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  1. Have reached Onederland...holy holy wow!!!!!!!!!

  2. EmSchrams

    Come On You Guys Post A New Pic!

    The left is December, a week after surgery, and the right is this past Sunday in a freaking size 12 structured dress from H&M!!
  3. EmSchrams

    Half A Sandwich?

    Sandwiches have been my saving grace...on baby tummy, and my wallet (because let's be real: that sandwich is two meals!) I find myself now though making sure I get the protein and then if I eat some of the bread, great! If not, no big dice either. I treated myself to a half of a half of a whole wheat everything bagel today though with my tuna salad...and let me tell you it was like ANGELS going off on my taste buds. But now, that half of a half is something to rejoice over...instead of eating a whole one with cream cheese...and possibly thinking of a second one. Thank you sleeve!
  4. EmSchrams

    Protein Bars

    Power Crunch in Cookies and Cream...sooooo good!
  5. Greek yogurt for breakfast. For mini meals, a protein bar, low fat chicken salad, and a protein shake. I WILL get all my protein in today dang it!!

  6. EmSchrams

    Comparsion Pics

    You look incredible...and that little boy is just freaking adorable! Congrats and keep up the amazing work!
  7. EmSchrams

    Lady Nsv- May Be Tmi Lol

    I am so happy to hear that I wasn't the only one doing the happy dance in the shower when I realized that I could see everything too!
  8. EmSchrams


    For me, that 1 pice of pizza now is heaven, and I treat myself and really savor it...but it took almost 5 months to be able to do that, and I had some of those same feelings. Each day I feel like more and more foods sit better ( I had the WORST time with fruit). it will end up feeling like a blessing eventually...I can only have 1 pice of pizza, savor it, and still get to buy smaller clothes
  9. I got my first (and probably only) tattoo of my surgery date!! As I told my mom, I feel like it was the day I came alive, and I want something I can look down and see right in front of me always that symbolizes everyday it took me to get there, and how amazing every day after has been!
  10. Thank you everyone! I am so happy we are all in this together, and support each other . YES! It did hurt! I was totally lied to by my firends haha so I wouldn't chicken out, but it absolutely did! Luckily my little brother was there with me (his best friend is the tattoo artist) supplying a ton of jokes, a hand to hold, and a tequila shot beforehand!
  11. Ran my first 5K this pat weekend...who the heck would have ever thought!!

  12. The gummy multi vitamins from Costco!!! They work amazing, and no nausea at all. I was throwing all of the bariatric brands right up...it was awful. My surgeon suggested them without realizing I had already gotten them!!
  13. At my biggest I was about a 44 B/C, so big band size, rather small boobs to begin with. And they have gotten much much smaller very quickly. I am down about 87 pounds since my surgery in December, and I joke with people that 20 of that was my boobs. I am down to wearing a 38/40 B and the B cup is almost getting big. One of my male friends actually inducted me into the itty bitty titty club the other day. Womp Womp
  14. These are some seriously beautiful and inspiring words!!! Congrats on the amazing job you have done so far, and will continue to do!!!
  15. EmSchrams


    Yesterday I went shopping at Target and decided to try on some clothes just for the heck of it. Well I grabbed all plus sizes since the brands there run small and I never thought after only a few months I would be in non plus sizes. Well well. All of the 1x stuff looked too baggy, and since everything rapidly gets bigger on me now, there was no way. I ended up buying a adorable dress and an amazing skirt...BOTH sized XL. First time that's happened since High School. Danced the whole way home
  16. EmSchrams


    Thank you all so much for the kind words and encouragement! You guys all inspire me everyday!!!!
  17. EmSchrams

    Alcohol Post Op

    I am almost 3 months out, and I have had alcohol on two separate occasions, and have come out pretty ok. My surgeon said I could have a drink once and awhile, as long as it was not a regular thing. This first drink was at a Super Bowl party this year, and I had one single drink over the course of 4 hours, with plenty of water. The second was a night out at my best friend and I's favorite bar, and I had three cranberry and vodka's over the course of about 5 hours...however I literally had 6 pint glasses of water while drinking those, and danced the whole time. While I don't see this as something I wil do frequently, it is nice to know that I won't stick out in social situations
  18. Hey everyone! I just wanted to post some pics...was a bit nervous to do so, but why not! The first ones on each photo were a week after surgery, and the last ones were all taken late last week. I have had to reconcile with the scale going down slower while the inches flying off due to all the working out. It is hard to keep it in perspective when you don't see a significant number of pounds lost each time...but looking at these def help! Happy Wednesday to all of you!!
  19. Everyday my co-workers ask where I am dissapearing to...gotta say that feels nice coming from people who see me 5 days a week :)

  20. EmSchrams

    Please Help!

    I am only 4 weeks post op, but I will tell you, the head hunger games are crazy! I live i NYC, so when I am out for my walks, or heck walking to the gym even, I pass by least 3 pizza places, 2 cupcake shops, and Lord knows how many restaurants. I also work in a place where there is a good mix of healthy and sugary treats, but of course the sugary ones always look better I stole this phrase from a book, but I use it about 1,000 times during the day, and I just keep on walking, or I keep on looking at my computer and I don't pay attention: "This is not about food, it is about my health. I can do this" Repeat as necessary...which for me is sometimes a lot! Feel free to use it, and good luck, you will do amazing!!
  21. I am just about 4 weeks post, and I just started going to the gym on Saturday, but I have been steadily walking 2.5-4 miles at least 6 times a week for about 3 weeks now. I am taking a wonderful Water cardio and weights class in the pool at my gym Mon, Wed, and Sat, and Ballet on Thurs. (I'm in musical theatre so I need to get my core back!!!) On Tues and Fri I am walking 3-5 miles, and giving myself Sunday off...but I eventually want to replace the walking with Zumba classes in a month or so!
  22. Everything everyone said above is absolutely correct, and I just want to add one: comfy slippers or slipper socks to keep your toes warm! It is pretty common post op to be cold all the time (I write this from my desk at work in 4 layers and a puffy coat haha), and what got me through the first few days was def keeping my feet warm!! Good luck, and you will do amazing!1
  23. EmSchrams

    Tomorrow Is A New Year... & 3wks Post-op

    Almost 4 weeks out myself, and I hit a stall for a moment too! I lost 2 pounds over the last week or so, but I finally got cleared to start the gym this week...walking a few miles each day was just not cutting it anymore mentally! ha. I think I am guilty of not getting enough protein, but I have improved on this this week a lot! We just have to keep going and cheer each other on during the stalls...we will see the scale drop again soon! Good luck with everything, and I am sending good juju your way for the job hunt!!!
  24. EmSchrams

    I'm Always Cold!

    I am always cold too now! My office mates have actually started betting each other on how long I last before I put my winter jacket back on and huddle at my desk...I try to get up and do some waist twists, or dance around for a few seconds, but nothing works!! At home I usually can be found with fleece pants, a long sleeve shirt, a hoodie, bootie slippers, and of course a scarf. Madness I tell you!!!

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