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  1. hadouni

    Have I failed if my fat apron won't go away?

    I understand how you feel. I had a flap of saggy, broken skin that wasn't going anywhere. It was full of stretch marks and really bothered me. My flap went all the way out to my sides when I was sitting and that's where they started cutting on me. My advice - make sure you talk to a plastic surgeon who regularly works with insurance patients and instead of going in for a tummy tuck consultation and go in saying you want a panniculectomy. That way they think of you as an insurance patient from the get-go. I happened upon my plastic surgeon when I went with a friend to her mastectomy reconstruction appointment. It took me forever to get into him but it was worth the wait and the cost given the results I've seen. I had a panniculectomy with a belly button fix in late December and it was life changing. The belly button fix is considered cosmetic so I paid for that myself. My out of pocket ended up being about $2000. They have medical credit lines to help out if you need financing. Self esteem is priceless. =) Good luck to you!!
  2. hadouni

    Dating again....met someone new

    So... I told my first boyfriend post VS about it and he took it in stride and it was a non-issue. Once in a while he'd say "that's all you're going to eat" and I'd say "you know how I eat" and he'd smile and say "I know how you eat". End of story. Now, I'm with a new guy and I haven't told him yet. I told him I lost a lot of weight, even showed him pictures (to which he made a comment to the tune of that would be a problem if I was ever heavy again). We were out to dinner and he sort-of asked if I'd had some kind of WLS and the little pager thing buzzed indicating our food was ready and it saved me from responding. I felt pretty judged by the way he said it all so I didn't feel like spilling the Beans. All this from a guy who could easily loose 30-50lbs... I just had some plastic surgery to fix my flabby belly and he knows all about that. So my way of dealing with it is to tell who I feel comfortable telling. In the end, a keeper will probably be one you'll feel comfortable telling from the start and who accepts you as you are.
  3. hadouni

    Sex talk warning

    Oh yes... it was hellish because I was single through the worst of it... My advice` get a really good vibrator because you'll want to take the edge off quickly and often for a while! I'm three years out and all I can say is thank heavens for my hitachi and I have a boyfriend!
  4. hadouni

    all over body lift?

    I just had a panniculectomy (insurance paid) and belly button fix (self-pay). I'm just over three weeks out and over the moon with the results! I've paid $4000 out of pocket but it might come down a little when it's all said and done because I skipped a procedure on the plastics/self-pay side. Worth. Every. Penny. I could go crazy and have my boobs (lift only), arms & thighs done and I'd love to get the skin on my neck tightened up but I won't! This will be it for me... I'm done with elective surgery!
  5. The check-up this morning went great. Dr Askren was pleased with the surgery and I think it looks amazing. I got to see my belly button. Lots of stitches there but it looks good. I was trying to find a couple scars from my sleeve surgery to see how far things moved down. I still have a few stretch marks down low but they're way down. I'm totally thrilled so far! I go back on Monday to have the stitches and hopefully the drains removed! I really agonized about the ab stitching and I think I made the right decision for me. I'm happy I skipped that part of it. Thanks for listening!
  6. hadouni

    Dating after sleeve!

    I was seeing someone a little while back and I told him pretty quick - I think the second time we went out. We were having a big "this is my life" sort of discussion. He took it in stride and told me I looked great. Every so often if I got full extra fast he'd say "that's it" and I'd say "you know how I eat" and he'd sort-of smile a little and say "I know how you eat" and that was the end of it. The acceptance and non-issue reaction from him was appreciated by me.
  7. hadouni

    Three Year Update

    Congrats on growing a totally adorable human - what a cutie! I have to thank you for sharing the rest as well. I'm 1.5 years out and things are getting messy lately and it's because I have other things in my life that need work and sugar is my drug of choice! I really need to get off the sugar again. After surgery was great because I was forced off, but it's crept back into my life - bad sugar! But, for today, you've inspired me to throw the brownies I brought to work into the trash! Thanks for that.
  8. hadouni

    Too fat for c25k?

    I got my running shoes at DSW on the clearance rack for $25. They had the exact same shoe in a more fashionable color for $80 or a slightly less fashionable color for $35. Being the cheap-o I am, I went for the orange $25 pair and love them!
  9. hadouni

    Too much weight loss

    I have had friends and acquaintances tell me I don't need to loose any more weight as well. Sometimes it can make me pretty uncomfortable - especially if it happens to come along with someone observing and commenting on what I eat or how much I eat. I had a male acquaintance (with his wife right there at the table too) ask me if what I was eating was all I was going to eat and then go on about how I didn't need to loose any more because I'd be too thin. I'm a size 14... at 5'7" so it's not like I'm skinny, just more averaged sized than when he met me and I weighted 240! AND, I'm still technically overweight! I think I need to get down below 160 to be considered in a healthy BMI range. I will say I'm getting better at redirecting conversation! You are the only one who has to be comfortable and live in your body in the end. So please yourself and find a place where you're happy and confident. That's my two cents at least!
  10. hadouni

    What's up with red meat?

    I think I had red meat earlier than that too, but honestly, I have the most consistent issues with white-meat chicken. The dryer the meat, the harder it is to get down & keep down. Chew forever (hard to remember sometimes when you feel hungry) and wait at least a minute between bites of denser Proteins would be my advice.
  11. hadouni

    My son gift to me..

    You look like his SISTER not his mom! My son is a preschooler and my favorite moment so far was the first time I realized his arms went all the way around me. Best. Hug. Ever!
  12. I discovered I really need the extra push I get from following a program so I put myself back on week 5 and have upped my speed (treadmill) to 5mph. I'd been doing 4.5-4.7 before. I have a crazy few weeks coming up - events every weekend with a 4-day Disneyland trip with my 4yr old in early May... but I NEED to find time to exercise because I get so down when I slack off!
  13. hadouni

    Can't lose weight with exercise?

