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  1. goldenraisin214

    9 Months Progress Photo/-172 LBS

    Congratulations--you look fantastic--and so happy!
  2. I second the oil suggestion--I've used castor oil.
  3. Hi all, I promised I would post when I reached 12 months out, so here it is...I started out at 240 (highest) and lost 4lbs on the pre op diet. My last weigh in was 169, for a total loss of 71 pounds in a year. I'm very happy with that, and the last few months have been slower in terms of loss, but it's still coming off, so I can't really complain. My birthday was on 2/14 and my husband surprised me with a birthday/valentine's day/belated honeymoon (we got married in 2009) trip to Kauai this past week, and I gained about 3.5lbs, but it was worth it! I'm already back on track with my eating and working out, so I'm sure that vacation weight will be gone in no time. My ultimate goal is to get down to 140, but I'm starting to wonder if that's realistic...I'm attaching a few pics for your enjoyment --thanks for reading!
  4. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks, guys! I'm finishing TurboFire on Sunday, and I know I was supposed to take more pics last month, but of course, I never got around to it. But this time, I'm really gonna do it! I'm planning to send my before and after (for the 3 months of TurboFire) in to Beachbody for a free tank top, so I have to take pictures for that. Anyway, thanks again for the support and compliments--glad I could provide some inspiration for pre-op/newbies. Oh, and for the person who asked, I think my ticker is up to date, but I've lost about 70 pounds. My goal is to lose 100, but considering how much my loss has slowed, even with working out 6 days/week, my body may not want to let go of 30 more pounds--we shall see!
  5. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some pics, cuz we all love it when others share pics! . This is my first time sharing photos, aside from my avatar. I'm 9 months out of surgery as of yesterday, and initially, I was having my hubby take pictures every month. I kinda fell off over the summer, but finally remembered to have him snap a few this morning. I cried a little when I put the 'before' and 'after' side by side. I was self pay, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Rejoicing over here!! Woot! p.s. not sure if I'm doing this right, so hopefully there are pictures here!
  6. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks Pepper Paul. Same here, I have 7, and they all look the same for now--I was a bit worried about what would happen with the big one in the picture, but maybe I was lucky they're not on really "stretchy" parts (foot, ankle, neck, upper and lower back, wrist). Or maybe skin is more resilient than we give it credit for!
  7. goldenraisin214

    50 Lbs Lost --A Few Pics

    You look great--keep it up!
  8. goldenraisin214

    Looking For A Friend/mentor In Kentucky

    I was sleeved by Dr. Weiss back in February, and I've lost just over 60 lbs so far...i was hoping for more loss at this point, but I'm hoping that part of it is that I've lost over half of what I wanted so it's slowing down. I just started noticing some hair loss about a week ago, so I guess I should be happy it's taken this long to start falling out!
  9. goldenraisin214

    Post Op Pain Killer

    I was also given liquid lortab to take at home and it worked fine to manage my pain. About the hugging--like someone else said, they may notice you carrying yourself differently if nothing else--I honestly can't remember if hugging hurt, but I do remember it being somewhat painful to lie on my stomach--not unbearably so, but I went ahead and slept on my stomach/back. Hope this helps.
  10. goldenraisin214

    Vomiting Blood

    No, this is not normal. Please call your surgeon, or go to the ER. Hope things get better.
  11. goldenraisin214

    When Can We Eat Green Salads

    I'm about 4.5 months out and I recently started trying salad greens. It went down fine--it's not really that they disagree with me, it's more that with having to prioritize protein, I rarely have room for "extras" like that. But I missed the taste of salad, so I had some. Same rules apply--chew really well, pause between bites to help gauge when you've had enough...hope this helps.
  12. goldenraisin214


    Hi cudlyqt-- I think the answer to your question depends on the time frame you're talking about. I told the nurse/anesthesiologist that I tended to get motion sickness/nausea and they put that little sticker behind my ear before surgery--that pretty much kept me nausea free while in the hospital (I think it was good for 3 days). I did have one episode of dry heaving/retching in the hospital, but oddly enough, I don't remember being nauseous at that time...in terms of further down the road, I am just over 4 months post-op. Plain water still makes me nauseous at times and I get queasy occasionally for no reason, but it doesn't last long and I usually have some juice or a cracker to calm my tummy. It varies of course person to person, but overall I would say it hasn't been bad at all--totally bearable. I'm sure others will chime in with their experiences as well...Hope this helps, and good luck with your surgery!
  13. goldenraisin214

