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  1. i am very happy with my band, but it depends on what your goals are and what you are willing to do. If you dont want to work out or eat right or in other words, lifestyle change then I know the band isnt for you. I dont know much about the sleeve. I dieted and worked out all the time before my band so this was just a tool to cut my eating and enforce my already low carb diet. If I fall off the waggon I know I'm not falling far cause I dont eat a lot.

  2. Hi y'all!! I'm checking in too. I know some of you have read my blogs and know my hubby has been in the hospital for 2 months now. I've been so depressed lately but my weight loss continues and I lose about 8-10 lbs per months. I haven't been able to work out in 2 weeks due to my crazy schedule but I'm getting back in it this week. My diet is still low calorie, low carb and I made out like a champ during the holidays!! Good luck everyone.

  3. you can lose weight without working out. its harder and slower, but 1200 calories isnt just it. You also have to eat clean and watch sodium. Sodium I have found to be a diet kill for me and others. I bloat big time. Like 5-6lbs when i have a cheat day. Its crazy. I have a kidney issue where my kidneys dont expell salt. So, I'm on meds. I dont eat processed foods. I cook everything that I eat and I use salt substitues. I am losing 10-12lbs per month for the past 3 months. My first month I stopped losing and was sooo frustrated. I was working out twice a day and eating 800 calories a day and nothing. My dr. found my kidney issues and boom, I was down 10lbs in a week.

  4. Ok I'm gonna be a Debbie downer but have you really thought about what it takes to be successful with the lapband? It takes work and it's not a cure for anything. I just get a little alarmed when I see people that has had other weight loss surgeries or plastic surgery and still haven't been successful in losing weight.

    Have you tried dieting and excersize? Did you know that some lapband doctors push for a low carb or restrictive diet? Why not try a serious work out and diet plan with a nutrtionalist? Cause with the band you will be restricted and advised to workout. It's all about changing your life. Just think about it.

  5. I cannot stress it enough, ladies please don't be afraid of strength training. The weights will not make you bulk up!!! I lift 4-5 days a week on top of my cardio which is 5-6 days a week. Heavy weights. People ask me all the time why I lose quickly and I'm not pudgy. I have genetics on my side too. So far I've technically lost 57lbs since feb of this year. I use to be 317 and now I'm 260. I have no lose skin as of yet!

  6. Happy holidays everyone!!! I've lost 3!!! I dunno how. However I cooked everything for thanksgiving. It was low carb, low sodium and sugar free. I took a break from working out for 3 days. I also had a horrible slime episode from eating too fast. My 4th fill is on 12/08. I'm also winning the biggest loser contest at work. That's an extra 250 for me!!!

    My kidneys are doing ok. I worked out today. I want insanity for Xmas. It's a work out DVD program that I heard is great.

    Do you guys do Christmas dinner too? We just do a Christmas Breakfast.< /p>

  7. alright ladies, hello. Hope you are all doing well,

    Yes salt will cause the bloat. Some people can fight through it and doing gain that much. I eat salt and puff up like crazy then Constipation doesnt help either!

    I'm still fighting the good fight. Working out hard and eating good foods. My fitness pal has saved my life! I got a fill last week and I dunno if I'm at a good tightness. I could use a bit more I guess, but I'm still eating less than 1200 calories a day.

  8. OMG you know I jiust realized that when they did take my blood work at true results they did say that my liver and kidney enzymes were elevated. I did ask why, but was told cause I was over weight. Obesity causes a fatty liver and my HBP could be the reason why they came back elevated, but it wasnt anything to be concerned about. So i just moved on.

    I may actually make my goal for 10/31 which is to be 270!! at 271 now I'm the thinnest I've been in about 7 years. i've been working so hard since being banded. I now feel like this is working for once. I just hope that my kidneys are o.k. I know my dad had kidney failture at an early age, but he recovered. I thank god for my PCP listening to my whole story. She was so proud i've lost so much weight and felt bad I was so frustrated. I've had her as a doctor for less than a year. Most doctors i've had didnt do much and referred me to a nutritionist.

  9. Helllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm back B******! read my blog! Finally figured out why I wasnt losing!

    Anyhoo. I had my first slime yesterday and I spit up. It was scary, very scary. I was eating a ceasar salad that had some hard chicken on it. I was on the phone and eating and going waaaay too fast. Well after a few bites I felt a lump in my chest and a sick feeling. I ran to the bathroom and long strings of spit and slime started to come up. I tried to burp and i felt a pain in my band. I spit up some of the chicken and felt a little better. I was dry heaving for a bit then I waiting till I felt better.

    So much for my work luncheon. I'm just glad I didnt puke on my boss!

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