    This is so true. I've taken up jogging in the last two months and got a quick drop of 5lbs but haven't done much more. Now the scale bounces between 173 & 175. Really, I should be more like 155-160 if I want to get to goal weight... brutal!
  14. I found a new love for split pea soup at that stage! I really needed to thin down refried beans if I ate them. Out of the can they were way too thick. Greek yogurt is good just watch for sugar. Stick to sugar free plain if you can.
  15. hadouni

    loosing fat -confused

    Start taking measurements! Just standard spots- chest, waist, upper arm, hip, butt, thigh and calf and making a weekly log. Even if you aren't seeing big numbers on the scale, you will in your measurements if you're swapping muscle and fat.
  16. hadouni

    Daily caloric intake

    I do drink almost entirely decaf coffee. I rarely go for leaded but I do drink leaded iced tea and when it starts to warm up, I drink lots of it. I tried to be good for a long time and made my own decaf iced tea, but I love the Tejava because it's so convenient. Yes, I started to run. I made it up to 22 minutes outside and 26.5 minutes on the treadmill. Working up to a 5k. Its true, I don't pay much attention to fat content and I should start really watching if I want to get further than I am!
  17. hadouni

    Hula Cardio Class

    We have InShape in Central Ca too. I'll have to check out what they're teaching in my little Podunk town!
  18. hadouni

    Daily caloric intake

    I use myfitnesspal and it has my daily goal at 1350 calories. I'm 14 months out from surgery. I'd still like to loose a little more but it won't kill me if I don't make it down to 155. I have decaf coffee with half and half (I could cut some serious fat calories if I'd switch to skim milk but this is my main vice...) when I get up. Work days I have a protein shake with 1.25-1.5 scoops of the cytosport chocolate protein powder and water. Weekend days I might have a scrambled egg with cheese or yogurt. If I'm hungry by mid-morning (I usually am) I have 2-3 pieces of cheese or a yogurt. Lunch varies, depending on what I snacked on, if anything I'll have a yogurt, some fruit or sometimes cheese and crackers or left-over steak. Dinner is usually some kind of ,eat protein, depending on what my son eats - often ground chicken or steak and a few bites of whatever veggie & fruit I'm giving him. My current favorite snack is Boom Chicka Pop sea salt popcorn, but I also like multigrain cheerios (dry) or these crackers called Raincoast Crunch or something like that. I use lots of dairy protein... but my cholesterol is always fine so I just go with it!
  19. Week 7, day 1: DONE! Run 25 minutes- I even pushed it to 26.5 minutes because I run slow and didn't get to 2.5 miles while running. This was a treadmill night and treadmill is much easier on my body so I can run longer. Just let me say, it feels AMAZING! If anyone told me two months ago that I could run for two miles, I'd have asked them what kind of crazy stuff were they smoking! If I can do this, anyone can! This is such a fantastic, supportive thread! Thanks everyone! Happy running!
  20. hadouni

    Mapmyrun or similar app?

    I'm a little past the middle of c25k myself. I've just ventured outside (off the treadmill) and am looking for something that will help me track my distance when running outside. I found an online site that I was able to map out the distance I ran last Saturday (just over 2 miles if it's accurate). I'm also a myfitnesspal user and want to stick with that program because I'm used to it. Thanks all for the recommendations!
  21. hadouni

    30 day squat challenge

    I'm doing c25k and will do the last day of week 6 tomorrow. It's a 9 week program. Ideally, I'll be up to 5k in three weeks, but I think that might be ambitious... I'm supposed to run for 22 minutes with no walking breaks tomorrow.
  22. Well, this is your place to whine! We've all been there, or I have at least! The stalls are crazy frustrating but it gives you an opportunity to change things up and see if something else works for you. I food log using myfitnesspal and am regularly horrified about the percentage of my caloric intake that comes from fat. Almost all the fat comes from the half and half I put in my coffee and from cheese. I even got some of the lower fat mini baby bells to try and curb the fat intake some because I'm NOT giving up cream in my coffee! So, feel free to whine! I'll listen and chime in too!
  23. That made me think of the Johnny Knoxville show from MTV! My treadmill is in a corner too though and I'd never really thought about it. I did W6D2 tonight. Run 10, walk 3, run 10. I made it. The next day is run 22 minutes and I'm not looking forward to that one bit!
  24. I had my right hip operated on in December 1999. I was training capoeira about 9 hours a week and thought I'd pulled a groin muscle or something at first. It felt like I had an ice pick jabbed in me. It got really bad and a chiropractor got my hip back in line so I could walk normally. Then the pain started radiating down into my knee and as far as my foot. I finally got into ortho but by then I was thinking knee problem but they took X-rays of my hips too. The dr I was seeing grabbed another guy as he passed down the hall and he glanced at my X-rays while having me walk or him. I turned back around and he already had the X-ray drawn up showing the severity of my displaysia and said I'd need surgery but he could fix it. NOT what I was expecting! So I had me right hip fixed. It's a crazy surgery but is all my own bone and I still have three of the five screws that held me together while the bone grew and filled in the gaps they made moving things around. I was totally non-weight bearing for 12 weeks. He would have done my other hip and I just couldn't do it again when that hip didn't hurt, but I probably should have done it. I'll probably end up with a hip replacement on my left later on. For now I just put on my big girl panties and deal when the uncorrected side hurts.
  25. hadouni

    Top 5 Running Songs

    Prince- several songs but Littlt Red Corvette, I Would Die For You, and Get Off are favorites. Red Hot Chili Peppers- Suck My Kiss, Give It Away I need to make a real running playlist, but need to get my music into my computer again. My laptop died and I never had the heart to tackle the cd towers again!

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