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    Almost 7 years since sleeve

    Wish you the best... you got this!
  2. Back on this site after no being on it in a year or two. It will be 7 years this Nov since my sleeve. Was well over 300 pounds, got down to 220s or so after my sleeve, back to up 260s after being undisciplined for a year or two and now back to around upper 240s. Sleeve helps, but isn't a free pass. Still have to be sensible. Hope to start being active here some again. Hope everyone is doing well with their sleeve and if in the sleeve considering stage, I'd advise to be informed and know that it will take work..but worth it in most cases....it sure was/is for me!
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    My guns -- 06-30-16.jpg

    Like a boss!!
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    From the album: Progress

  5. aroundhky


    From the album: Progress

  6. aroundhky


    From the album: Progress

    About 7 years post op...... Did great first two years, slipped and put SOME weight back on. Now back close to my 1 year post op weight and still losing. Learning that the sleeve isn't a fix all, but is a very useful tool for being healthy and having a better body composition. Still have to eat sensibly and follow the sleeve rules/guidelines.
  7. aroundhky

    Almost 7 years since sleeve

    Achieve..... I've had no unexpected complications. The only issues I've had are the typical ones where I learned the hard, despite knowing before surgery. Such as not chewing slow enough. Early after my sleeve, I often fell into old habits....eating big bites and not chewing enough. I tried some carbonated drinks a few times and even though I just sipped them....I still had a stomach that did not like that. In regards to the ones you've mentioned, I've not had issues with them....of course I was bald well before I had surgery, but I have heard of some people having hair loss...especially the ladies. I was able to eat bigger portions after a year or two and that did plateau for me and I'm eating about the same size portions now as I did two years post op. From year 2 post up until now... I'd say I can eat a whole medium sized chicken breast with a half cup of broccoli. That's now a typical portion size for me, but the first two years were maybe half that size. I'm timing my meals better now, not eating after about 7:30 at night and eating better foods than I was around 4-5 years post op. The only other thing I would say is we still have to do the work, be aware of how to eat well, be mindful of the rules/guidelines we're given pre op, but the sleeve does still help several years post op. It's a tool, it's up to us to utilize it and maximize it for our benefit. Just my 2 cents......
  8. aroundhky

    Almost 7 years since sleeve

    Excellent and good to hear from you again stranger!
  9. Been away for a while. Seeing if this site is still thriving....

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    2. aroundhky


      Good Q. Perhaps lots of beneficial dialogue to weight loss and fitness would be mine. :)

    3. bikerchick519


      It's changed a lot. There's a lot bashing and bickering sometimes. But occasionally you can offer some helpful advise to someone new.

    4. aroundhky


      Yeah, that's one of the reasons I started to bail a year or two ago....craziness. :P It seems people will bring drama about anywhere. :(


  10. aroundhky

    Weight Training After The Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    I hear ya on that rotator cuff man. Hang in there. Is nearly completely torn? I've been struggling with my workouts the past year due to lots of shoulder weakness, pain and range of motion issues. Found out my labrum was torn, went in for surgery on that and when I came to after surgery, the Dr said my rotator cuff was hanging on my a thread, so he repaired that as well. This was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, so I'm slightly over 3 months shoulder post op. Good news is, I started back lifting two weeks ago and as of now, I'm 90% on my shoulder, which is already way better and more use out of it than I was getting the past year. Hopefully therapy can fix it for you, but if it's a big tear, I'm not sure if therapy would be enough. Anyway, just be careful with the ballistic movements and overhead lifts. Wish you the best!
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    August 2015

  12. aroundhky

    Lifting weights

    Did weightlifting help with batwings? Hello Georgeo! I didn't really have a problem with bat wings, but I think like many other small extra skin problem areas, resistance training can help. Tricep work and even some bicep work can help SOME in that area. Maybe some dips, tricep push down and even bicep curls that help isolate some of the arm muscles. Also, pullups, which mostly work lats, but work arms indirectly may be beneficial.
  13. aroundhky

    Lifting weights

    Hey, I just saw this. Sorry, I don't visit much. It's a good topic, so I hope this thread can be helpful and if I can help with anything I'll be glad to. 4 year sleeve veteran here that lifts a lot.
  14. aroundhky

    Fitness Trackers?

