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  1. Have they considered your gallbladder as being affected? Could you ask for an abdominal scan to make sure your gallbladder is ok? Also, tests to make sure your pancreas is functioning ok.
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    Looks good to me. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  3. Trayjay33

    Whole pills

    Colace is a liquid gel tab it should be ok to take whole...
  4. Congratulations on your weight loss and what a beautiful smile you have in both pictures! I can relate to God giving me a second chance as well. Also I had to learn to stop obsessing over the scale and see beauty is more than a number. Thanks for posting.
  5. Trayjay33

    How to stop weight lost.

    @@foodfighter78, you definitely need to eat more. Have you seen a nutritionist yet? Have they discussed any possible vitamin or mineral deficiencies at this point? Have you seen a Psychiatrist? I think you were worried about weight regain at one point. Eating frequent small meals is a given but are they high nutritional meals? As someone who has a very small pouch myself as James mentioned. I am 5'6" and was down to about 119 pounds. I made up in my mind I didn't want to be sick or dead for the sake of being skinny. I gave myself permission to gain some weight back. I did this by seeing a Nutritionist and she made a meal plan for me. Even with one visit I learned how to eat frequent small portions that have higher calories. I am now 122 pounds, feel much better and look much better. This is at about 1700 calories per day for me. Ex. Instant Oatmeal with fresh banana, a potato with salmon, fruits in between, crackers, cheese-itz's are small and high in calories, adding butter to your potatoes as a fat. I have had complications as well surgically but I work with what I have. This is just an example of how you may help yourself. Also, discussing this with your Bariatric surgeon including a reversal may be necessary if it can't be fixed. Good luck.
  6. Trayjay33

    Desperate cry for help...

    @_Laura_. No all is not lost, it's pretty common that there were not good post-op support programs years ago. If the truth be told some programs are still better than others. You have about 30 pounds to lose to get back to where you were. That's doable and it begins with going back to the basics of weight loss with RNY. First, I would recommend accepting if this is something you are ready to do and follow the advice of the ladies above. We are all here for support at different stages in our journey but it's a lifelong journey none the less. I am also here for your support if you need it.
  7. Trayjay33

    Band to Bypass Fears

    @@HELLCATT81, it's not a coincidence that so many people have to have revision surgeries. I understand what you are saying and the most I lost was about 30 pounds with the band including the pre-op diet. All I could tolerate eventually was slider foods and when I had breads or anything solid I would vomit. With fills I would vomit. I had delayed gastric emptying and pain that was discounted by my lap band surgeon. I wanted to make it work so it took a while to decide on RNY. Enough was enough when I would just drink water or juice at work and vomit intensely. This suffering lasted a year and half. My new surgeon who did the RNY said "you gave it the good old try" it didn't work for you. He let me know it wasn't my fault, I needed to hear that. Just those words made me want to not only be successful at this for God, me but also my surgical team. I will be a year post-op next week and even though it takes work, determination, emotional changes, etc. I wouldn't change a thing. The forums are filled with people who have maintained their weight loss as well. Go get em and congratulations on your RNY.
  8. Trayjay33

    Iron infusions?

    Good question, my surgeon told me despite iron supplements about 50% of post-op people require iron infusions. Don't worry about it, he was just informing you of the possibility.
  9. Trayjay33

    New foods tried after surgery...

    I think I've been limiting myself too much. I am actually bored with my diet right now but these sound delicious.
  10. Trayjay33

    Anyone similar stats?

    I have similar stats to yours, I'm female 5'6" started at 256 and 254 after pre-op diet. I am 11 months post-op almost and about 138 pounds. Everyone is different but its achievable. I actually dumbed my weight loss down and said 150 to my Doctor and 130 to his assistant but they both said its doable with RNY so it's reasonable. Congratulations on your upcoming WLS.
  11. I actually don't, I lost a lot of weight in my 20's and didn't know what to do with myself. Lol. Let's just say being more mature now I can handle myself with dressing modestly. I try to live without regret and believe things happen for a reason.
  12. Trayjay33

    New foods tried after surgery...

    @@Cervidae, how do you make hummus?
  13. Trayjay33

    What did your breast's do?

    @@Dream4tc I have my one year surgical follow-up next month and I will discuss inform my surgeon about this issue. There are so many things involved in breast augmentation as well that I may not be ready for right now i.e. an additional surgery and subsequent change to my body. But still this may be a discussion to have. In the mean time and $170 later I have new bras and some support. ????
  14. Trayjay33

    What did your breast's do?

    I like that "false advertising" lol. I am down quite a bit of sizes and I have very saggy breast tissue. My band size is small a 32 but the breast fat that has to be scooped up in a bra is a H cup...go figure. I don't know about breast augmentation but my back hurts and it's a sad sight.
  15. Trayjay33

    Not a mistake after all

    Naomi, I am sorry to hear about your complication after surgery but I am glad you are on the mend. I am also happy you were able to speak to your surgeon and have questions answered. P.S. My legs are where I lost weight first too. I no longer need wide calf boots. It just makes for more options. I hope you have a awesome journey with RNY.
  16. Trayjay33

    OCTOBER 2014

    Wow!!! You look great. Congratulations!!!
  17. Too much of a good think isn't good either I guess.
  18. Trayjay33

    Eating too much?

    @@hellohealthy I think in my experience I did notice further out I started to eat more at certain times. I especially notice that a few days prior to my menstrual cycle and a few days during ovulation I can eat more. These are also times that I experience weight loss stalls. It's definitely hormonal where mine is concerned. It helps to track my weight loss pattern, food intake, menstruation and physical activity. The overall pattern helped me see what was going on. I don't get so upset at myself now and see that the days I'm eating more are related to my cycle. Good luck
  19. Trayjay33

    Sensitive teeth

    It happened to me as well. I know everything cannot be attributed to surgery but I couldn't count that as coincidence. I live in the northeast and my mouth was so painful during the past Winter. I cannot have more than 2 ice pops at a time or it's painful. I mentioned it my Dentist and they more thought it was reflux related and wearing on the enamel. I would be interested in what others have to say.
  20. Trayjay33

    Not losing!

    Are you losing inches? Sometimes it takes a while for the scale to catch up. Don't give up yet, especially so soon out.
  21. Everyone's body is different, I don't know why I developed the ulcer but it's fine now. Please don't over think it. The symptoms were nausea, vomiting with a small amount of blood and epigastric pain. No prescription antacid pre-op. Pain was more noticeable when I drank something. That was about 3-4 weeks post-op. Vitamins were slowly introduced because that's what my Doctor recommended. Now I take mini caltrate, but other people take other kinds of calcium so check with your Doctor. Gummy vitamins are not recommended early on after surgery. There are many chewable multivitamins out there I use centrum. Re: constipation, it's getting easier to manage as I learn my body. You will learn a bowel regime that works for you. People have used Miralax, Colace etc. discussing those options with your MD especially with the diverticulosis history would be good.
  22. @@tia92 I don't always get replies to my questions as well. Also, there are times I offer what I think is support to people or ask a question and they do not respond. I especially think if someone starts a post they should make a effort to respond initially to the people who reply. But not everyone does this so the next time if I remember I don't share my opinion with them because it may not have been wanted. I think it also helps to post in member specific areas. I.e. Pre-op for pre-op questions and post-op for those concerns. Either way it's not that serious, life is bigger than that I think.
  23. Trayjay33

    OCTOBER 2014

    How are your eating and exercise habits? Do you subscribe to my fitness pal and have you sought out any exercise regimes?

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