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  1. I was wondering who your surgeon was and if you liked them ? What was your time between meeting your surgeon and having your surgery ?
  2. Driver Deb

    Walk, walk, walk...

    I had to do an official recorded weigh in, but the problem was that I had lost 11 pounds prior to that recorded weigh in and I wanted that weight loss to count !! I brainstormed and came up with a plan. I would wear 11 extra pounds to my weigh in... have you ever felt what 11 pounds feels like? it's crazy heavy !!! I strapped 5 lbs. ankle weights on under my jeans and put 6- 1 lb. bars in my bra under my (large) breasts and headed to the doctors office. I walked across the parking lot and up three flights of stairs to his office and was a freaking sweaty mess by the time I got there !!! I was red in the face and struggling not to drag my feet from the weights around my ankles, but I made it !!! I got myself weighed, then I then had to wear those weights all the way back down stairs and across the parking lot to my car again !!! Moral of this story is, weights give an added advantage to walking for weight loss. By the time I reached my car, I lost those 11 pounds on the floorboard of my car. Seriously, I wear those ankle weights every time I walk for exercise now. I get a much better work out !!!
  3. MARCH 15 !!! Anyone else in March??? :smilingface (52):
  4. Everyone is different. My dad lost 45 pounds in 25 days... I think it depends on who you are.
  5. Driver Deb

    This Is My Journey

    Hey Jerry, So glad you survived the accident. I am a truck driver and believe me, I have seen hundreds of accidents and the motorcyclists NEVER fair well... you are a lucky man. I am having my surgery in Feb. also. I wont know the exact day until wednesday... I have been on a low carb, high protein diet for 4 months. My pre op diet is only 2 days of liquids. Hope to see you on the losers bench.
  6. The fact that you live with a man who treats you so poorly is disgusting.
  7. You are trying to discredit her experience by stating that if she doesn't know how to spell her doctors name she probably didn't do enough research. Get off your high horse and let the woman vent.
  9. Driver Deb

    California Sleevers.....

    I live in Sac too. Having surgery on the 9th at Kaiser Richmond.
  10. I am what Kaiser calls a "reactivated case". I was in their bariatrics program years ago but dropped out and recently have been approved to go back. In the 4 years that I was gone, I gained 40 pounds. Kaiser wants me to lose that 40 pounds before surgery and they have given me approx. 4 months to do it... They gave me a meal plan and told me to exercise. I am going to have to BUST MY A** to lose this weight in 4 months and I need some serious suggestions...
  11. Wouldn't that be a riot?! My birthday is Jan 8, I would love to be sleeved by my birthday. :present:
  12. Kaiser Richmond, although I live in Sacramento.
  13. I don't believe in food funerals. I had 744 calories on thanksgiving day, and I am down 2 more pounds... I find out my surgery date on Dec. 7.
  14. So the saying is true... you get what you pay for. It blows my mind when people take short cuts with their healthcare. Most people won't bat an eye to pay 17,000 for a new car, but they only want to pay 5,000 for a sleeve. :banghead:
  15. Driver Deb

    time to surgery

    I started this journey in 8/1/11. I have Kaiser (Richmond) and after taking a few classes, seeing the psych and the Nut, I have my pre op 12/7/11. I was told to take a week to 10 days off work to heal (more if I was a lumberjack, lol). My father started this journey in September and he is self pay and is having his surgery on 12/15/11. I think the average time is 3 to 6 months...
  16. Driver Deb

    Looking for 40's Sleevers :)

    I am 42 and not sleeved yet... but December 7 is my pre op appt. so I guess I will find out my surgery date then. Welcome to the journey.
  17. Driver Deb


    I have done all the required classes and I have lost well over my 10% but they told me they wanted me to lose more... I was reactivated in the program at 290, I now weigh 256 and they want me at 235. That is unreasonable !!! That is why I am raising hell... I have to lose 55 pounds? I have NEVER weighed 550 pounds !!! I agree that all the classes are great info and I obviously am sticking to the diet, I have lost 34 pounds... which is what someone who weighs 340 should lose !!!
  18. Driver Deb


    It is fascinating that you posted this today... I contacted member services Friday night and told them that I felt I was being pushed aside and that I felt they were delaying services and that I would be filing a grievance with the DMHC who oversees Kaiser. I got a response back in less than an hour. They stated that they were forwarding my email on to a representative who would be looking into the matter and that they want to do everything in their power to make sure my needs are being met. LOL I knew a threat of a grievance with the dept. of managed health care would get their attention !!! I will let you all know how it works out, and how long it takes to get it worked out.
  19. Driver Deb

    19 days till my wedding!!!

    Dear Graceful, (just kidding) I am sorry you "jacked up" your foot. I hope you mend quick and have a great wedding !! Congrats by the way !!
  20. Do they still do the surgery if "aunt Flo" is visiting? Has anyone been on their TOM when they had surgery??
  21. Driver Deb

    Carb Debate (Friendly)

    I am pre op... Every time I cut out carbs, I stall. So I keep my carbs under 100g a day, about 30 to 35 g per meal.
  22. Driver Deb


    I have faith !!!! Look at my ticker... I have been dropping weight like bad habits !!! 20 more pounds and I am on the table...

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