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  1. I’m so sorry to hear you are in that much discomfort. I would try to see your surgeon as soon as possible in case of a stomach leak or issue. The sooner you see him, you can get assistance and hopefully some answers. Also, if you can’t keep water or fluids down, be careful to not get de-hydrated. See if you can get to your doctor’s ASAP.
  2. klm1648

    Judgemental Docs

    Wow! That sucks you had to hear all that negativity from a doctor. As for your incisions, try using some gold Dial soap with warm water. Don’t completely soak them but wash them and immediately dry. It will help with preventing infection. Mine started healing really nicely after about 5-7 days. Hope you don’t have to deal with any more rude doctors in the future. This app really is helpful and offers various support. Good luck on your journey.
  3. Hi guys, I’m almost 3 weeks post op and when sleeping at night experience a pain or discomfort like something is expanding in my chest. It comes back and forth and sometimes is minor, but last night was more uncomfortable. I don’t know if it’s because my spouse sleeps with the air conditioner really cold, or I sleep with my mouth open but it keeps me waking up. Anyone else experience anything similar?
  4. Has anyone started swearing more after surgery? I’m 12 days post op and seem to sweat more than ever before by just doing simple tasks. I don’t feel sick, I just sweat more. Anyone else having the same symptoms?
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    Sweat more daily

    *sweating nor swearing lol
  6. Since I have been on full liquids, I have been starting to crave real food and creating my own creamy soups with straining out the bits of food. I hope this helps some of you who want something tasty besides protein. 1 can Campbell’s 98% Broccoli and Cheese Soup 1 package of Bear Creek Potato Soup Mix 1 quart of chicken stalk I mixed the broccoli and cheese soup with 1 cup chicken stock for a creamy soup, then added 2 tbsp of the potato soup mix and brought all to a boil. Once it was done, I strained it and enjoyed my easy and tasty dinner. There should at least be a cup Leftover for tomorrow. This was quick, easy and helped with craving home cooked meals.
  7. @fluffychix honestly, I didn’t even think of that. I do like the butternut squash or cauliflower idea better. Thanks for the suggestion!
  8. klm1648

    Bladder Spasms!!!

    From what I was told, there was no catheter and the urine tests showed no trace of an infection or UTI. The doctor did mention that this can be an effect of the Anesthesia, which to me seems strange since this was 6 days post surgery.
  9. So, I just had Surgery last Monday 7/29/19. I had a hiatal hernia repair, removal of lap band and sleeve gastrectomy all at once. I went home Tuesday, vomited blood and foam all day but was much better Wednesday-Saturday. Yesterday, was the worst! I could not urinate without my bladder convulsing or going into a spasm. It was so painful because since I was already constipated, the spasm cause my stool to force out as well leading into more pain. I know this is a lot of information but feel that it could be helpful to anyone who cannot urinate, and when they try have a spasm that forces the urine while in horrible pain. I went to the ER since my doctor’s office was closed. Honestly, I thought it was only constipation and took a laxative, milk of magnesia, had an enema and a suppository but I still couldn’t urinate without the spasm. As soon as you get the following symptoms, try to call your doctor for help. I’m doing much better now but wanted to share in case anyone else may be going through this.
  10. Things are much better...2 weeks on fluids is over....increased my workouts and now back to mushies. Excited!!

  11. So, I went out to eat for lunch today and focused on protein, but I did eat some chips and salsa. For dinner, I am juicing: 3/4 cup fruit, 1/2 cup spinach leaves, 1/2 cup unsweet almond milk, water and ice. It all comes up to about 75 Calories. I believe you can still enjoy eating out, but you have to sacrifice in other areas. Smarter choices meet goals! :)

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    Port swelling

    I will definitely call soon. Keep a close eye throughout the rest of the weekend, but call first thing Monday just to make sure. It should not swell anymore than it already is.
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    I have not noticed a difference, but drinking more water is more benficial in the long run. If I crave something sweet, sometimes I mix water with a sugar-free hawaiaan punch packet or crystal light.
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    So hungry

    I was on liquids about 2 weeks ago because my band tightened on its own due to stress and I decided to get creative with the liquid diet. One day I bought some won ton soup from Pei Wei and blended it in my vitamixer, it was amazing. Also, look up some low-calorie smoothie recipes. Coffee helps too, the caffeine curbs your appetite. I also worked with unsweet almond milk, low fat soymilk and unsweet coconut milk for smoothies as well. Remember, a lot of what you are feeing is mental, you just went through a big change and your body is barely adjusting. Stay positive, focused and busy but also remember that you are changing your lifestlye so even though you will eat differently, the same habits will still want to take over. I know you will do great!
  15. Today went great, I stayed within my calorie goal, focused on protein, the only thing missing was exercise. I will definetly get caught up on that this weekend!

  16. Today went great, I stayed within my calorie goal, focused on protein, the only thing missing was exercise. I will definetly get caught up on that this weekend!

  17. I am doing Field Work with my students, wake up at 4AM and I am up past 10PM. Staying under 1200 Calories is getting harder.....Especially since my band is reacting to stress....Anyone else going through something similiar?

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    Best Friend's Birthday Night

    From the album: Progress....

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    Cupid 5K Pub Run

    From the album: Progress....

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    Girl's Bday Night

    From the album: Progress....

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    BFF and I

    From the album: Progress....

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