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    I Am Almost Two Months Out And...

    I am about 10 weeks out now and can eat just about anything I want in the 5-8oz range. I have never really had problems eating anything from the very first day either. I can eat 2 hard boiled eggs (chewed very good) in about 30 minutes. I made some chicken (fully cooked, frozen in a bag) with some cheese the other night and was able to eat about a cup of it and had about a half cup left over for lunch. I agree, the more you chew, the more you can eat on some things. I am a fast eater and have to watch myself alot. I cannot tolerate sweets with my sleeve and I absolutely have to wait 30 minutes before drinking after eating with my sleeve or I find that it comes right back up. This could be due to me having a pouch from the 17yr old band that was there. I love my little sleeve. It might seem like you are eating too much but really, if you track your intake/calories in MyFitnessPal, you will see how little you are still eating. I have also found that I am a sloooooow loser on the scale but I am dropping inches like crazy. If you think you are eating too much, get you a little bowl that is 4-6 oz and measure your food that way. That will really help you put into perspective how much you arent really eating! (Considering I used to eat a 10pc chicken mcnugget, large fries and large coke from McDonalds like my husband does!) Just remember to Keep Rockin' Your Sleeve!!!!
  2. TheSkinnyCow73

    I Just Hit Onderland!

    Congrats! Congrats! Congrats!!! Keep Rockin' that Sleeve!!!!
  3. TheSkinnyCow73

    Late Periods?

    this is great to hear! I am now 4 days late and am usually right on time each month! Whew! Not going to waste any money on a pregnancy test just yet! Thanks for posting this too!
  4. TheSkinnyCow73

    Things I Won't/don't Miss About The Band...

    The sleeve IS everything the band was supposed to be and then some! The only time I have puked (and it has gotten better as I have gotten further along with my sleeve) is when I MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO TAKE THAT ONE LAST BITE THAT I KNOW DAMN GOOD AND WELL THAT I SHOULDNT! My husband can even tell when i am full now! LOL We dont have to sit next to bathrooms anymore when we go out to eat either! I love my sleevie! The band should be banned from being a WLS if you ask me! Keep Rockin' that sleeve!!!
  5. I can promise you, along with others on the boards, that you wont be disappointed with Dr. Rodriguez or the Star Medica Hospital! Good luck with your journey!!! It is sooo worth every penny no matter who you go with!!!!
  6. We are in the middle of a kitchen remodel and so I dont have access to a stove to cook or sink to wash dishes. I am looking for easy throw-away snacks/ meals.... What do you buy that is healthy and Sleeve-specific??? Thanks!
  7. TheSkinnyCow73

    80 Pounds Down! New Pic!

    You are looking fabulous too! Way to go!
  8. TheSkinnyCow73

    80 Pounds Down! New Pic!

    You look absolutely fantastic!!! An inspiration to all of us!!! Keep Rockin' that sleeve!!!!
  9. TheSkinnyCow73

    Needed: Sleeve-Specific Grocery List

    Thanks StartingMyJourney! I forgot about the drinkable yogurt! So far I have collected the following by searching the posts: Cheeses - babybel light string cheese cottage cheese shredded cheese cream cheese pimento & cheese spread Proteins: chicken - frozen, raw; frozen pre-cooked, rotisserie Shrimp Meatballs - pre-cooked turkey bacon Canned - tuna, chicken, ham (check sodium), SPAM, salmon Beef/salami sticks lunch meats - turkey, ham, bologna, salami Sugar Free: pudding Popsicles Fudgesicles Drinks: (basically anything DIET - look for carb/sugar content) Crystal Lite Diet snapple Diet Green Tea Eggs- egg beaters, egg substitutes Yogurt - (watch for carb/sugar content) Almonds - highest in Protein from what I am finding Tofu lemons - for Water Lettuce - make wraps with lunch meat and cheese
  10. TheSkinnyCow73

    Top 3 Tips For Success

    LOVE THIS LISSA!!!! They are my all time favorite and since being sleeved, I refuse to eat them! It is hard when they are $0.80 in a vending machine right next to my office!
  11. TheSkinnyCow73

    Needed: Sleeve-Specific Grocery List

    THank you! I am just looking for foods that people have found that work for them and are easy to carry around!
  12. TheSkinnyCow73

    February 10-13 Sleevers... How Are You Doing?