    Been saying it for years. Exercise has many benefits and I'll keep doing it as long as I am allowed and able, but the calorie burn, at least to me, isn't what it's about. When I hear things like...."I burned 650 calories in 30 minutes".......my BS detector goes off. Not that the person stating that is lying or knows it's not true, it's just the equipment tells them that, and of course we want to believe it. Heck, I used to believe it. http://www.salon.com/2015/01/27/your_exercise_equipment_is_lying_to_you_partner/
  15. aroundhky

    Fitness Trackers?

    Thank you. I was a bit of a gym rat before, as I've always enjoyed lifting and exercising. I like to think I'm more of an informed gym rat now, and my time away from the gym (dinner table), has improved and I eat better now to support that lifting. I don't use a personal trainer, but I've acted as an unofficial trainer for others a few times helping them with what I know, which is I'm sure less than a real trainer. I think there is only so much we can do for loose skin as there are so many variables out there such as total amount of weight loss, how long overweight, age, etc. But I do know that lifting and adding muscle can only help with loose skin and can't hurt. I don't want to give medical advice, but I would urge you to use less weight in regards to your injuries and pain issues, and maybe increase volume (total reps and time under tension). But before any of that, please check with your Dr.
  16. I read Mark Manson's blog a lot, ran across this one he just posted and it made me think of posts I've read here and of myself as well. So I felt I should share this as it may help some of us deal with a few of the obstacles that come with post-op bariatric surgery. http://markmanson.net/be-patient
  17. aroundhky

    Old ways of thinking

    I really look forward to new material on his blog. He seems to use a lot of "guy type" language, or maybe just some every day language with a bit sarcastic comic relief, yet still makes some very valid and serious points and makes me think outside the box a bit. I'll have to get that book he's planning to publish. Anyway, I thought it was quite relevant to this page and a lot of us may need to read it.
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    Both looking good! We should race.
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    june 15.jpg

    Holy wow! Congrats!
  20. Perhaps that was a bit inappropriate of me to post. Just noticed my obliques coming back one morning and well, given their location, taking pictures of them can be borderline inappropriate. : P
  21. aroundhky


    From the album: Progress

    17 mos post op
  22. aroundhky

    working out and not losing weight

    Just a couple of thoughts from an old grizzled "veteran"............. 1-Please, please do not put stock in what a machine says in regards to how many calories you've burned. There are studies out there that prove not only are nearly all of them wrong, they are VERY wrong and way off. Though it seems we're crazy tired and have nothing left while doing exercise sometimes, we're usually over-estimating how many calories we've burn, and in turn think we have more to work with on nutrition. 2-Carbs can be good or bad......depending on what kind we eat and when. I TRY to stay away from simple carbs (sugars, flour based foods). Good carbs like broccoli, oats and even some brown rice can be beneficial if used in moderation. The first meal after a hard workout, you need those complex carbs along with lean Protein to help your body recover and even grow muscles if you've engaged in a lot of resistance training. 3-In regards to my last sentence in #2.....any carbs more than what our bodies need to operate and maintain organ function, will usually result in gain of body mass. Simple sugars, especially at night, more than likely will be fat gain, or for those a few months post op, slowed fat loss. Complex carbs after a taxing workout, will help build muscle (along with the protein). For me, I'm ok with that kind of mass gain, but we need very few carbs to do this and usually the meal, or maybe 1-2 meals after a hard workout. 4-To simplify, exercise and eat reasonably and try to eat to support your fitness goals, if you have any. I try to look at food as fuel for my body and for exercise. I don't want too much or too little, but I also don't want to let the number of calories control my life, which is one of the reasons I got the sleeve to begin with. 5-Try to determine which numbers are more important to you. The numbers on the scale? The number on your body composition (body fat%)? The numbers in running a 5k? The number of pounds lifting at the gym? For me, I don't worry about the number on a scale since I like ti lift. The number on the body composition is where I focus. In other words, weight is not my issue, fat is my issue and concern, so I like to keep it low. All of this.....is just my opinion, which is based on my experience and the research I've done. With that said..... we are all so different and our bodies react so differently, especially to carbs, so somtimes it's a personal trial and error with your individual physiology.

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