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    BrownDoesAll got a reaction from yecats in What The Heck Is Going On? I Want To Eat Everything In Sight...   
    We've all been there. If your really physically hungry increase your protein and drink more. I find if I'm sipping something I like to drink i'm not hungry. if your emotionally "head hungry" then get rid of the carb chips, and find snacks low or with zero carbs. might not be the best thing but I eat porkrinds. They are a great crunch and zero carbs. I sometimes dip them in cream cheese, or dip made from greek yogart, or laughing cow cheese. Head hungry is hard to manage if you don't recognize it and try to change the habits. Good luck!!
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    BrownDoesAll got a reaction from kljbd in Support   
    Its not a secret, I'm proud of the decison I've made to get my weight and health under control. However,, there are some that see this surgery as the easy way out and will have negative comments. There are some that will say "you don't need that just excersise and cut back on your food intake" . its easy for others to give comments
    My suggestion is to only tell those that need to know.. Tell those that you will need support from while in the hospital and during the first 3 weeks of recovery. You can tell others as you move forward. It might be easier on some to know after its done.. then they can't try to talk you out of it, or worry about you during recovery.
    Good luck. I'm about 9 weeks out and feeling really good. I have zero regrets. However, be prepared for the first few weeks to be rough. I cried from the weakness and length of strengh I had even through week 3. Now I'm on vitamins, getting in the right amount of protien, leaving out the carbs, drinking the right amount of water and feeling good and satisfied.
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    BrownDoesAll got a reaction from Lisa Marie Humberson in Emotions (8 Days Post Op)   
    Hi Erica,
    I also prayed with you, for you, for me, and others that are going through what we go through daily. Lord please continue to bless us as we move through the daily challenges of life. Please continue to place in our hearts the joy and love your grace and mercy brings. We are all flawed and will fall sometimes, but I have faith that you are always there to pick us up, and dust of off. Thank you Lord for giving us a new day to be the people we know we can be.
    Keep on keeping on!!
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    BrownDoesAll got a reaction from Who's That Girl in Loosing Hope   
    So sorry to hear the frustration. When you know something is right for you and obstacles are placed in your way at every turn.. IT's HARD!! I have added you to my growing prayer list. What God has for you no man can stand in the way. Please hang tough. It took me a very long time from point of decision to point of surgery took almost a year. Be prepared.. when it goes to your insureance they may ask for a 6 month diet schedule. Your bariatric doc should have had you on that to begin with.. just in case the insurance asked for it. This site is positive and supportive so you've found one good thing in your journey. Hang in there!!
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    BrownDoesAll got a reaction from wantobeskinny in Will This Liquid Diet Ever End? :/   
    I had the same experience. During my pre-op diet I ate at least a very small portion of protien and still lost the weight my doc needed me to lose. Do not go crazy stay away from the things that got you here, sweets and carbs. But get ready for several months of this.. The Post Op diet is not any better until your stomach heals.. Hang in there your moving into a life style change that takes time to adjust.

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