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  1. Does anyone know if band removal is necessary for breast cancer treatment?
  2. I have not been diagnosed but went for my diagnostic mammo and u/s last week then had biopsy today. I was just trying to think of things ahead of time. Most biopsies come back negative but this is my second one. I have come so far and to see something like this happen to me would be devestating now that I finally am feeling great and loving life. I will post updates...hoping for benign!
  3. I was banded 2/1 and have lost 47 pounds. I have 6.1 in a 10cc band. I'm in the green zone...I have about 20 more pounds to go...down 3 sizes and no more Lane Byrant!
  4. Cyndie B

    Lapband And Hair Loss

    I have experienced major hair loss...it started about 3 months post op. If you search posts using "hair loss" you will find lots of good information. It has a lot to do with having rapid weight loss. I have had a few surgeries in my life and some say it is the anesthesia but not in my case. I take Biotin and use Nioxin (special shampoo). I am now 6 months post op and it has stopped for the most part and I can see new growth. I think some of it is attributed to lack of protein but in my opinion, it's the rapid weight loss.
  5. I have worn one for years and I used to call it my girdle because I'm old. My kids hate that word so I now call it a body shaper...lol. I wore a larger size body shaper after my surgery just to smooth things out but I have upgraded to one that is more snug fitting so I don't have any bulges. I also wear a torso body shaper...it's really cool. Just pull it on and it covers your stomach area only.
  6. Cyndie B

    Increased Alcohol Intake

    Derby Sunflower - If it was that easy to replace one addiction with another then I'm sure this would be a godsend for many...to be addicted to exercise would be sweet for sure. Any addiction is dangerous if you ask me and I certainly will get help if I find it necessary. Thanks again everyone for the posts...I love this board for not being judgemental and accusatory...we are all hear to help each other and not tear each other down and to make one feel badly about their life and choices!
  7. I was wondering if anyone has experienced increased alcohol intake after the band...I know it's empty calories, increases appetite, etc. etc...I know all about the bad stuff but I have had a hard time getting that through my brain because it seems like I am thinking, "well, I can't really eat so I might as well drink...". I know, it sounds crazy. I am proud of my accomplishment and I know that I look so much better and feel so much better...I need to figure out why I am doing this! Anyway, after a weekend of drinking, I am going on a hiatus to detox my body...lol. I am not an alcoholic - I drink a glass a wine every night or have a sugar free margarita and then on Friday my husband and I go out with friends and drink quite a bit - enough to feel crappy the next day. Just wondering if anyone has had this problem..and don't crucify me, please!!!
  8. Cyndie B

    Increased Alcohol Intake

    Marketing Dude - your post was very insightful and I really appreciate your response.
  9. Cyndie B

    Post Op Exam, Dr Hollis

    Same as lillieB53 and I also went through True Results. He is a very nice man! Wendy - maybe you went to him directly and not through True Results and that is why it is different?
  10. Cyndie B

    Increased Alcohol Intake

    Thanks everyone for your posts...I never thought about the addiction aspect. Alcoholism runs in my family so you would think I would be more careful. This surgery has taught me a lot about myself and I'm still learning. I am going to be more careful and smart in my decisions about drinking - thanks again!
  11. I would say my negatives are hair loss, not realizing what rapid weight loss would do to my body (flabbiness), and upper left chest pain (this comes on when I eat too fast and it's very painful). Other inconveniences...having to buy new clothes which can be expensive, having to exercise...lol...drinking expensive protein shakes...and for some reason increased alcohol intake although I don't know why other than I'm happy with my weight loss, can't eat as much so I end up drinking more...idk...but I am very happy with my decision and wouldn't change it for the world!
  12. Cyndie B

    2Nd Fill Yesterday, And Wow

    Rebecca - You weight loss is wonderful and I'm sure you feel fantastic but be careful with losing too much weight too fast...there are many studies done that indicate if you lose too fast, it can hamper your ability to maintain once you reach your goal weight. I lost very fast in the beginning and wasn't taking in enough Protein and two things happened to me: I lost a ton of hair (because of the rapid weight loss and not enough protein) and I am now very flabby. Make sure you are doing your exercising while losing weight...now I am playing catch up with my flabbiness (trying to do arm, abs and thigh exercises like a mad woman) and trying to get my hair to grow back! Anyway, it also sounds like you are not getting enough protein and that is not good. I would suggest incorporating Protein shakes because eating potato soup does not take care of your protein intake. The eggs and cheese are good sources of protein. I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and I hope that I don't sound that way but I have a couple more months experience and trust me I love when the scale moves but it's much better to do it in slow steps... Keep up the good work!
  13. Cyndie B