    Yay! (3 Months, 40 Lbs Down)

    I hope you're right--those couple of lbs will probably fall off now that you're back on your regular schedule...I'll check in with you soon--good luck!
  14. goldenraisin214

    Yay! (3 Months, 40 Lbs Down)

    So how was the weekend? Hope you had a good time and didn't worry too much about the scale while you were there 197.6 this morning--hopefully that means that even if it does bounce a bit it will stay under 200! *fingers crossed*
  15. I had polish on my toes for my myomectomy and for my VSG. No problems--I was told not to have polish on my fingers for the same reason others have cited.
  16. goldenraisin214

    Yay! (3 Months, 40 Lbs Down)

    Thanks for all the encouragement...this morning it was down to 200.4. I tried not to check on it today, but I HAD to!
  17. goldenraisin214

    Yay! (3 Months, 40 Lbs Down)

    Thanks, janerose. I hope we both get there, too...I've been really good at only weighing in once per week, but now I feel compelled to weigh in daily until I see what I want!
  18. goldenraisin214

    Hbo Documentary

    Thanks so much for posting this!
  19. goldenraisin214

    Yay! (3 Months, 40 Lbs Down)

    Thanks, Kimmy--we have the same surgery date too! Keep it up, you're more than halfway there!
  20. goldenraisin214

    7 Week Gain?!

    I'm 7 weeks out as of today, and last week the scale didn't move. I thought, ok, this is just the stall everyone talks about, it'll be fine. But this morning, I get on the scale and it's UP 0.8lbs!! I know this isn't a lot, but if it had gone down that much, I'd be happy, so I am equally upset about the gain. I started some weight training last week and am wondering if I'm retaining water from the swelling (I know I haven't actually gained any muscle yet). Making matters worse is the fact that previously when I've dieted, I've gotten around the weight I am now and stalled or started regaining, so part of me feels like it's happening again. *SIGH* I'm just wanting some feedback; hopefully others have had this happen and can provide some insight--I am not a happy camper today!
  21. goldenraisin214

    Lose And Loose Are Two Completely Different Words

    What Dooter said (American) Engish is notoriously difficult and often makes no logical sense, so non-native speakers get a pass
  22. goldenraisin214

    Why Are We So Impatient?

    ...because you've (we've) wanted it so badly for so long, and you're SO CLOSE! Others may disagree, but I would suggest leaving the scale alone for a few (a couple?) of days, or even a week if you can manage--at the very least it'll increase your chances of seeing 199 (or less!) when you do weigh yourself again...sending you calming, sane vibes
  23. I tried that 42g protein shot before surgery and it was the WORST! Tasted like cough medicine...My surgeon said we can only absorb about 25 g at a time anyway, so I switched to a 24 or 26g version that isn't quite as bad. I'm 25 days out now, and am finding that I'm afraid to eat. I feel pretty good, but it's hard to really know when I'm full, so I often end up eating less than I probably could. Having trouble getting the 70g of protein without those little shots since I'm not eating meat yet, but once I can get some fish in (next week), I should probably be fine. Some trouble with liquids too, but I attribute a lot of that to having to wait an hour after I eat to drink--there just aren't enough hours in the day! Glad to hear others are doing well!
  24. goldenraisin214

    Jacket Nsv!

    Ok, so I have this lightweight jacket (kind of like a cross between a trench and a peacoat) that I love and have been wearing for a couple of years. Ihe problem is that the sleeves are a bit tight up top and prior to surgery, they would cut into the top part of my arm--near the armpit, sometimes to the point I had to take the jacket off. I was even considering pulling some of the seam out of the armpit to make it more comfortable. Well yesterday I wore the jacket, and I got all the way to work before I realized that my arms weren't hurting! I was totally comfortable, even with a long sleeved shirt underneath! I wore it again today with a long sleeved shirt plus a light sweater, and while it was a smidge tighter--still no pain! YAY! I'm only 3 weeks out and have lost about 20lbs (including 4 pre-op), but this was a nice treat for me to feel better in clothes that have previously made me suffer. Woop-woop!
  25. goldenraisin214

    Jacket Nsv!

    Thanks, guys! I'll be sure to post when the jacket goes to the Goodwill!

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