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  1. Smoggy

    Boot Camp Diet

    Thanks mistysj - I definitely need more of those in place of "food hugs" xoxo
  2. Smoggy

    Boot Camp Diet

    I am trying this Daisy, I've gone seriously off the rails recently. My Dad died and wine and chocolate have become staple foods for the last 2 months I'm ashamed to say. I need a kick in the rear and hope this will help me get back on track.
  3. Brill articles- thanks everyone. Sent from my iPad using VST
  4. Smoggy

    What makes someone a veteran?

    Cool, I'm a vet! I'm 14 months out and have lost 40kg or 88lbs. My hair is still thin although it is growing back in Patches, and I'vefallen off the wagon somewhat recently- been going through some hectic emotional family stuff and NOT eating how I should. However, I've not put on- just stayed the same. I need to lose about 10 more kgs to be at my desired goal, and I really think I'll do it. I'm exercising which is good but finding it hard to channel the emotional stuff into non- food based outlets just at the moment. Anyone else battling a bit like me? Sent from my iPad using VST
  5. Smoggy

    How is your water tasting now?

    I've gone off Water big- time since surgery. It has to be flavored for me to drink otherwise I'm nauseated. The least offensive chemical-free version for me is water that has steeped overnight with cucumber, mint leaves, lemongrass and lime. I don't do this a lot (I admit to too many diet cordials!) but it is very refreshing when I do. Sent from my iPad using VST
  6. I had an appointment with my gynecologist where she discussed the risk factors with fertility-related cancers ( which run in my family) and she used the words "morbidly obese" in relation to me. She basically said that my weight greatly affected the chances of me going the same way. She was quite straightforward and unflinching as well as being entirely professional. It was a sobering wake- up call for me and I've never looked back. Sent from my iPad using VST
  7. Smoggy

    Motivation flagging? Recommended read

    Thanks for this, I'm struggling ... Sent from my iPad using VST
  8. Coops you look amazing! Sent from my iPad using VST
  9. I've lost 80lbs and still going down, my boobs were always large but they are now very deflated boob lift to follow... And a TT ... Sent from my iPad using VST
  10. Aha! I knew it! Sent from my iPad using VST
  11. Smoggy

    Oh, the shame.

    Hanging my head and admitting I had ice- cream and choccies today too! However it was NOTHING like the oceans of junk I used to eat. Back on the wagon! Tally Ho! Sent from my iPad using VST
  12. You look fab but you are obviously young with lovely springy skin. I'm a darn sight older and my WL has meant I have a "wattle" neck, my naso- labial folds ( the lines running from edge of nose to edge of mouth) are WAY droopier, and even my eyelids seem saggier. My older and less collagen and youthful- plumping- goodies skin will not snap back anywhere near as well as yours has sadly. That said, I would not trade this for my old bum and jiggly bits in a million years! Sent from my iPad using VST
  13. Coops how COOL is that! Congrats on the new abs and size 12s! Awesome! Sent from my iPad using VST
  14. 10 months out, and as Isireno says, many of my petite friends also eat small portions so no, I don't feel like I stick out and I've got used to being a "small eater" and ordering Entrees and dishing up little portions. Sent from my iPad using VST
  15. Smoggy

    Great read!

    Looks good, thanks for the post! Sent from my iPad using VST
  16. You are healing beautifully smbergie! Sent from my iPad using VST
  17. Smoggy

    anyone have a neck lift?

    Wow you look absolutely brilliant. Ten years younger! Sent from my iPad using VST
  18. Smoggy

    Tummy tuck/thigh lift photos

    SUPER results for both body and facial surgery! You look fantastic. I am hoping to do all of this eventually so you've inspired me! Sent from my iPad using VST
  19. This is very common and can be due to a number of things but both my doc and hairdresser have said it is a reaction to the surgery. Mine started at 3 months out and now atr 7 months out has almost stopped. Ive been good with getting in LOTS of protein and take biotin too and I have lots of new babyfluff hair growing in now although my hair is very thin! I also use a scalp massager which can help stimulate growth.
  20. So I will be a year out from surgery in July and as of today I am 34lbs from goal weight- hoping to be there in July. I can see my face has sagged quite a lot already especially with a "wattle" under the chin and my upper eyelids have become more droopy than they were before becoming more hooded and making me look very tired. I will likely need a TT and armlift and maybe even a thigh lift eventually but I have decided to start with my eyes and have an upper eyelid lift. I am going to South Africa to visit friends and family in July and have decided on a very reputable surgeon there, I know his sister and I remember her coming clean about some work she had done by him, and she looked amazing. The price is pretty good and I believe he is fairly sought after there. I figure I start small with this surgery (he has also recommended under-eye laser) and if I like his work I will plan to do the rest with him. The question is- am I making a mistake in not waiting another year to see if further weight-loss makes my lids droop further or am I right in thinking my eyelids are probably least likely affected by weight loss and it's probably a good place to start? Any advice/thoughts appreciated!
  21. Smoggy

    1 year post op!

    Me too!
  22. Smoggy

    5 Confessions (Join In)

    I confess I haven't been home in a year, and I'm going in a few weeks. I confess I'm looking forward to seeing the shock on friends and family's faces as I've lost 85 pounds since they last saw me.(Some of it pre-surgery, I'm 8 months out) I confess I'm also strangely at the same time nervous and shy of these reactions. Sent from my iPad using VST
  23. Smoggy

    My Exciting News

    Wow Aussie, you've recovered FAST! Looking great! Sent from my iPad using VST

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