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  1. So I am just curious, hows everyone doing on there weight loss? I am a little dissapointed I weight 262 when having my surgery and I am now 177. I have been at this weight since October. I really was hoping I would be at my goal weight right about now and now I stress I will never be to my goal weight which is 130lbs. All I need to lose is 47lbs and honestly it doesnt seem like that much weight to me because of how much I have lost. If that makes any sence to any of you. So....I have a question how much are you eating at this point? I always stress that I stretched my sleeve sometimes I can get full pretty quick and other times I feel like I ate more than I should have. I really wish I could go back to the feeling when I first had my sleeve so that I know my sleeve wasn't streched.
  2. So...I had my gastric sleeve done July 26 2011 and I am feeling so down. The day I went in for surgery I weighed 250 I now weigh 189 so I have lost a total of 61lbs not what I expected and the last 2 months I have been 189 and I am not able to lose weight. I am still obese and I feel like I am always going to be overweight. I would like to know if anyone has has these stalls that last a few months? I know that my weight loss is suppose to slow down around this time, but is there anyway to get it going again? I really want this and I am tired of being overweight! I only have 50-60lbs to go and to me that is nothing because I had more than 100lbs before my surgery I feel so close yet so far away. AHHH someone help me!!!
  3. I actually eat the same thing almost every day and the same amount Breakfast 1 egg 1 bacon lunch 1/2 cup lettuce 2 chicken slices 2 tbs spoon ranch 3 olives 1 onion slice dinner Usually the same as lunch I walk on the treadmill 3-4x's a weeks 30min-1hr. I'm not sure of calories or the carbs, Protein. I have been eating this since about 6 months ago and have lost weight between 4 an 6lbs a month. I can't afford alot and I have celiac diesease and its something I haven't got sick of yet. Maybe I will have to find out the calories and all that.
  4. When doing my blood work, I found out I have celiac. Disease. I am so stressed about getting sleeved and also trying to make sure I don't eat gluten. It seems to me that almost everything has gluten, it has got me down.
  5. So I am a little disappointed I had surgery July 26, 2011 I started at 262 and know I am at 198. I know I should be happy about my results but I feel like I am doing something wrong and that I should be loosing more weight. So my question is, is the weight I lost about where I should be or should I have been losing more? Also, when does the weight loss REALLY slow down or will I keep loosing a few pounds a month? I am just scared that I wont lose anymore weight and I will be fat forever. And one more thing I would like to know how many calories and all that others are eating at 7 months. Thanks
  6. The first month I was home I was very sick and didnt lose anything but after all that passed I have been losing. but these last few months have been bad last Febuary I lost nothing and that is when I really started getting into using my treadmill everyday. I am just so discouraged. Thank you ladys for your help.
  7. When getting this surgery I was worried about complications like blot clots and leakage ect. When do you think we can stop stressing so much about these complications and just focus on being healthy?
  8. So this weekend I was able to eat for the first time since I had surgery 5 weeks ago. I'm kind of concerned because I ate alot, I didn't feel full and didn't know when to stop. I measured my food today and I think I still ate more than I should of because my sleeve is still healing and all that but my question is how will I know when I've had enough and at 5 weeks how much should I reallybe eating at each meal? My dr office isn't much help they never call back I don't even know if what I ate for breakfast is ok. I had a egg and some hashbrowns., what do you all think is hashbrowns a bad idea? I still have my tube in as well so there's some foods I just don't dare to eat I feel they will not go down and get stuck.
  9. Sheenan

    How much should I be eating

    So I found out 800 calories is what I should be eating. I need to go buy something to weigh my food. I am eating what I have in the house because I am embaressed to leave the house with this tube hanging out of my nose. That's kind of why I'm eating potatos and such but a few more days and I'll be on my way to losing this weight. I'm going to just try eggs in the morning and see how I feel. Thank you all for your help.
  10. Sheenan

