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  1. I love the questions and follow-ups that are happening in this thread. I am also bias because I went to Dr. Kelly. I came through the surgery with no problems. I initially had mild nausea, but it was due to the anesthesia. It only lasted about three hours and I slept the majority of the time. I kept asking my parents if they see an incision because it didn't feel like anything had been done to me. The nurses were exetremely attentive and took time to get to know your needs. I did have a night nurse that spoke limited english, but there was a translation sheet that I was able to point to if she didn't understand what I was saying. Both of my parents were impressed and eased by the attention to detail and the work Trish did to make them comfortable. My advice is to continue to do what you are doing now. Research research research! At this time, both doctors have competent coordinators that I believe are both happy.
  2. Afro_Cyster

    Wedding Dress Blues

    Try looking for a dress from Mexico. They ship quickly and have more options for plus sized brides than american shops. However, make sure to measure yourself and send them the measurements to ensure that the dress will fit. Wedding dresses run extremely small.
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    From the album: Afro_Cyster

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    Bread Question

    I was sleeved in December and still don't really eat bread or pastries. I substitute everything bread related, even pizza. I realize that you would like to celebrate with your daughter, but it may be too early out. And, would she really notice? Keep your eyes on the prize.......a new body for your health and family.
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    Nsv Pcos Style

  7. Afro_Cyster

    Help Finding A Job - Human Resources

    Thank you for your suggestions!
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    3M3W3D Update!

    That is wonderful news! I saw the changes as soon as you put up this new pic. I bet Sleevina is also helping you keep up with those kids. Have a wonderful weekend!
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    My Biggest Nsv To Date...

    Yes, God is good all the time and all the time God is good. I will pray for you.
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    My Job Is So Freaking Nosey

    I administer FMLA for my work site and agree with the others. A formal diagnosis is not necessary as long as the doctor gives them your recovery time/return to work expectation. I would also warn them not to discuss your information with other employees including your supervisor. Your supervisor only needs to know that you will be out and for how long so they may make suitable arrangements. Your supervisor is not allowed to ask you anything about your absence other than having you train others in preparation for your absence.
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    Dr. Kelly

    Your experience was similar to mine. I enjoyed everything about my coordinator Trish and Dr. Kelly. If you are reading this post, I encourage you to choose Dr. Kelly. However, if you do not, I encourage you not to make a rushed decision due to financing and research research research your doctor of choice. Take your time. Speak to many of their patients (not just one or two). Make sure that you have a supportive primary care doctor in your local area that is willing to do follow-up. You may also want to look into a supportive bariatric surgeon in your area in case you have complications from surgery. Best wishes Tony!
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    Carecredit Question

    Caveat: I haven't read what the previous posters suggested. Have you tried applying for a loan through your local credit union? I am fully financed and am only paying 2% in comparison to what Carecredit may offer. They also allowed me to consolidate my credit card bills into my financing which was a huge plus.
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    Apple Sause

    Try 100% Apple Juice and cut it with water or 100% Apple Juice with reduced sugar. The fibers in apples are good for you.
  15. Afro_Cyster

    Gallbladder Removal

    Thank you all for your honest opinions.
  16. Afro_Cyster

    I Bought The Padded Butt Panties..lol

    I'm LOVING it!!! I was apprehensive about them before, but you are a true testament. I will be purchasing a pair.
  17. Afro_Cyster

    Diet Pills

    Thank you for your question DJ. I am sure that you weren't the only person who had this on their mind. Feel free to ask more questions whenever you are ready.
  18. Afro_Cyster

    My Surgery W/ Dr. Kelly May 10Th!

    Congratulations. You will be in good hands.
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    Gallbladder - She's Gonna Blow!

    I am having the same issue. My stone has been caught before it gives me problems. Of course the first thing the doctor screams is to cut it out. Um, wait a minute. I only have one and there are ways to shrink/shatter my measley stone. Can we try those options before surgery? So, I called my primary to get a referral for a second opinion. I scar easily and am not prepared to undergo another surgery. So unless this thing is giving me problems, I am not taking it out. And yes, I have read about additional stones being created, resulting pain, and other medical issues being created by the removal of the gallbladder. So if they think it's no big deal, it's a big damn deal to me.
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    Nightgown Or Housedress?

    What about a robe with the metal buttons instead (since you are unsure about the zipper).
  21. Afro_Cyster

    Hard Day!

    Yes, it will pass. Are you doing liquid only?
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    Damn Was I Really That Big?

    I'm only 50 down from my highest "recorded" weight. I dropped two pants sizes. I decided to give away all of my clothes because I have no intention to ever be that size again. My family is pretty good about passing old and new clothes around for the ladies to share. I say share because at one point or another, we'd all fluxuate in size. Anyway, I gave all my clothes to this one particular member because she gained alot of weight in a short period and was left with little to no clothes. As her mom was sorting the clothes to be hung, I was astounded to see how huge they were. Was I really that big? Why didn't anyone say anything? Why didn't anyone try to help me? Why was I the last to know? I have always been well accepted. Wasn't teased in high school nor college, but I did understand that in dating, the top priority went to the smaller ladies.
  23. Congrats Lissa! You deserve it!

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