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  1. I had an appointment with my gynecologist where she discussed the risk factors with fertility-related cancers ( which run in my family) and she used the words "morbidly obese" in relation to me. She basically said that my weight greatly affected the chances of me going the same way. She was quite straightforward and unflinching as well as being entirely professional. It was a sobering wake- up call for me and I've never looked back. Sent from my iPad using VST
  2. You look fab but you are obviously young with lovely springy skin. I'm a darn sight older and my WL has meant I have a "wattle" neck, my naso- labial folds ( the lines running from edge of nose to edge of mouth) are WAY droopier, and even my eyelids seem saggier. My older and less collagen and youthful- plumping- goodies skin will not snap back anywhere near as well as yours has sadly. That said, I would not trade this for my old bum and jiggly bits in a million years! Sent from my iPad using VST
  3. Wonderful weight loss! Thanks for posting pics of your op- helps us who want to do the same to put it all in context. Please keep us posted and BEST of luck healing . Sent from my iPad using VST
  4. Smoggy

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess I've had chocolate quite a few times, usually a PMT backlash. I confess that when a couple of male colleagues have complimented me and flirted I have been covered in confusion- it's been so long since a member of the opposite sex has shown interest that I'm totally bewildered by it. I confess that the "this may be inappropriate etc " thread makes me laugh out loud, mainly because I have cobwebs where others don't lol. I confess that watching people pig out makes me nauseous. I confess I had no idea that losing this much weight would be such an emotional journey. I confess that I like being able to step out in my new stilettos. Sent from my iPad using VST
  5. Not the Middle East... Sent from my iPad using VST
  6. Smoggy

    Middle East

    How are all the Middle East sleevers doing? I'm happy to say my weight is still dropping slowly but steadily, am down 24kgs now. My main problem now is the darn hair loss has started- I feel like I'm shedding like a dog. Aaaargh! Sent from my iPad using VST
  7. Smoggy

    Book Club (Inspirational Weight Loss Fiction)

    These sound great! Thanks! Sent from my iPad using VST
  8. Hi there- been awhile! I am winning at some things and failing miserably at others. I've lost 48 lbs since surgery though which is great and I'm just about managing to eat properly even with the stresses of work and weird eating times.I've been sick a few times from eating too fast though which was horrible and I have to learn to make people leave me alone for that small time I have at lunch. Lots of work folks have commented on my WL and people are asking me how I'm doing it. Unfortunately my exercise routine has dwindled to nothing- I leave for work at 6.20 am and get back at 5pm most days and then I normally have to spend time doing paperwork until about 7pm. I am just SHATTERED. I need to find a solution to this as it worries me a lot.Weekends are not much better at the moment. Not good. I have drunk some red wine on two occasions and didn't have too bad a reaction, however I was very moderate with it. I have had to get some new clothes as my bottom half is now a UK size 16 and top half an 18 - I am going to buy cheap supermarket clothes when I fit into them so I don't spend too much on the downward journey. I am still struggling to get all of my water in and with my high protein diet, constipation is an issue. Next month I will resume my psychologist meetings, she is so booked up it has been a real trial getting appointments. I have much to discuss, I feel quite depressed at times now that the "food crutch" has gone and this is not really like me at all. Subsequently work issues are really getting to me and I'm struggling a lot with being overwhelmed. Back to the drawing board!
  9. Smoggy

    Weight Loss Simulator

    This is fun! Thanks
  10. Smoggy

    Jlewis/ Jonathan

    He's doing well and messaged me this morning- he is 5 days out and had some issues with low blood sugar but sorted that out with a little thinned applesauce. He says otherwise he is feeling good! YAY for Jonathan!
  11. My VSG wa done with three incisions and my belly button incision is the one that healed fastest with the most invisible tiny scar.
  12. Smoggy

    Quwstions On Puree Food

    Fage Greek yogurt is great for this stage - I add Splenda and vanilla essence and it is yum. I also eat salmon pate. Good luck with your food experiments!
  13. Smoggy

    Dream Jeans?

    Not your daughter's jeans- these are meant to be VERY flattering ... I have a secret yearning to have my bum look good in these.
  14. Smoggy

    Need Puree Ideas

    Eggface's ricotta egg bake is basically purée consistency I've been eating this quite a bit. Good luck!
  15. I was given Lanzor as a PPI to take at home, I have been taking one every morning since then and I've noticed I have a week of my capsules left. The nurse at my surgeons said if I need more I can get them OTC. I am wondering if a month out is too soon to stop these, and how long I can expect to take them. I'd love to hear what other PPIs people are on/ have been on and how long out they stopped them.
  16. Smoggy

    My Advice To All Newly Post-Op Sleevers...

    Thanks for the tutorial website- it should prove useful for me when I'm cleared to do weights which my doc usually does between 2 and 3 months out.I can't stretch to a gym membership so I'll be doing a weights routine at home. I am 3.5 weeks out and was cleared to submerge a week ago so I have started swimming 30 minutes a day which I love. I plan to add 5 minutes a week until I'm up to an hour. I believe it is good for several muscle groups and great for cardio.
  17. I am sending all of you July 25th sleevers love and light and there are spaces on the losers bench just waiting for you. xox
  18. Anyone have any knowledge of ballpark Mexican prices for plastics such as lower body lift and arm lifts etc?
  19. Smoggy

    MyFitnessPal.com Members

    Add me on MFP - username Buzzyi
  20. Scallops are super soft (when cooked right) and my doc suggested them -YUM
  21. I have a very old friend who is a runner and health nut. He has always been lean. Whenever I have lost weight he has admitted he finds me hot which just made me furious. Just recently he was talking about a friend's Mom who lost a lot of weight with Lapland surgery. He was really disparaging and said she cheated and that he thought she had butchered herself for vanity's sake. I was appalled and argued with him that her circumstances were personal and who are we to judge. Needless to say he is someone I have NOT stayed friends with him and it is because of judgmental shallow people in my home town like him that have made me decide to keep my surgery to myself.
  22. Smoggy

    Holidays Work!

    Great news! Well done!

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