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  1. Has anyone has any luck getting insurance to pay for (even partially) plastic surgery. I need a Tummy Tuck and a breast lift. I’ve lost 137lbs so it’s quite a bit of skin removal. I’ve gotten 2 quotes in the Boston area both for around 26k. Yikes! Does this seem high?
  2. Hi! I think I’m approaching maintenance. 11 months out from modified DS surgery. Not sure how I feel about that. My BMI is 28 down from 51. I’m wearing a size 6 which I can barely get my head around. I feel great but DONE losing weight? Happy with my weight? This is a new concept for me and I’m petrified I’m going to blow it. Any advise from seasoned maintenance people? I’m so scared I’m going to put it back on and so hard on myself for every food choice I make or non movement on the scale. TIA!
  3. I went for my 6 month bloodwork the other day and my 18 year old twin daughters also needed bloodwork so we all went together. I went first and when the tech called me In she was super chatty about the doctors in my practice and one surgeon that had left etc etc then she asked if I had had the surgery already. Which ok I have a BMI of 30 down from a 50 but ok I politely say yes I have. She then asks if it was easy to get approval and wasn’t it great I got approval yadayada I went out into the lobby and told my daughters I’ll wait in the car. So after my first daughter is done she gets in the car and says to me alarmed “you are having surgery??!!” I said no and she said well the tech said to me it’s great your mom got approved for her surgery. My kids don’t know I had surgery. Just my personal choice. I told my husband the story and he insists I call the lab. Wanted to see what you all thought about this. When I type it out it is pretty crazy she would say something like that! Appreciate your thoughts :) thanks!
  4. onmyway11

    Recovery from Sleeve to DS?

    I am a revision patient from sleeve to modified DS. I haven’t read Wisconsin_Gals post but from my personal experience any strong odors or diarrhea is from my own bad behavior. If I’m playing by the rules I have neither. Good luck with your decision!
  5. I’m tempted to try an energy boosting pre workout supplement. I’m 2.5 months out. Has anyone tried these types of supplements? Are they safe? Does it make you jumpy?
  6. onmyway11


    Hi! I will tell you my story. I’m 5’2” and Caucasian female. I was 50 when I went to my surgeon at 283 three and a half years ago. I was 256 4.5 month later when I had my VSG. I did amazing. I lost 112 lbs most of it in the first 7-8 months. I thought for sure I was home free I was really committed and excited. At my one year I was maintaining at my 2 year I was up 20 at my 3 year I was up 60 lbs. The thing about the sleeve is there is no malabsorption. Also you are able to eat whatever you want without repercussion as far as sickness. Sugar, fat whatever. Also after a while I was able to eat a decent quantity and of course there was the grazing. Six weeks ago I had my conversion at 232 I had a modified DS. I asked about a bypass. My surgeon said it wouldn’t result in a great weight loss. The DS is no joke. It’s early I know. I ate some frosting off a cake on Easter yesterday (my first cheat and not that much either) and I was up all night. I’m hoping that gets easier. Every one of these surgeries comes with good and bad and sometimes the good is bad and the bad is good. For instance I won’t be eating frosting again. I’m down over 30lbs in 6 weeks and I’m committed to keeping it off and staying on track and never letting myself gain weight back again. There’s no easy fix and there’s no one size fits all answer. Wish you the best!
  7. I’m almost a month out from DS surgery and had this horrible metal taste in my mouth the first week after surgery or so but it went away and now it’s back and it’s awful!! My surgeon said it would go away. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions why this is happening or better yet how to treat it? Bleck!
  8. I’m almost 2 weeks out from a DS SIPS revision surgery. I’m on a full liquid diet for 1 more day then I move to the blended diet (mushies I guess). I’m super hungry. I’m down 22 lbs from the week before surgery preop diet so I’m vwry happy but did not expect to be this hungry. Should I be this hungry at this point? What about the ghrelin factor? Or is that not really a thing? I get plenty of water and some broth in as well in a day. Any advise or insight?
  9. onmyway11

    Why am I soooooo hungry??

