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  1. I have this same insurance, I provided those docs. I am not sure if they are required or not. I would think your surgeons insurance specialist will know how to get things through. You could get the weight lose log together for the months provided. I am sure they can submit those. Ask your surgeons insurance specialist, they will know.
  2. vingotti33

    Feel Discouraged

    My recommendation to you is stay off the scale. Especially if you are weight training or building muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat, pay attention to how you look, feel, and inches. You may want to eliminate the pretzels and replace it with protein. You are only five weeks out so you are doing fine. Only hop on the scale when you go to the doctor. Don't be discouraged, stay focused.
  3. Also from my research your BMI could be too high for lapband to work for you, which simply means you will have to lose some weight prior to surgery. You will lose weight with the liquid diet. Your length of time on the liquid diet will be based on how much weight your surgeon wants you to lose prior to surgery. Don't worry everything will work out.
  4. vingotti33

    My First Fill

    I got my first fill today. My Dr took it five cc's. It was weird, I felt my band tighten as they filled it today. Then they had me drink this white liquid and I saw it going down. It was stuck and when they released some of the saline I saw the liquid start to go down. I heard it go down as well. That was a trip. Unfortunately I gained three pounds, I had a feeling I did. Well now it is back to business!
  5. vingotti33

    My First Fill

    Yes they sent me home with 5cc, I cannot remember how much it was originally filled to. Yeah watching the fill and seeing the liquid sitting there brought everything into prospective for me. I have done a ton of research, but yesterday I got the full understanding of how and why the band is successful. If a little bit of liquid can fill me up then I get how some protein and vegetables would, causing a person to eat less. I just hope I can eat enough to get my daily values in. I also understand why I have to be extremely selective on what I am eating. Instead of eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast I need to eat a egg to get the protein. Last night @ the grocery I bought and planned my meals around this concept.
  6. Congrats Jason, I made my decision and had my completed last Thursday. You will love this decision. We will be here to support you. Do a lot of research to familiarize yourself with everything. It put my mind @ ease. Also it will increase your success with the band. Start changing how you eat in drink now. That will make your liquid diet phase that much easier. Also start working out.
  7. Thank you Pen, yes they got me out of there quickly. They did a great job with me. I see why now that they are a Center of Excellence. Thank you for your encouraging words, I wish you the same success.
  8. Congratulations! I am one day behind you. Good luck and stay in touch.
  9. That is awesome! I am happy for you. My journey begins officially Thursday. I am ready. I look forward to hearing you story and following your success. Congratulations.
  10. I use Prosource Banana creme, it is pretty tasty.
  11. Congrats, I too am having my band put in on 12/22. I am excited as well.Good luck to you both, we will trade stories.
  12. vingotti33

    1st Day Post Op

    Congratulations, I am glad everything went well. I am a Cincinnati native as well. I am cheering for you and your success.
  13. One week away and then I get banded. This is exciting, and I am ready. Pushing hard to lose 15lbs before surgery. I have lost almost 20lbs, I was hoping to lose 35lbs.
  14. vingotti33

    Approved ..... ..... ..... .....

    Congratulations! The journey begins.
  15. This is awesome, I am happy for you guys. Wishing you guys much success with your journey. I have my surgery happening 12/22, I am excited.
  16. That is great that we are getting it done the same day, we can discuss each others experience through it. Congratulations ready for a new me, Are you able to workout yet? If so, what all are able to do?
  17. vingotti33

    Nice To Meet You All!

    Congratulations on you taking on the journey. Sorry for your medical condition, praying that gets better. We will be here to support you through this journey.
  18. vingotti33

    Pre Lap Band Surgery Diet

    I guess it all comes down to how much weight your doctor wants you to lose. Reading some of these diets I wish I was as fortunate to have these options. Things are getting better though from a hungar standpoint. Just wished it tasted better. Oh well, all eyes on the prize.
  19. vingotti33

    Hubby In Critical Condition

    Sending my prayers.
  20. vingotti33

    Starting This Journey!

    Congrats on your decision to make this journey. I am with you, I just made my decision a couple of months ago. I am due for surgery in a couple of weeks. My wife was hesitant for me as well but she is on board now. Do this for you and your health. Include your fiancee in your journey.
  21. vingotti33

    Gasrto Or Lapband??

    Lapband is the safest option, but depending on your BMI you may not qualify. Most surgeons want your BMI below 50. Lapband is reversible where bypass isn't. With bypass they cut out part of your stomach plus change your plumbing. With bypass you will lose the weight faster, you can only eat so much. For me I chose lapband, I felt it was the safest option. Hope this helps.

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