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  1. KhadijahRose

    Post op FIRST time pregnancies

    Congrats to all you ladies, and hoping the best for those of us still trying. I am wondering for those who have been able to conceive what does your Vitamin regiment look like? Which do you take. Any Protein shakes also?? Thx for sharing!
  2. KhadijahRose

    Actively TTC?

    I'm almost 2 years post op, and have been trying to conceive since May. I've had 3 children already and didn't have any trouble conceiveing at all before surgery. I was nursing still when I had the surgery and continued after. I stopped nursing my 3rd when she was about 18 months that was in April and we started trying right after that. My period is very regular but I did have a miscarriage back in October at 8 weeks, it was a surprise and my first. As I said I'd never had issues before and since then my cycle has been about 24 days instead of 28. I turned 29 in October and i know I'm getting "older" so baby making will get a bit more difficult but I don't think I'm ready to try fertility drugs yet. I'll just keep workig on my wieghtloss and hope that it happens while I'm taking care of my body. Hoping the best for all of us
  3. KhadijahRose

    Putting things in perspective

    I moved to Africa! Abuja, Nigeria to be exact and realized that I love traveling but my heart belongs to Michigan I had a miscarriage for the first time after having had 6 successful pregnancies. I realized how blessed I have been and how ungrateful I'd been for being able to get pregnant so easily and have such healthy children with no problems. It was a very rough and thought provoking exeperience. Alhamdulillah(Thanking God) I'm going into the New Year with a bit more experience and (I'd like to believe wisdom) and going home with a bit more appreciation for "The land of the free, home of the brave"
  4. KhadijahRose

    Not Losing much weight.

    I'm almost 2 years post op and haven't lost much weight in the past year because I have pretty much been doing what I want. In the past month I've really started to change my ways and have already started to see loss of inches and pounds. People are right, go back to Protein first, low carb low to no sugar, that seems to be the "secret" to VSG weight loss, and weight loss period. That and Water. I thank God I love exercise or I'd probably have been gaining instead of stalled.
  5. KhadijahRose

    No caffeine ever?

    I'm almost 2 years post op and had been drinking a cup a day since about 2 weeks out of surgery. Ive only stopped to see if it will help me to kick start my weight loss again. I've never had any issues with drinking coffee and at this far out I've even had a couple of cups a day. I see hear that it's thought to be an appetite stimulant but for me it was a supressent. It helped me during those times when I felt nauseated for no apparent reason (which has happened since my surgery) or when I had the urge to snack on sweets. But I think what someone else said is true. The surgeon and NUT guidelines are just that, you've got to listen to and watch your body. That's the only way you'll know if it's good for you.
  6. KhadijahRose

    Any Muslims!?!

    Walaikum'Asalaam! I'm almost 2 years out, Al-humdulillah. If you're wondering about fasting with the sleeve, it's the same as fasting without it just that once you break the fast you will definitely be eating sunnah in shaa Allah due to the small amount.
  7. I've just found out I'm pregnant and I'm 18 months post op. We've been trying for about 3 months and this will be our fourth ( 1 boy and 2 girls). I think what felt different for me was that I simply have little to no appetite for anything except grilled meats and fish.
  8. KhadijahRose

    8 mths and well....

    I was that way for about 9 months! I am 18 months post op and hadn't a clue as to why I could hardly stay awake. I worked out, I ate generally healthy and I drank about a cup of very strong coffee every morning yet by 3pm I always felt sleepy and sometimes fell asleep. Mind you, I am 29 years old and in decent shape. Come to find out I was severely anemic. Never thought of Iorn pills because I felt okay. But after talking to my doc about dizziness and tiredness my numbers came back very bad. Now after about 2 weeks of taking iron suppliments I feel much better. Still not where I want to be but I don't sleep during the day anymore and I don't feel dizziness all of a sudden or upon standing. So it could be that...but if you've had your blood work done you should definitely talk to your doc about it because it actually is a significant sign of something being up this far out.
  9. KhadijahRose

    Pregnancy after sleeve

    If I may, I'd also like to add to this question.. Has anyone had difficulty getting pregnant after surgery? I've already got 3 and have been pregnant 5 times in my life. Hence, before surgery I've never had a problem with getting pregnant. Now about a year and a half out and been trying for about 4 months and still havent gotten pregnant. Thus, I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, or know of anyone who had some difficulty getting pregnant after surgery? Also for those who have gotten pregnant what did your suppliment regimen look like before and during pregnancy? Did you/do you workout regularly?
  10. I am having some strange symptoms and have scheduled an appointment with.my surgeon and NUT but until then I'd like to know what everyone else takes on a daily basis and has your needs changed for those of you a year or more out? Any info is highly appreciated
  11. That was my date last year! Hoping all the best for you
  12. KhadijahRose

    dizzy spells? help!

