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  1. Has anyone seen a difference in your relationship for the negative after surgery? For me I dnt feel like the same person anymore.. but feel selfish for it.
  2. koriswlj

    10 Months Post-Op

    Well I can eat just about whatever I want except bread is hard to eat. But I try to get a shake or two in a day and then 4 more small meals of Protein. This week im getting back on track by going back to shakes for a week and reintroducing food. My only tip since your not that far out is to stay away from any foods that were a problem before...i.e soda was mine and if I want to I can drink it with no problem and I dont get sick from sugar. Good luck on your journey your gonna relearn you all over
  3. Some before pics Current pics: Sw: 338 Cw: 214 Still need to lose 50 more so ive started Protein shakes for this week and getting back in the gym (was off track)... The nerve pain I experienced has gone away! And the strength in my legs is back! I don't regret my decision to have gastric sleeve at all
  4. koriswlj

    10 Months Post-Op

    No he wants to but doesnt meet the req of 100 pds overweight.
  5. koriswlj

    10 Months Post-Op

    Thank you so much for your kind words! I think the most important thing for me is to remember how I got to the decision of doing the surgery and working my best at it everyday to never be that person again!
  6. What is your diet like for a day?..
  7. This is after (nearly 6 months) down 110 pds
  8. So, I have muscle wasting so about a month ago I started physical therapy am getting in all of my vitamins and protein in and I notice my legs are starting to get stronger. But two weeks ago my feet started tingling/burning and now they wake me up every night. So now I have been referred to a neurologist and she believes I have peripheal neuropathy which I hope can be cured. I just feel alone in this and the pain of standing on my feet for 8 hours is unbearable.... I hope noone has to go through this.
  9. koriswlj

    I Just Wanna Cry

    The muscle wasting came about when I wasnt taking in enough Protein because I got sick. But i changed all that and then this happened.
  10. Thank you so much everyone!!
  11. My friend and I went out for her birthday I bought a size 16 dress down from a size 28 when i started this journey! And i broke my stall and am down 100 Me before surgery
  12. So I posted before because I am going through physical therapy to rebuild the muscle in my legs. And my nut has me on 3 protein shakes and 3 small meals of 2oz of protein at each. But I have been gaining since I started. I have been diligent on my protein but Im worried im not going to lose weight again. I also started and quit today drinking diet soda. I tried it two weeks ago and when i didnt get sick or uncomfortable I kept at it. Has anyone had feelings of falling off the wagon 5 mths out. Any encouragement wld be greatly appreciated.
  13. Welp, I was sleeved feb 13th and all together with preop diet ive lost 97lbs. However, I wasnt getting enough protein so I am experiencing the effects of muscle wasting and going to physical therapy. I have been getting 60-100grams of Protein now and cannot wait until I have the strength back in my legs. I am in a size 18/20 down from a 28 thats exciting, but ill really enjoy my sleee when im fixed 100%
  14. So has anyone experienced loss of strength in leg/thigh muscles. Ive been having problems walking up stairs an getting off of seats. I know i need to start strength training but this scared me.
  15. koriswlj

    Thigh Muscles!

    Unfortunately its all through the day I have to physically find ways to push myself up or hold onto railings
  16. Hopefully today I will find out what is wrong. I go for an endoscopy in an hour. They think that I have a stricture. Ill take any reason as long as the the gag reflex, nausea and vomitting ends. I was doing good until 3 weeks ago... No wonder my weight was falling off. Oh well ill still take my 85 pds gone lol
  17. koriswlj

    Reached My First Goal Today!

    Thats awesome!!
  18. 76 pds down 18 of them preop Went from 28 pants to 22 and 22 top to 14/16

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