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  1. Hi Everyone! Having a rough, rough week personally, but still on track with my diet!

  2. ok duh, i see now. you went to true results like me!

  3. when were u banded??

  4. Hellloooooo! I have been out of commission but I'm back. My boil turned into a staph infection and a trip to the hospital where they cut and drained it. I'm home and getting back on the wagon.

  5. I have a boil and I'm sick as a dog. havent worked out in about 4 days and its killing me! Ugh I feel my thighs spreading! lol. I feel so tired, feverish and like I wanna vomit.

  6. After a week scale only moved cause I went on a 2 day liquid fast but today I'm up one pound! I wonder how long I gotta wait to get lapband removed????

  7. Wow today up another stupid pound!!!!!! Now 279. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. From 275 to 277 in two damn days!! What the heck?!?! I'm totally perplexed as to what is happening with my body.

  9. Gained a pound today. Finally the water weight from the cheat day has gone away but Jesus this is beyond depressing. Im

  10. Currently researching a possible link between body composition and weight loss. I have mostly all belly fat. It seems we tend to lose slow and have insulin problems. Hmmmm

  11. Had my 2nd fill and the PA made me feel worse that I do. In the course of a few days I've went from 275 to 280 today. My lady fill weigh in I was 281. So to them I've lost one pound. When I told the broad what I ate and how much i am working out she looked at me like I was lying. She said there is no way one cheat day would cause so much weight gain and even still I should weigh less. Next time I have to bring print outs of what I eat on MFP. So angry!!!! According to ...

  12. Up another pound after a cheat day. 4lbs gained and no end in sight.

  13. The war has restarted. It's me Vs. my body. I'm back to hating it again and frankly I've never been this cranky ever in my life. I've never been this crazy either. I'm almost certifiable cray-cray. Lock me up. can the band cause insanity? I think so. I cant stop with the scale. i had a cheat day and gained 3 friggin pounds. This WAR. The truce is over. It aint gonna be pretty!

  14. once again my body has decided to gain 2lbs. dont know y. I did just get off my menses, but that was 2 days ago and i was fine and now i gained 2 frigging lbs. I'm sick of this seriously.

  15. HELLLLLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Feeling great! I am so happy I got a fill. The weight is just falling off. I dunno if its the liquid diet again or what! But im so happy!!!

  16. Got my first fill and feeling good yesterday. I now have 3 cc's in my band. Now I gotta work out today somehow. Maybe a walk?? I've lost a few more pounds since Saturday. Thank god.

  17. I hate my body. Just hate it. I hate my stupid metabolism. I cant lose at 2500 calories. I cant lose at 1000 calories. I just dont know what to do. I'm not hungry, but my body stalls. I got the lapband to lose weight and its not happening.

  18. Oooook I'm sooooo confused. Last night I went off the reservation. I ate a spinach salad(good). A few bites of sausage(good) and a small piece of lasagna(not so good) and some bread! Uh oh!!!' nothing got stuck. I was just in pain. I also had a glass of wine and ice cream. So I'm thinking oh hell there goes my weight. So this morning I hope on the scale and I'm down 4lbs?!?!! Uhhhhh what is happening with my body???

  19. Exactly sharilo! my surgeon said that I should not stall, but I have. i'm so angry!!! I havent lost a pound since 09/06. I've worked out all this week and nothing. I'm seriousy regretting this. I thought this would help be lose faster. I'm at the same level I was before I got the lapband. Next tuesday I get a fill, so hopefully that will help somehow.

  20. No they didn't!!!! Just closed it. I agree it's bs.

  21. Just got back from the doctor! I can now start on real food and lift weight. can't over do it. Start out slow. This is a great day!!!

  22. Oh and my carbs are around 40-50 which is a lot for me, but I'm dropping oatmeal period. I think grains cause me to stall. We will see. By the end of the week if I don't lose then I'm going into full attack mode!!! I haven't stalled this bad in years. A couple of days a week at the most but it's going on 2 weeks now.

  23. hey glow. I wanna punch someone right now for getting my thread lock. Holy S***! I use my fitnesspal every day. So happy for your weight loss. Still crazy as ever. Will be weighed today and seeing my surgeon.

  24. Trying to channel my inner nice person. It's hard oh boy is it hard. I dont like to be talked down to. I dont appreciate people feeling the need to remind me of this or that like they are my mom or something. You dont know me. Who I am or what I do. So why assume or feel the need to preach? Please take a long walk off a really short ledge! lol!!

  25. WOO HOO! day 7 and i'm feeling great! I'm trying to weigh in every few days instead of everyday cause I'll drive myself mad. I am so ready to hit the gym starting Monday.

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