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    KhadijahRose reacted to Ms. Mannix for a blog entry, I'm here   
    I'm a closet sleever whose doing this alone. Today was my last day at work because my procedure is scheduled for Tuesday. While updating my out of office for work email & updating my voice mail, it hit me.
    As I would tell my girlfriends......"This *ish is REAL!!" The waiting is over!
    From 1/2013 to 7/2013, I'm finally here.
    I've been to the required support groups,
    the consultations,
    the psych evals,
    the 3 months with the Nut,
    the EGD,
    the H Pylori meds, (ugh)
    the tears from being denied the 1st time around,
    the excitement of being approved from the appeal,
    the scheduled date FINALLY!! (the longest holiday weekend of my LIFE!)
    the PreOp class,
    My RX & "how to" on how to administer the blood thinner injections, once I get home. (and I'm TERRIFIED of needles)
    Telling my coworkers I'm going out for gall bladder surgery
    to this very moment.
    I don't know how I should feel. I've read many books & I've scanned many blogs. I'm stocked up on food & prayers!!
    I have enough chicken broth, beef broth, vegetable broth, seafood broth, jello, pudding, protien powders, syntrax nectar powders, isopure RTD, liquid whey protein tubes, chewable vitamins, chewable iron, applesauce, sugar free drink packets & bottled water to last me through to December!! lol.....No...seriously!
    Thank you all for your support, your guidance & for emails I've received. We are all in this together & I'm looking forward to crossing over into my new beginning very shortly.
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    KhadijahRose reacted to legnarevocrednu for a blog entry, 1 Month Today!   
    I don't have much to add from yesterdays blog, but I just had to post on the fact that today is exactly a month from when I had Lapband surgery! I am extremely happy with the band thus far, and do not regret my decision at all! I've lost 12 pounds since then and I'm really happy with that. 26 pounds total and I'm getting tons of remarks from people I know AND people I don't. Plus, the guy I'm into complimented me on how good I'm looking. Also, my legs feel a lot better. Before, they would get tired real quick and when I first start to walk after sitting for a while, I'd limp. Now, they feel perfectly fine and I haven't noticed anything like that. And it's only one month in!! A lot of my coworkers have said that my face looks smaller too. It's hard for me to notice something like that, but I'll take their word on it. I'm so happy and excited!