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  1. hey everyone! just 4 days post op and wondering if I am getting in enough liquids. before leaving the hospital I was to drink 2 ounces every half hour, 4 ounces an hour. I'm trying to do that now tht I'm home but I'm getting full so quickly and it seems to take an hour to get 2 ounces in. I'm affraid of dehydration because I've been peeing and using the restroom a lot and don't know if I'm able to catch up with the liquids. If someone could tell me how much they are drinking or drank post op and didn't get dehydrated that would be very appreciated thanks!
  2. Lolly2369

    My Progress So Far :)

    wow amazing job!!!
  3. So I just woke up an hour and a half before my alarm is to go off and of course I cannot get back to sleep. In 4 hours from now Ill be sitting at McGees Womans Hospital in Pittsburgh getting prepped for surgery! This day has finally arrived and I cannot be more excited and grateful to start this journey! I'm so blessed to have everyone on this forum to help and encourage me. I am also blessed to have such a great support system. During surgery my loving mother, father, and fiancé will be at the hospital waiting while I am getting sleeved. This afternoon my best friend who has been so loving and supportive is coming to the hospital after she finish a full day of clinical in nursing school at a near by hospital. I've also been blessed with dozens of people to pray for me and the surgeon this morning. Fears: I am not afraid of surgery. Idk if it's the type of person I am but I am afraid of rejection. I have already been approved by insurance company but my biggest fear is getting to the hospital today and for some reason not having the surgery done because of my body temperature or another reason like that. Surprisingly, I am not nervous at this point. I believe I'll definitely start getting nervous while they prep me but as of now I am more excited than ever! This is a new beginning for my young life and I plan on making the best of it. I've had multiple people ask if I'm going to work hard to keep the weight off and I just respond with "the rest of my life." I don't know if other people realize what I've done through every day the past 7 months or so tryin to get approved for this surgery or even what I've gone through most of my life as overweight and struggling with the constant health issues. Okay so here's the stats: On Sunday 5/6/12 I weighted 231 lbs before starting a 5 day clear liquid diet. I weighed 224 yesterday, 5/10/12. I'm sure I've lost more since then and probably would have lost weight more if mother nature didn't decide to step in on Tuesday. Now that I've been typing forever and probably bored half of you to death, I am going to post this here and in pre op. I'll update throughout the day when possible but hopefully at least 2 or 3 times! Good luck to anyone else going today and hope to hear your experiences as well!!
  4. Lolly2369

    Yay Lost 70Lbs Update Pic

    amazing!! just took my pre op pictures! surgery is in the morning and can't wait to post pictures after 70 lbs! especially since that's close to my goal
  5. Lolly2369

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    damnnnnnnnn I hope that hasn't been a clear liquid diet! today is day 5 of my clear liquid diet and although I'm no hungry it's hard mentally. I'll be on clear liquids for 2 more weeks after surgery but hoping it will be easier then which I assume so. best of luck to you on may 17th! that was my first surgery day but moved to may 11th! starting my new life tomorrow!!!
  6. So I am starting my liquid diet tomorrow and surgery is Friday. I have never like vegetables my entire life... honestly the only one I can eat is potatoes if you would even count them. I hate lettuce, salads, tomatoes, carrots.... you name it, if it's a veggie I won't go near it. I even hate mushrooms and pickles. Honestly it disgusts me when I think about my eating habbits. my question for all of you is how did your taste buds changes after surgery? I'm praying that after surgery I'll lose my sweet tooth and replace it with love for "healthy foods!!!" Thanks for any input on this matter
  7. Lolly2369

    Any May Sleevers Here?

    I'm scheduled for Friday as well!! I hope you get approved soon! let me know how it goes
  8. Lolly2369


    These are some pictures of me throughout the years leading up to me needing this surgery. I wish there was a way to reorder them... I guess I should have only uploaded in order of the year!
  9. Lolly2369

    Father's Day 2011

    From the album: 2006-2011

    Golfing with my Dad on Father's Day in 2011. I'll be sure to take a pic at the golf course with my Dad again this year and put them side by side. I really hatted this picture and actually cropped it just to our chests and up before I put it on facebook...
  10. Lolly2369

    June 2011

    From the album: 2006-2011

    Outer Banks fishing on the beach
  11. Lolly2369

    Christmas 2010

    From the album: 2006-2011

    December 2010
  12. Lolly2369

    Engagement Picture

    From the album: 2006-2011

    September 2010
  13. Lolly2369

    Engagement Picture

    From the album: 2006-2011

    September 2010
  14. Lolly2369

    May 2009

    From the album: 2006-2011

    Senior Prom
  15. Lolly2369

    So Nervous!

    I'm may 11th too! add me
  16. Lolly2369

    Pittsburgh, Pa

    Wondering if anyone else on the site is from Pittsbrurgh and recently had or is having surgery. I'm may 11th with dr Eid at Mcgees
  17. Lolly2369

    May 11Th?

    I have seen countless people on may 10th but no one else on the 11th yet. if no one replies to this ill have to go chat with may 10th people lol. okay so my surgery is at McGees Woman's Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa with doctor Eid. getting pumped up for this!!!!! Who's with me??
  18. Hey! just wondering if anyone knows about how long to wait until you can ride roller coasters or other amusement park rides. I'm assuming after everything heals but dont know and plan to ask surgeon for confirmation. let me know your experiences
  19. Lolly2369

    Roller Coasters

    let me know!
  20. hey everyone I'm Ellie and just turned 21. my surgery date is May 11th in Pittsburgh!!! I'm super excited and a little nervous at the same time. I have support from all the people I would like support from. Just beig able to read these posts now that I have been approve is just making me realize how life changing this surgery is. I'm ready to change into a more healthier and happier life style and just be able to live me life to the fullest if anyone else is getting surgery around my date add me so we can talk about our experience together as we go
  21. Lolly2369

    Pennsylvania, New Jersey

    Hey I'm an hour south of Pittsburgh and I want to begin looking for doctors and talking to my insurance. Any advise from any fellow Pittsburghese people? Where you got it done and your insurance company. I have. UPMC

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