    I've been going having the exact same symptoms. My insurance changed and my doctor simply won't see me because of it, so I rely heavily on what I read here and whatever I can find in articles and videos on the web. I figured it is as b12 deficiency because I ran out about 5 weeks ago and have been having the symptoms for about 3. It shipped today and hopefully it will be here within the week. I've also started taking perinatal...I just have a feeling...but it's definitely something going on
  13. So I've heard all about those who were unable to get pregnant before surgery and who's cycle was completely off pre surgery but what about those who've had the opposite occur. I was like clock work pre surgery and have 3 children already. However, post op I've been having a 60 day cycle and was readingthat with such a long cycle I am likely not even ovulating. Anyone else experience this? Also for those who have gotten pregnant post-op what's your supplement and workout regiment like? Thx for the input
  14. KhadijahRose

    Problems With Conception Post-op

    Wow, that's all very interesting!! I really should read up more on the effects of extreme weight loss and hormones.
  15. KhadijahRose

    Problems With Conception Post-op

    Hmm...that actually makes a lot of sense, I hadn't even thought of that. As I said I was like clock work before surgery and now I am still like clock work just 60 full days apart. I'd really like to go back to normal because I'd like to have a couple more in all honesty.
  16. So I've heard all about those who were unable to get pregnant before surgery and who's cycle was completely off pre surgery but what about those who've had the opposite occur. I was like clock work pre surgery and have 3 children already. However, post op I've been having a 60 day cycle and was readingthat with such a long cycle I am likely not even ovulating. Anyone else experience this? Also for those who have gotten pregnant post-op what's your supplement and workout regiment like? Thx for the input
  17. Made this months 7 pound weight loss goal, Al-hamdulillah! That's not an easy thing to do 10 months post-op. Really stuck to my guns and so happy I did! :-)

    1. Carlotta1


      Moe-sha-la. .. Good for you. I was wondering if I should set up monthly goals. I am afraid that it will put pressure on me and obsess about weight. Right now I follow eating protocol and let the weight loss follow .. Have us done this throughout your weight loss.


    2. KhadijahRose


      In the beginning I didn't do this because the weight just fell off, but as I began to eat more normally and get further along I realised I needed a way to motivate myself and work harder on my goals.

  18. KhadijahRose

    5 months out - no appetite

    If you were one who struggled with food addiction, grazing and unconcious, uneneccasry eating then this feeling is a God-send like it was for me. I felt the same way by 3 months post-op and at 10 months, I've truly adopted the "eat to live" ideaology, simply because I just don't care that much. I do certain things to maintain this feeling though because over the months I've felt it trying to creep back in, so I don't eat after 7pm, I stay off all foodnetwork and Food related shows, and I never reward myself or children with food. It's been a great help for someone like me, who faught with herself mentally on a daily bases when it came to food. I was afraid after having the surgery that I'd be among the ones who struggled with mental hunger but thank God I haven't so, I always think this is a good thing.
  19. Yesterday made me 9 months post - op here's what I've learned about myself, the sleeve and life in general NEVER go without taking your vitamins!!!! Drink as much Water as you can I don't have to diet, I just need to eat good food (good for you) and I'll lose Stalls are natural, normal and necessary for proper, longterm weight loss I cannot keep a scale in my house (so I keep it in the trunk of my car and take it out on Fridays ONLY) Restriction can decrease over time if you eat too much, too often To increase my restriction I intermitten fast 5 days a week and this has kick started my weight loss agaiin DON'T GRAZE or SNACK. It's so easy for VSGers to do this because we eat so little in a sitting. I won't make it to goal 1 year post op...AND THAT'S OKAY I will not lose weight EVERYDAY, EVERY WEEK or even EVERY MONTH... and that's NORMAL and OKAY I'll probably have sagging skin and that's waaaay better than a plumpy, fat body Not telling people about my surgery doesn't mean I am ashamed it just means I like keeping my business to myself Those whom I decide to tell and react negatively I will not scold them or respond in defense, or even "unfriend" them I will simply live my life and let my happiness and health be proof of my good decision I can drink coffee I can drink pop I can eat sweets I just choose not to (95% of the time) because that's counter productive Lastly, I will enjoy this entire process and learn to love myself inside and out, learn to "eat to live, not live to eat", learn to value those who care for and support me no matter my size, and slowly allow the fears I carried on my 350+ pound frame to fall off with every drop of sweat I burn for the sake of my good health, in shaa Allah ( = By the Grace of God)
  20. Thx everyone for the kind words and support, I'm always happy to share and would love to hear any other "what I've learned so far " from you guys as well!
  21. KhadijahRose

    Anyone know

    It didnt stop me. I had the psych evaluation and was totally afraid to say it but totally honest anyway; I was a cutter in HS and severly depressed (I was adopted so I later found out that, that runs in my family), anyway I was told by my psych that I seemed to have a good grasp on the realities of life and that my faith has obviously been a means of healing for me mentally. I haven't taken meds in years and she cleared me without any issues. Hoping for the best for you as well
  22. When people don't know what to say or when to be quiet that's usually when things are said that they later regret It sounds to me like another individual who looks at your success and can't see anything but their failure...that's harsh I know but in my life I've noticed that to be true. You said she was essentially going up in sizes while you've gone down dramatically. I've learned to just smile and be quiet because if I didn't I think I'd hurt more feelings than I care to apologize for...
  23. KhadijahRose

    Stall solutions

    When I do intermitten fasting I stop eating foods but I may have a cup of tea, or coffee before my workout in the morning. I was taught that you can drink whatever you want but as always limit your sugar intake to about 60g during an entire fast (16-24 hours) and If you must eat something let it be no more than 100 calories within an entire fasting period. NO ALCOHOL I generally stick to Water, tea or coffee. It has helped me finally reach my water intake, because I'm usually still awake 6 hours after I begin a fast.
  24. KhadijahRose

    BCBS of IL

    I had the same plan and was approved with no co-morbities and a BMI of 40+
  25. KhadijahRose

    What are you eating today?

    * Fruite smoothie for Breakfast (1 banana, half grapefrute, EAS vanilla Protein powder) * 4oz pan-seared salmon, birdseye steamfresh potatos and green Beans (half after workout0 * Finish lunch about 3 hours later * 2 fried eggs and a waffle * 96oz of Water **I always stop eating between 7 and 8 and start up again around 12pm-1pm.