    Ng tube

    I am wondering if anyone else ever had to have a tube through your nose because you were dehydrated or not able to eat? I had to have one placed on tuesday because in was so dehydrated and couldnt keep anything down and was just vomitting for 2 weeks. I'm feeling so much better but my dr won't take the tube out until I can eat 800 to 900 calories on my own. Now my problem with eating food is I'm sure I can because I want to eat for the first time in so long but this tube down my throat makes me gag as it is I'm scared to eat food with it in. I don't want to lie and say I can eat and then not tolerate food once I have the tube out and have them put it right back in. Has anyone else had to go through this or maybe have some advice I'm really stuck. I didn't mention that I have been eating popcyicles without problems.
  11. Sheenan

    Ng tube

    I'm feeling Alot better, better then i have since I started my pre op diet and am actually glad they decided to do the tube. I did eat and have been eating all weekend. I hardly know the tube is there anymore. I'm going to talk to the dr office tomorrow and see if they will let me try eating on my own without the tube.
  12. Has anyone else felt very nauseous 4 weeks out? I haven't been able to eat anything for a week i feel like I'm going to vomit when I drink water. I have tried 5 diff nausea pills and also had a EKG done and everything looks fine the only thing I have done for two weeks is lay on the couch I'm so regretting this surgery
  13. Sheenan

    Regretting surgery

    I was told by my dr to stop taking the acid reducer not sure why she said to do that because she said I had alot of bio in there when she did the scoop. So teas I've never had tea it never did sound good to me but im willing to try it what are some that are good for the stomach problems also would sprite be a bad idea this early? I'm not sure I can handle broth, sugar free anything or soups anymore I've had to gag them down and now thinking about it totally makes me sick. Thanks for all the replies I've really needed this help.
  14. Sheenan

    Regretting surgery

    I did have the scoop yesterday and dr said my tummy looks good. I am so sick of this. When did you start eating I just can't do it. I have ice cream that I try and eat because I can't think about eating anything without running to the bathroom. I'm so ready to get this life started but I swear I'm never going to feel better.
  15. Sheenan

    So sick

    Tomorrow I am allowed to start mushy foods I was so excited about this a week ago, now everytome I think about food it makes ms sick. I tried eating this morning and my second really, really small bite I got sick and had to run to the bathroom. I dont know what is wrong with me and the way I feel now I would be happy if I never had to eat food again. Is this normal or should I talk to my nut?
  16. Sheenan


    When did Everyone start eating potatos, fries, hashbrowns? My families going out to dinner tonight not sure what I will be able to eat.
  17. Sheenan


    Ya I don't plan on eating them often I'm Just at the point where I can start mushy foods so I'm trying to decide what to eat. I really don't want to get into bad habits and potatoes are my weakness. I'm not into soups much and so I'm kind of stuck on what I should eat.
  18. Sheenan


    When did Everyone start eating potatos, fries, hashbrowns? My families going out to dinner tonight not sure what I will be able to eat.
  19. Well since I can't get ahold of my NUT what do you all think about cheese soup on a full liquid?? I'm starving and the only thing I can even stand to eat is pudding but pretty sick of it. Tomorrow will be a week since I've had surgery. And would love something different.
  20. So does the pain in your throat have something to do with the gallbladder? Sorry I hope you feel netter soon.
  21. Sheenan

    So tired

    So Its been 1 1/2 week since I had surgery and I'm still sooooo tired and just want to lay around. I have a 1 and 3 year old that want to play outside but I just don't have the energy to do it. Is this normal if so when does it start getting easier? My husband is starting to get annoyed with me I feel horrible but I need to take care of myself so I can take care of the family.
  22. I had surgery July 26 th, I feel fine the only complaint is I'm Sooo tired. I hope this ends soon because I need to get out and walk and play with my kids.
  23. I'm still on full liquids and I am trying to come up with something that I might be able to get in my belly and feel ok . I am allowed to eat yogurt but not really a big fan of reg yogurt So has anyone ever tried frozen fat free sugar free yogurt? My nut said it was ok to eat apple sauce and cottage cheese since Tuesday I'll go on to the next stage but I still feel starving. I also had a few bites of mashed Potatos but didn't want To eat to much because she never said it was ok. So what do you all thing of the frozen yogurt do you think it might be ok
  24. I am the same as you. I've never really been on bc until April when I tried depo I hated it, it messed my body up so bad. I have skin problems in that area so I don't want up use anything there, so I was thinking about the mini pill but I'm horrible at taking pills. Do you know if the mini pill causes wait gain?