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  1. You look beautiful, and so happy!
  2. goldenraisin214

    My dress this morning for church!!! Size 18 dress

    You look so pretty--congratulations!
  3. goldenraisin214

    9 Months Progress Photo/-172 LBS

    Congratulations--you look fantastic--and so happy!
  4. I second the oil suggestion--I've used castor oil.
  5. goldenraisin214

    123 lbs loss

    Hooray! Congratulations, you look great!
  6. Hi all, I promised I would post when I reached 12 months out, so here it is...I started out at 240 (highest) and lost 4lbs on the pre op diet. My last weigh in was 169, for a total loss of 71 pounds in a year. I'm very happy with that, and the last few months have been slower in terms of loss, but it's still coming off, so I can't really complain. My birthday was on 2/14 and my husband surprised me with a birthday/valentine's day/belated honeymoon (we got married in 2009) trip to Kauai this past week, and I gained about 3.5lbs, but it was worth it! I'm already back on track with my eating and working out, so I'm sure that vacation weight will be gone in no time. My ultimate goal is to get down to 140, but I'm starting to wonder if that's realistic...I'm attaching a few pics for your enjoyment --thanks for reading!
  7. goldenraisin214

    One year, 71 pounds down

    Thanks, Blessedtobeme!
  8. goldenraisin214

    One year, 71 pounds down

    Thanks guys! I love all the support I get from this site :wub:
  9. goldenraisin214

    Milk Duds got the better of me!

    I agree with OTR. First of all, I know the sea salt/almond bars you're talking about, and they are YUM! I've fortunately been able to limit myself to 2 squares at a time, but I know the feeling of not being able to deal with certain foods in the house. I've thrown away perfectly good homemade mac & cheese to keep from eating it every.single.day. It may not seem like it at the time, but it is a lot easier to say "no" at the store than to try and avoid something you (or a loved one) has already purchased and put in front of you. Slips happen, life happens, but now that you know, you have to be aware next time and not bring them home with you. You may get to the point in the future where you can buy those "fun size" Halloween packs and just eat one pack (maybe 5 milk duds) vs. a whole full sized box. It's a process. Some foods you will be able to modify, others you may have to say goodbye to--but what's done is done, now you know--take the lesson and keep moving forward--you can do this. Good luck!
  10. Hey guys, Just wanted to share some pics, cuz we all love it when others share pics! . This is my first time sharing photos, aside from my avatar. I'm 9 months out of surgery as of yesterday, and initially, I was having my hubby take pictures every month. I kinda fell off over the summer, but finally remembered to have him snap a few this morning. I cried a little when I put the 'before' and 'after' side by side. I was self pay, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Rejoicing over here!! Woot! p.s. not sure if I'm doing this right, so hopefully there are pictures here!
  11. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks, guys! I'm finishing TurboFire on Sunday, and I know I was supposed to take more pics last month, but of course, I never got around to it. But this time, I'm really gonna do it! I'm planning to send my before and after (for the 3 months of TurboFire) in to Beachbody for a free tank top, so I have to take pictures for that. Anyway, thanks again for the support and compliments--glad I could provide some inspiration for pre-op/newbies. Oh, and for the person who asked, I think my ticker is up to date, but I've lost about 70 pounds. My goal is to lose 100, but considering how much my loss has slowed, even with working out 6 days/week, my body may not want to let go of 30 more pounds--we shall see!
  12. goldenraisin214

    5 Months Post-Op Before & After Pics

    You look fantastic--love that dress too! Congratulations!
  13. goldenraisin214

    My surgery was two years ago

    Thanks for the update--really glad to hear that things have gone so well for you--I hope to be able to say the same when I'm 2 years out (11 months out now).
  14. goldenraisin214

    100lbs GONE!

    You look fabulous! Congratulations--keep on keepin' on!
  15. goldenraisin214

    When is the right time to try?

    I was told 12-18 months by my doc's office, so that puts me somewhere between this February and August--which kind of works out perfectly for us...good luck!
  16. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks Pepper Paul. Same here, I have 7, and they all look the same for now--I was a bit worried about what would happen with the big one in the picture, but maybe I was lucky they're not on really "stretchy" parts (foot, ankle, neck, upper and lower back, wrist). Or maybe skin is more resilient than we give it credit for!
  17. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks again, everyone! I'm on my last week of month 2 of TurboFire, and if I remember, I may take more progress pics. I don't think I've lost very much, but I suspect I'll see some progress in inches lost. Now if I could just stay away from soft, smooth, terrible things like cheesecake and ice cream, I'd be in business! Though there's usually only one week during the month when I find these things irresistible
  18. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Aw--so sweet--you flatter me! :wub:
  19. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks! I started at 240--about 173 now--I want to get down to 140, but it is very slow going. I lost 4.8lbs during the first month of Turbofire, and lost about 4.5 inches all over my body. I do have some loose skin, mostly in my thighs--a little in my upper arms and tummy, but it's not too bad, especially considering that I don't intend to ever walk around in public with all my parts out anyway
  20. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    "Kudos" was just a reference to all of the supportive things others were posting. Turbo Fire is a pretty intense work out program--part of the Beachbody series. They have a website, and lots of other programs to choose from.
  21. goldenraisin214

    9 Month Pics! (My First Time Sharing Photos)

    Thanks guys! You're keeping me motivated with all the kudos...just finished my first month of Turbo Fire, and I managed to do it without skipping a day I don't think I've ever been able to workout 6 days a week for a whole month--feels pretty darn good!
  22. I find that I don't really like the consistency of a milkshake or smoothie (healthy or indulgent) anymore...weird, because I've had ice cream and been fine (can only eat a little before it starts to sit "funny" though) I think it's the frothyness that kinda grosses me out now...other than that, I stay away from most bread because it's just so fluffy and takes up much-needed protein space A little toast or a multigrain cracker or melba toast is fine. I don't miss big hamburger buns or breadsticks. I agree with others that chewing is a big factor and something I have to make sure I'm aware of, especially with meats.
  23. goldenraisin214

    Goal Weight Today!

    YAAAAAAAAY YOU! Congratulations on reaching your goal--right on the nose, too! I agree that you should first take some time to bask in the glow of what you've accomplished. I've also heard that some people do lose more than they'd initially planned, but that at some point, their weight will "bounce" back up to closer to their goal. I can't speak on it personally since I haven't reached my goal yet, but I'm sure others will chime in...
  24. goldenraisin214

    Thanksgiving Day Challenge

    My goal was 169, but I only made it to 173. It's all good though--I started a new workout program (Turbo Fire) two weeks ago on Sunday, and have already lost 4 lbs since then. Onward and upward! Sent from my iPad using VST

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