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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to SleeveShelly in What? I Have Hip Bones?   
    I was laying in bed this morning on my side and I had an itch, I scratched it and I FELT MY HIP BONE!!!! I don't remember feeling that since like elementary!! Woohoo!!!
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to Darla5060 in 17 Days Post Op And I'm So Tired!   
    Hi there,
    I didn't stop feeling tired until about six weeks...until then, I just got as much sleep as I could. How much Protein is there in the Slim Fast's? If you can, try having two Premier's a day for a total of 60 grams of Protein. You had pretty major surgery, so don't get too down on yourself...hang in there, I promise it gets better!!!!!
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to almost skinny girl in Question Everyone?   
    I miss a few things.... popcorn at the movies, milk and Cereal together, and Mac and cheese . But losing weight is more important then food!
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to italianlady13 in How Soon Did You Try Guacamole, Salsa, Hot Cheetos, Doritos? Sorry I Just Had Surgery On Tuesday And Omg :o Im Addicted To All Of That.   
    I don't agree with this comment AT ALL. You can still eat those things but moderately. If those are your treats then those are your TREATS. You can't stay away from food that you love for the rest of your life, it's just not possible and an unrealistic expectation. You can still have Doritos, spicy cheetos etc just not every day and not in large quantity. I would say once a month for a treat is a good expectation. I can't really handle spicy cheetos to be honest and you will be surprised how much your taste buds change after your out for a bit longer. Those foods you used to love you will find you don't love anymore and those foods that you found you didn't like before you might like now....it's very strange. I began craving greek salad with grilled chicken and sliced avocado for like six months after surgery....but never craved my normal go tos and still don't....
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to kamrie37 in How Soon Did You Try Guacamole, Salsa, Hot Cheetos, Doritos? Sorry I Just Had Surgery On Tuesday And Omg :o Im Addicted To All Of That.   
    The Tapitio was fine. I put it in my chicken broth and it tasted really good! Today, my hubby and I took a trip to the mountains to go for a walk around the lake. I was starving after my walk and it was lunchtime so we went to Taco Bell. I got a side of refried Beans. I asked for 2 packets of sauce and squirted that on it and ate up. My tummy didn't protest.
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to jena21177 in 1 Week Post-Op   
    I am 7 days out and can have creamy Soups. I found a weight watchers recipe for low fat cream of potato Soup with low fat sour cream. I left out the bacon and puréed it really good. I was able to have four small spoonfuls and it stopped my craving.
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to Jlewis229 in 1 Week Post-Op   
    I can imagine the craving of Mashsed Potatoes and Gravy, especially from KFC Bc they are the BEST! But please stick to Dr's orders!!! Don't mess up your sleeve and maybe have an emergency surgery bc you blew out a staple over some mashed potatoes!
    Good luck!
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to Looking Ahead in 1 Week Post-Op   
    I had the same crzvings for mashed potatoes n gravy. It seems like that is one of most wanted after surgery. I had my husband get me some 4 says out. One taste was all I could handle and the craving stopped. It was mire like two spoon lick tests. Lol. Like u were feeding a baby kitten. Ready for 'normal' foods.
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to ShannonK in Sleeved July 2Nd - My Story   
    So - surgery was MOnday, had to be at the hospital at 8:30 and surgery was to be a 12:00. Hubby and I went to my room and I got into my gown and footies. I still had a cough left over from my pneumonia, so I had to have another chest x-ray and a breathing treatment. 12:00 comes and goes and I don't get taken to the pre-op room until 1:30. Now keep in mind, I am totally freaking out now. Since my original surgery date (june 5th) didn't work out because of me getting sick, I started thinking maybe it was a sign that I shouldn't do it. Then I read an update on here of someone living their moment of regret at day 6! What was I doing!!!!! Couldn't I just lose the weight on my own? This is crazy!
    I asked for some type of drug to help my anxiety - nothing! I was freaking out!
    They take me back, hubby is left in waiting room, I get a shot of heparin in my belly, a scopaline patch for nausea behind my ear, and they start my IV in the meat of my forearm!!!! Never had one there before! They take me to the OR, I scoot over onto the operating table...I am thinking 'NO NO NO" and they put the mask on me and I am out.
    I wake up feeling nauseous. The pain wasn't bad, just sore - and they gave me meds for the nausea....it helped after a bit. I believe surgery and time in recovery was about 3 1/2 hours. So I was back in my room around 5:00. I started on some ice chips because I was so thirsty. I had a morphine pain pump, no drains, no stitches......
    I got up to pee and walk at about 7pm. I walked about every 2 hours (because I had to get up and pee). I only drank Water or ate ice chips in very small amounts. The hospital food (broth, sorbet, tea) went untouched. Then they cut me off of all water/ ice ships at midnight so I could do the swallow test the next morning at 8:00.
    Warning: The crap you swallow for the test is the devil's elixir! I had to swallow 3 BIG swallows of the nasty bitter crap, turn 4 different ways, then lay on the table as they tilt you back so your head in lower than your feet- and I understand why they do that - but the nausea was the worst after that. That was the worst part of the whole procedure. Terrrible - but glad I did it to check for leaks. At this time, they tried giving me anti - nausea meds by IV, but my vein blew out and it hurt like hell! They wanted to poke me again - but I figured I was going to be discharged in a few hours, and I was drinking fluids, so I politely declined getting poked again!!
    I am at home now...did sleep in the recliner and take a pain pill last night. I took prilosec this morning (I was supposed to get Nexium - but my insurance wouldn't cover it and it was going to be $156.00!!) and had to do some disgusting and painful deep coughing this morning. Still had some nausea up until around 11:00am, now it is a brief feeling that comes and goes. I am drinking my Water and have enjoyed the unjury chicken Soup (4 oz each time) twice now. My hubby also brought me some G2 grape gatorade on ice to enjoy. My tummy is growling and grumbling a little bit....but not too uncomfortable.
    I haven't pooped yet - last solid meal was Saturday.....just can't wait for that!! I also haven't chewed up my Vitamins yet - might start in those tomorrow.
    All in all - it was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I am glad (as of now) that I am through it and I feel like my new sleeved tummy and I are going to have to get to know each other. I am down about 5 pounds and my belly is still puffy and swollen.
    I hope Ii have put in all the details.....feel free to ask me if I forgot something......
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to Star1221 in Pre Op Diet Questions?   
    I never cheated. I was scared they could tell and not do the surgery or my liver wouldn't shrink. But the weight loss during it... Fantastic. 20 pounds for me
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    The New Ms. Perry reacted to Ms skinniness in Yeah Aproved!   
    You will do great! Remember, we really don't need as much food as we were eating before this surgery and your health will improve 10 fold! CONGRATS! I live my chocolate Premier High Protein shakes! Can't wait for you to Rock your sleeve!