    Please Help...to Unfill Again Or Not

    I had a fill last Thursday and I really only wanted .4 cc's but the doctor said that if I got .7 cc's I would be in the green zone at 6.1 cc's. I understood what she was saying and it made sense so I agreed but since the fill I can only eat small bites of Protein but not enough for my daily allotment. It's rediculous...I guess I will just start back up on the Protein shakes. What's really strange is I start getting this horrible pain in my left shoulder when I have ate too much or too fast...literally two bites of ground up meat loaf. I am not sure what to do at this point...one part of me says this will help me lose weight quicker but at what cost to my health? I will have to evaluate in the next couple of days how I'm feeling. My advice to you would be to get another unfill. Life is too short to be miserable and like you said you don't want to lose the weight this way. Maybe they can take out 1 cc so you will start feeling better.
  14. Cyndie B

    At What Fill Did You Reach Restriction?

    I am on my 5th fill and I am at 6.1 cc's in a 10 cc band. I had my fill yesterday and boy am I tight...but I do finally feel like I'm in the green zone. My doctor said that around 6 cc's should be the green zone - but everyone is different.
  15. Cyndie B

    Left Shoulder Pain

    I am 5 months post op and I have the left shoulder pain when I eat too fast...it's a good indicator for me to slow down and sometimes I can't even finish eating. I also have the pain when I lay down for bed...
  16. Cyndie B


    I am also struggling with hair loss. My doctor said it should stop at 6 months and that I wasn't getting enough protien. I have never had thin hair so it is alarming but I am hopeful it will stop falling out soon. I now pay more attention to how much protien I'm eating and I am also taking Biotin. My bathroom floor looks like a hair salon and every day I have to sweep - it's horrible.
  17. I was banded on 2/1 and have lost 45 pounds.
  18. Hello - I am 9 weeks post op and have had great success so far...however; my port tubing is protruding out from my stomach - like a very hard bump underneath my skin! It is so gross and I think that if I continue to lose weight it is going to get worse...has anyone else had this and if so, what did you do about it? When I went for my fill the doctor said that they could fix it but I didn't really ask too many more questions about it. I will ask more questions when I see them next fill but just curious if there are any other experiences out there with this problem.
  19. Cyndie B

    Delayed Restriction?

    This happened to me as well. Had my fill on 4/1 but didn't fee restriction until the 16th or so...and I wasn't expecting the delay so I was in pain a couple of times from eating too fast but then realized the reason. I wonder why this happens?
  20. I have the same exact problem! And I even have stretch marks on the back of my arms! I don't know that the lipo would tighten up the under arm flab...I am just lifting weights and doing different exercises to tighten it up...we will see. If the weights and exercise doesn't work I may have to do the plastic surgery.
  21. Cyndie B

    Low Carb Before Surgery

    The low carb way of eating works best for me, too. I eat protien and veggies. I also eat almonds as a snack. I have an egg and a couple of pieces of bacon for breakfast, lunch meat and cheese for lunch, and then chicken or fish and veggies for dinner. No bread, potatoes, rice, no fast food, no sweet drinks, no desserts. I am feeling great! And I can't forget the low carb margarita mix...1 carb!
  22. Hello - I have been scouring the internet looking for upper arm exercises because they are looking quite flabby. I found some that look good but looking for suggestions from the pro's on the board - please recommend your favorites and one's that you know work!
  23. Cyndie B

    Rapid Weight Loss

    It sounds like you have it resolved but I think it also depends on how much weight you have to lose. Once you start with the liquids and then mushies you will see the weight loss decrease and then the hard work sets in! Congrats on your weight loss so far!
  24. Hi Everyone! I went shopping today and was able to fit into XL tops and size 14 pants...although I had to bump up a size for jeans to a 16...but the best thing is I did not have to go to the plus size section. It was so awesome and I couldn't believe it was my butt in the pants I tried on...lol...I am 7 weeks post op and I have had one fill. I am still feeling restriction but not as much as before. I have been exercising on the treadmill 4 to 5 times a week. I am looking forward to my next fill and maybe instead of buying new clothes I will be heading to the consignment store.
  25. Cyndie B

    Before Pictures...

    My Journey...and I'm not finished yet!

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