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  1. scshell

    June sleevers, check-in!

    I have just about the sane numbers! Congratulations! And keep it up!
  2. scshell

    June sleevers, check-in!

    I'm one month on July 17. Already down 30 since I started liquids and surgery included. Only 2 weeks right now but I'm feeling good!
  3. scshell

    I did it!

    I got home yesterday from my surgery I'm pretty drowsy but I'm getting in the fluids. Ready fir my new journey!
  4. scshell

    I did it!

    Today I had a dr appt and I'm down total of 30 since may 17!! I'm so stoked now!!!
  5. scshell

    Scared! Tomorrow is surgery!

    My surgery is Tuesday!! So nervous and excited! Can't wait to get to the other side!
  6. Today is two weeks until I have my surgery I'm very excited but I'm nervous and scared at the same time. I'm on my liquid diet for right now but today I strayed and I feel horrible about it but I know that I can start all over again tomorrow and do the right thing I am proud of myself as someone left me a bag of M&Ms on my desk at work and I didn't eat them!!! I had my band put in February 2007 and I did well in the beginning but it has brought me nothing but pain the past years I can't wait to start a new journey!
  7. scshell

    On my way!

    Had my EGD Friday and everything looked good. Surgery date June 17 and I'm getting excited!!! Can't wait until I start in the losing side!!
  8. I too will be a band to sleeve! My surgery date is June 17! I am ecstatic! Keep us posted with your progress.
  9. That's awesome! Be proud of yourself!
  10. scshell

    3 month post op with pictures!

    Amazing! You look awesome! I know you feel better too! I hope yo have a date for my surgery soon! Keep it up!
  11. scshell

    Bye bye band

    I'm having my band removed too. I had so many complications and changed surgeons last year. I can't wait to start my new life! I look forward to the forums and inspiration and success stories!

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