    That is awesome!! I am keeping track of the foods that dont sit well with my sleevie and trying them again once I am further out... lettuce still doesnt like me! thanks for posting and keep rockin' that sleeve! You are doing great!!!
  13. TheSkinnyCow73

    Not Your Daughters Jeans For Sale Cheap

    Hi! I just messaged you about the jeans.
  14. You will NOT be disappointed with Dr. Rod and his staff!!! Good Luck!!!!
  15. TheSkinnyCow73

    Week 7! Very Slow Loser

    I will honestly say that up until today (downloading MyFitnessPal on my phone now!), I havent been really tracking my calories, protein, water, or anything and that is most likely my problem too. I guesstimate that I am getting about 600-800 calories a day, 40-60 oz of water, and I drink 2 Premier shakes (30g of protein each) a day. I am not exercising as I should be and I know for a fact that makes a difference. I walk the dogs for 20 minutes every couple of days and work in the yard on weekends. Somewhere, I have to find the inner strength to walk into a gym, alone, and start working out!
  16. TheSkinnyCow73

    My Biggest Nsv To Date...

    I totally got chills reading this Irene!!!!! You are such an inspiration to all of us on the boards and you totally deserve to have all your dreams come true! I am a firm believer of the old saying, "God doesnt close one door without opening another" and he has done that for you! He has closed the door on the old Irene and you have created the new and improved! Good for you girlie!!!
  17. TheSkinnyCow73

    Week 7! Very Slow Loser

    I wanted to check on everyone and see how the rest of us slow losers are doing??? I am stuck, again, at around 195lbs... this is going to drive me BANANAS!!! Is there anyone in the Spring/The Woodlands area that wants a walking/workout buddy?
  18. Congrats!!!!!!! How exciting!!!!!!!
  19. TheSkinnyCow73

    My 1St Nsv!

    Ha! Ha! As I am sitting here at my desk (constantly fidgeting making sure "everything" is tucked in, covered and looks appropriate) I realized something..... my stomach isnt sticking out further than my boobies anymore! I dont know when this happened but woooohooooo anyway!! It might be raining in Houston today but not on this NSV parade! It's definitely the little things that keep me going!! LOL
  20. TheSkinnyCow73

    Any Texas Gastric Sleeve Buddies?

    Spring / The Woodlands here.... just north of Houston......
  21. TheSkinnyCow73

    Week 7! Very Slow Loser

    @momof4 - we are a couple of days apart.. my sleeve was on 2/11/12. We will make it! As always, my body has to be the different one!
  22. TheSkinnyCow73

    Week 7! Very Slow Loser

    I am a slow loser too..... almost 2 months out and only lost about 16 lbs. Disappointed doesnt describe how I feel sometimes. I have to admit that I am not exercising as much as I should or could either. But, life goes on and a loss is still a loss, right? The 16 that I have lost will never be again is how I think of it! I too have been told that they see it in my face (i would rather hear someone say, wow! your ass has gotten super thin! A girl can dream right!! ) and I can tell in my pants and shirts too. My work pants actually fit nicely and I am not having to stretch out the XL tshirts anymore to keep them from clinging to my belly area. I will take the slow over nothing.. and with that, I am going walk the puppies for 30 minutes! Keep your head up and Keep Rockin' your Sleeve!!! Amy
  23. I wanted to update my scar outcome.... Dr. Rodriguez wasnt able to use the scars from my band removal but I will say that his 4 cuts are far more nice and clean looking than the 6 cuts Dr. Primomo did here in the US! Keep Rockin' that Sleeve!!!!
  24. TheSkinnyCow73


    Remember... this too shall pass! I hit the same frustrating stall and it broke, finally! I was stuck at 201-ish but my clothes were fitting nicer and my face was slimming down. Did I care? NO! Because that dang scale wasnt moving! I have to keep reminding myself that the scale numbers DO NOT DEFINE ME OR MY SUCCESS! Keep reading the boards and try to understand what your body is going through. I started looking at my body as another person (weird, i know) but it helped me put into perspective what is going on and why things are happening the way they are. Maybe walk a little farther than normal and see if that helps? Yesterday, I mowed the grass (front and back), planted some flowers, walked the dogs and you know what? Upping my excercise that little bit showed on the scale this morning by 3 lbs! Keep Rockin' that Sleeve! This too shall pass!!!! p.s. - read this post.... http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/34565-embrace-your-stall-and-enjoy-your-successinches-will-equal-lbs/
  25. I love this!!!!! I had the same 3 week stall happen to me and it was soooo frustrating! Even though we are losing inches, there is something about that dang scale and its numbers that make it all the more real that the weight is coming off! I keep having to remind myself that I didnt gain it overnight and I am not going to lose it overnight! Keep rockin' that sleeve! You look wonderful!!!!

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