    Yes I’m sleeve to SIPS and I don’t believe I was this hungry last time. They did not touch my sleeve during this surgery which makes me think that the ghrelin is still a factor however honestly I don’t really know that much about ghrelin. I think it may be because i am still on full liquids? I’m hoping Monday will bring some relief?? Def gong to try to add more broth and liquids the previous poster suggested too.
  10. I’m preparing for revision surgery and I’m wondering what excuse people have used. I want to say I’m having surgery so people understand that I’m incapacitated for a couple weeks just don’t want everyone to know it’s Bariatric surgery. I have enough of a messed up head about my weight that I don’t need the judgement. Also I work w my mom and I woukd tell her but after my last surgery I asked her not to tell anyone and she told her friends so her priveledges have been revoked! I have sinus issues I thought about using that and I also have been having some female issues so I thought about that. Last time I told like 3 different stories and I’m sure most people figured it out. TIA for your advise and non judgement :)
  11. I’m going in tomorrow. Does anyone have suggestions or tips for my bag? I’ll be in for 2 nights. Big loose pj pants or yoga pants? Gas x? Also how soon could you shower? Thanks in advance for your advise!
  12. I’m tomorrow 😳😳😳 March 2nd sleeve revision to SIPS DS. Nervous, excited, nervous haha. I’m in Boston woukd love to hear from others having surgery tomorrow or this week!
  13. I am seeking advise on mentally and physically preparing for surgery. I’m about 5-6 weeks away from revising from a sleeve to a LOOP DS and feel that last time going in I was mentally prepared I was losing weight and in control. This time for insurance purposes I haven’t lost weight and while I haven’t been binge eating I can’t seem to do the 2 shakes a day light dinner thing I’ve been trying to do (my idea not my doctors suggestion). I want to give myself the best chance at losing the 55-60. I go between thinking I’m ok the surgery is going to help me dont panic if you eat 1800 cals a day to you must only drink protein shakes and eat under 1000 or you won’t be successful. I do have a therapist and I am truly trying to figure out my head. Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Have you looked at DS or SIPS surgery? From my research it seems the better option. Revising to a bypass is said not to produce amazing weight loss (some but not all) my surgeon told me a revision to a bypass for me would only yield 25 lb or so and I need to lose 60. Good luck!
  15. I’m preparing for revision all surgery in the next couple months. I’m concerned about how much I can lose. I originally lost 112 with the sleeve and have gained back about 55-60 (I’m afraid to look). I have heard things like the sleeve portion of the surgery (which I have already had) helps you lose the weight and the rest of the surgery (malabsorption part) helps you keep it off. Wanted to see if there were any people here that have done this revision that can give me the skinny on how much I will lose. ANY advise on what I’m getting myself into is appreciated. All my research points to go but real life experience is always appreciated!
  16. Lotrimin spray for jock itch (not the foot one). Walmart sells their own brand which works just as well. Not to be used on open skin tho so if you have that you should wait until it heals. I use this after every shower and since I have I haven’t had any issues. Good luck!
  17. I am currently failing at finding a surgeon in Boston that performs DS surgery. Mind blown as Boston prides itself on great health care. I just got off the phone with Brigham and Women’s and their head surgeon said he doesn’t do DS, has never heard of SIPS and that the loop would be out of pocket and not covered by insurance. Huh? Mass general also said they do not perform. Newton Wellesley said they do the SIPS but have only done 3. This has left me asking myself why?? Should I not be considering the DS? Or is this a it’s them not me situation. Please help Boston DSers!! Thanks :)
  18. onmyway11

    Loop Duodenal Switch vs Duodenal Switch SADI-S

    @jdmcappo @Lady98 would love love to hear anythng you have to say about your surgery. I am a VSG revision candidate and I’m sick aboit my weight regain. Did you both revise or do the Loop in one operation? Do you feel confident you can keep the weight off? VSG regain is about 50% and I can’t find any numbers on the loop regain. Were you concerned about the lack of long term data with the loop? And also does your surgeon perform both and encouraged you to do the single not double? I live in Boston and there are no surgeons that do the full DS and the one I currently go to has only done 3 loops. Lastly has your life changed drastically? Can you go out to dinner without needing a bathroom break? Are there things you avoid socially otherwise that make you regret having the loop done? Thank you SO MUCH for any advise as I make this decision!
  19. I posted on the DS forum but thought I would post here as well and maybe catch someone that knew of a surgeon that performs DS surgery in Boston? Surprisingly hard for me to find one!!
  20. I’m researching SIPS vs DS and I’m so confused on the correct choice! SIPS seems easier to live with less side effects possibly and an up and coming surgery while DS has been around longer and has more follow up data. My surgeons office only does SIPS and truly has not done that many of them so I’ll probably switch surgeons as well. My story is that I had a nightmare band experience in 2011, didn’t lose much at all and regained all as well as port discomfort etc until being revised in 2017 to sleeve. I did amazing on sleeve for 2 years lost almost all my weight (112lbs) but regained about half. I’m desperate to find the right surgery and so afraid I will make another mistake! I know I need a more powerful surgery than the sleeve and yes I’m doing the “head work” in therapy. Any advise on which I should choose or how I should make the decision?
  21. I am looking for Boston people that love their surgeon. Specifically to do either a DS or a SIPS procedure. It’s ok if you don’t know if they do or not I will call around thanks!!
  22. Have any of you long time SIPS patients had trouble maintaining? My surgeon says I will still need to be careful and vigilant over what I eat. Others in the practice (nutritionist and psych) say it’s impossible to regain bc your body won’t allow it.
  23. onmyway11

    Are you happy?

    I asked my surgeon if DS patients were happy they did it. He said yes because they are thin but I wonder are you happy otherwise with your new lifestyle and is life completely different? In what way if so?
  24. onmyway11

    Are you happy?

    Ohhhh @azhiker I love your excitement!!! Haha so fun. @losingit2018 my surgeon said the DS is the way to go he doesn’t revise to the bypass and since I have the sleeve already i can see advantages to the DS. I’m not confident another surgery will be the answer since it seems like I have been gaining weight so easily w the sleeve after 2 years. I don’t want to redo my insides and have bathroom issues for the rest of my life and still be fat. Sigh
  25. I’m 2 years out after very successful sleeve surgery. I lost over a hundred but maintaining has been extremely difficult. I’ve gained a little over 30 back and seem to be on a run away train. I’m 52 and healthy, active. Currently weigh about 200-205 and am 5’2”. My highest weight was 283. I’m exhausted from the ups and downs of weigh loss and want to fix my body. I feel hungry all the time and can only eat a tiny bit if I don’t want to gain. I can however eat a lot physically. I’m so tired of the stress of my weight and can only imagine how much weight I will put back on at this rate. Most likely all of it. My surgeon is suggesting DS surgery now before I gain more. I’m concerned about long term issues. Mostly the bathroom issues not the vitamin regime. I don’t know if I want to alter my body and create problems. And also if I do so in a year or 2 or 3 is the maintaining an issue again? Would love to hear from people w similar stories (or not so similar). Would you do it again? Would you do it if you were me? Thank you so much in advance for your advise these forums are a godsend for real life education!

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