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    I know exactly how it feels to have everyone in your family totally against your decision to have this surgery. My husband had even made a comment that I would be doing this by myself with no help from him. Well now I am 2 weeks out from my surgery and the tone has changed. I did not argue with my husband or my family prior to surgery I simply listened to what they all had to say and let them know after each discussion that I loved them and I felt like this was right for me. I planned to do everything by myself so I prepared my meals after surgery and placed them in the freezer and made arrangements to have someone take me and pick me up from the hospital the day of surgery. About a week before surgery I started to see a change in attitude. My family was watching me obey the liquid diet to a T and realizing that this was not a miracle surgery. I was working hard up to surgery and not faulting any of them for their opinions. Now they are all on board and proud of me for working so hard and continuing to change my life on a daily basis. I think the fact that I was never argumentative and just silently determined and focused turned them around. My husband did take me to the hospital and even stayed with me while I was there to help. Since we have come home he has tempted me repeatedly to cheat with food I am not allowed to have but he has not said anything but positive things about the surgery and how I am doing. I say all this to let you know some of the biggest naysayers do become suporters with silent determination and prayer. You have to decide that you are doing this for yourself and stay determined. I will be praying for you and your husband.

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