that you completely and totally research it before you go under the knife again. Take the "rare complications" they tell you about seriously, because once you have it done, there is NO GOING BACK!!! If I could turn back time, I would NEVER allow my dad to get the sleeve. I fear this is going to kill him from all the complications...and hes still not in the clear yet.
  7. bluetigereyes


    Just had to share....I'm so excited to finally see Onderland! Stepped on the scale this morning and that elusive number was staring back at me. What a great way to start the day!
  8. bluetigereyes


    Just had to share....I'm so excited to finally see Onderland! Stepped on the scale this morning and that elusive number was staring back at me. What a great way to start the day!
  9. bluetigereyes


    for me....I call PB'ing Phelgm bomb....cause its like you vomit a slime ball. It happens to me when I eat too fast or the wrong foods. I had alot of issues with my band being tight and would PB alot, but I had some removed and doing MUCH better now
  10. bluetigereyes

    My Bump In The Road...

    I have not had a fill since the end of June, and all of a sudden I was too tight. I was told it could be stress. I went in yesterday and had 1/2 cc removed and I feel SO much better. I fought it for 2 months, thinking it would get better again, but no luck, so I had finally decided that it was time to have some removed. I agree, the weight loss is great, but the effects of acid, PB'ing, and being miserable just arent worth it! (I will be banded a year in December and have lost 75lbs)
  11. You can try Mio....Its a liquid that you add to water. Many different flavors and 0 calories. Personally I like the Arizona green tea with Ginsing & Honey. I drink the sugar free, so its 0 calories. You can also add some lemon, lime, strawberries, or whatever fruit you like to your water and let it sit overnight for a nice light flavor. personally, I'm not a fan of water, but I do drink alot of green tea. Another option would be, a soda stream machine. You control the amount of carbonation and make your own sodas. You can get the flavors you like without the high carbonation levels that make you feel miserable
  12. bluetigereyes

    Bye Bye 200S

    I stepped on the scale yesterday and was 200.8....I cant wait to reach Onderland!!!
  13. bluetigereyes

    Considering Lapband Surgery

    Welcome to the group! Do your research and make the choice thats right for you. I know that for me, the band was the best decision and I am grateful for the changes in my life and weight over the past year. next month is my 1 year 'bandiversary' and I can say that I definitely DONT regret anything about it!
  14. bluetigereyes

    Very Unpleasant Fill - Skill Level?

    EVERY one of my fills hurt and leave me bruised for about a week afterwards. It doesnt matter if the PA or the Doctor does it. That is partly because my port seems to flip...ALOT. Its never in the same place twice and it flips quite easily.
  15. bluetigereyes

    Too Tight Weeks After Fill. Is This Possible?

    My fills ALWAYS take over a week for me to feel the full effects. I had my last fill in June, and now I'm almost too tight! I just need to find time to call my dr to get in. I can barely eat mushies and even takes me almost 45 mins to drink a protein shake. (this morning I drank one at 6:30, its now 8 and I'm STILL miserable from it!)
  16. bluetigereyes

    Too Tight Or "real" Restriction??

    I cannot eat any pasta/breads. I can have a VERY small amount of crackers rarely (like 2 crackers at the most). Scrambled eggs are also a no-no for me. I never feel restriction from my fills for 1-2 WEEKS, then all of a sudden I can tell I have some restriction in there. Also as your body changes, what was the 'green zone' before can suddenly be either too loose or too tight...just listen to your body, and if it doesnt feel right, it probably isnt
  17. bluetigereyes

    Too Tight Or "real" Restriction??

    I have had several fills, and I dont usually do liquids for 24 hours, but I definitely do mushy. I am very tight right now, to the point that I eat about 1/2 cup of food and I'm done. If I even take 1 extra bite, its game over. I got my band in dec 2011, and did not see significant weight loss until May 2012. I was frustrated that I only lost 12 lbs from Dec to May, but then almost overnight it seemed, I started dropping the weight. I am now down 73lbs. 2lbs from my first goal. (to be in Onederland). Dont give up, give it some time. Also...DONT weight yourself every day!! I was so disappointed when I would do that...now I just weigh once a week, then I see my results better
  18. bluetigereyes

    What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?

    I can tell you, I have gone from a size 24 to a 14, and wearing skinny jeans with tall boots feels AMAZING! I cant wait to be able to put on a bikini next summer. This is not an "if" its WHEN I can wear one...because I am going to work hard this winter to be bikini ready for the summer!!!
  19. bluetigereyes

    Too Tight?

    I was just thinking this weekend that I need to have some removed too. I had BAD PBing every time I would eat all weekend. Had acid reflux for the first time saturday night, which was HORRIBLE. I have been eating about 4 bites before I PB. Yesterday all I could get down was 2 protein shakes all day!
  20. bluetigereyes

    Going To The Hospital Again:(

    almost sounds like your band has slipped...be VERY careful!! I'm glad you are going back to the hospital.
  21. bluetigereyes

    Too Tight?

    Changes in altitude can make your band too tight. I know when I fly, my band is extremely tight for about a week before it calms down again.
  22. I had that when I had surgery on my ankle. They use a product called "Benzoin" to make the steri strips stay on longer, and I was allergic to it. My whole foot/ankle because full of those blisters. Dont pop it, as long as its not getting worse, let it heal
  23. bluetigereyes

    Pre-Op Weight Loss

    My doctor wanted me to lose 10%. However, I made my decision at the end of October (2011) and wanted to have it done before the end of the year. So, they made an exception and said I would only need to lose 5% (which was like 12lbs). I ended up losing 20 lbs between the end of Oct and Dec 22nd when I had my band. I did not have to do the 2 week protein shakes, just a high protein/low carb diet the dr gave me. I liked that better than the liquids for 2 weeks before. It has been 10 months since I was banded and now I'm down 70lbs. I'm VERY happy!!!
  24. bluetigereyes

    any single gals out there???

    you're welcome Kerr! And, continue being YOU, because that is the best way to be! I've learned I will only change to better myself, never for anyone else.
  25. bluetigereyes

    My Hair-Help!!!

    I use coconut oil on my hair. But the one major thing I've found is if I dont get enough protein on a regular basis, my hair falls out-BAD!

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