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  1. I had my 3rd fill and this fill is kind of different! I really dont fill restricted or feel full like I was with the 2nd fill! I just feel tightness and my port sticks out more only! Thants when I know I am full only by my port sticking out. Not buy the feeling of being full!!! I can still eat anything I want but I try not to! Do u think I am to tight or another fill? Sometimes I will have a very mild pain but its noting to go to the doctor to see about it. I sometimes happen a little while after I eat! I have no heart burn at all. Is this normal?
  2. Renay2977


    Why when I get kind of full by band port stick out and arm pressure. Is that normal?
  3. Renay2977

    Is That Normal?

    Weight is coming off slow! I had my 3rd filled and it fill like I am eating more than ever! I fell stuck at the same weight!! 35lbs ony lost 7mos Post-Op!!
  4. Renay2977

    Is That Normal?

    Yes I think it is mental! I drink a lot of water, But I dont think I take in so much protein like I should!!! Just felling a little down!! Thanks
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    Is That Normal?

    I work out Mon-Thu! I had joined my fitness pal! I take in about 1570cal a day, I just had my 3rd fill last tue! and I feel I can eat more than I can with this 3rd fill. I had filled tighter with the 2nd fill.
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    I Hate My Scale

    Thats why I put my scale under my Bed!!
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    Chicago Banders

    Hello I am
  8. Hello Friends I am eating alot! But get full quickey! Small portions, very small. I seem to get hungry almost every 3hrs, But one good thing I chois healthy foods! Is that normal!!
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    120206 154644

    From the album: Me!

    Just got done from working out!
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    120206 155551

    From the album: Me!

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    Severe Pain In Neck And Shoulders

    Felling the same way!!
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    Picture 033

    From the album: Me!

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    Picture 040

    From the album: Me!

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    Picture 042

    From the album: Me!

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    Picture 041

    From the album: Me!

  16. From the album: Me!

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    Picture 001

    From the album: Me!

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    Hello Friends! Well 3day out of Post OP- I fell better, But this gas pain is killing me! I BEEN TAKING GAS TABS, its not going away, and a little pain in my right arm I know that is Gas! I NEED TO BURP SO BAD HELP!
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    Thanks to all!
  20. Renay2977

    This Pain!

    Friends its around the port!! and maybe gas!! I have to stand and pee! thats how much pa in I AM IN !

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