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  1. Let the scolding begin.... No I havent been on here....NOR have I been on my youtube account in almost a year. I really honestly thought I was going to be this awesome example and keep up with all of this stuff and really show you guys, start to finish what it was like to have the sleeve. Well In that aspect I did fail, and to the general public who was relying on me for that information I am truly sorry. It was just one thing after another, my laptop broke, my dad left for Iraq, I moved, twice, I had school and work and all that Jazz. I have to give big ups to the people with families to take care of and jobs and lives that still find the time to be dedicated to this...I am far too lazy. REGARDLESS It has been almost a year, My surgiversary is April 20th, so I figured I would hop on here and let everyone know what was up with me and that I am in fact not dead, contrary to popular belief. My starting weight weight was 278 and I am Very Happy to report that I am now down to 165, 160 on a good day lol.....I have been slacking lately a lot. If I work out my body responds with weight loss...and by work out I mean walk. If I dont I still lose, JUST very slowly. Now as for my diet, lemme put it this way.... I dont have one...Yes punch me in the face, what was the point of surgery? Trust me I am always aware of what I am putting in my mouth and I will say that about a month ago I went back on low carb and it really does work. I try to stick loosely to that still. But I am 25, I go out every weekend,so I drink a lot, and On top of that I have a few dates a week...So I eat out a lot...I am hot now So I gotta keep up = D I am very happy where I am but this is not my goal. My original goal was 155, which I am almost there. Of course when I noticed how the weight was falling off of me I created a new goal, which is somehwere in the 130s .....I dont have a whole lot else to say except Thanks to everyone that was here to give me the info I needed to make this decision. I am thrilled that I took the step, and If anyone has any questions for me I'll be around and I swear I'll try and answer this time = D Thanks -Tiff
  2. Look at me checking this for the first time in like a year!

  3. What is the BEST unflavored protein mix??
  4. TiffanyIsMajor

    OK Protein Users...

    Yea, I am still alive... I thought I posted on here to tell everyone my laptop is destroyed and so I really only get online to check my email....My incisions healed up a while ago,and i am down 50 pounds this week = D....Just totally slacking because I have limited internet access.. Thanks for asking = D
  5. OK so I have asked this in the middle of a thread before but I still CANT wrap my head around it. Absorption. I have asked about how our stomachs absorb protein after surgery. I got the response, that our stomachs will only absorb about 20 gr of protein in one sitting. If this is true why do I keep seeing postings for like 30/40 gram protein mixes? Does no one know this info, or is it not true or what? I totally believe the person that told me this, I am not saying that he/she was wrong(sorry cant remember who said it) I am just saying that if this is true then I really think it should be shouted from building tops because all I keep hearing about are, " I found this 30 gr protein shake, and I'll drink two and that will be my protein for the day." IF the 20 gr absorption thing is TRUE then people ARENT actually getting what they think they are getting, that is important to know! HELP!
  6. TiffanyIsMajor

    No caption

    From the album: My big useless album...

  7. Hardcore... Hey Guys! Sorry I have been suchhhhh a complete stranger..I am just stopping by QUICKLY to let everyone know I am completely fine. I actually have had a lot happen in the last two weeks that has been affecting my vst time. First of all I broke my laptop = [. I cracked the screen, and it is like almost 150 to fix it. SO I said screw it and hopefully when I graduate hair School ( yes you can indeed graduate form there) I'll ask for a netbook. SO that is mostly why I havent been on so much. Also I FOUND OUT MY DAD IS COMIMG HOME EARLY =D. Which is completely exciting, most of you know he is in Iraq. So because of him coming home we have been looking for a new bigger place, which i found, and I have been packing up and we are moving this weekend...So yeah lots going on with him coming home. Running lots of errands. AND Losing weight!! Other than all the extra stuff.... Everything with me is normal...All my incisions healed...I take all my Vitamins, try to drink Water... eating mostly only protien...AND I am really seeing results...I can't wait until I can go back to full workouts...that is in about two weeks which is perfect because it will be right after I move.... Life Is pretty good right about now.... So NO I am not dead. Just Busy! Thanks everyone for being so supportive...= D Tiff
  8. TiffanyIsMajor

    Is it possible to lose 20 lbs in 5 days?

    I lost 17 in the first 7 days....so I'd say so.
  9. TiffanyIsMajor

    Sorry I completely suck...

    You guys are super sweet = D Thanks!
  10. HEY LADY! Sorry I suck at posting. I broke my laptop = / My stall did finally break and I am down to 246 now.... How are you doing now..It has been like 10 days since you posted to me about your stall...

  11. Sorry about never posting! I broke my freakin laptop = [ Plus I am moving and I am just running out of time to do things...My youtube vids....hmm just go to youtube and search "my chunkychannel" they should pop up....I havent done one in like 3 weeks though because of the broken laptop thing... I really need to post a new one... Thanks for asking about me = ]

  12. TiffanyIsMajor

    Not Happy.

    I am STILL not losing. It is almost three weeks out, and honestly I am PISSED. I SWORE to myself, that I wouldnt do this, that I wouldnt be upset if I hit a stall or whatever. That was a lie. I feel like I did this surgery for no reason right now, and I HATE to say that, but I just dont understand what is going on. I eat atleast HALF if not a quarter of what I used to. I spend more time thinking about food NOW, then I ever did before surgery, which is the complete opposite of what I wanted. I am just frustrated and the longer I dont lose the more stressed I am getting. I hate this.
  13. TiffanyIsMajor


    Ok, when counting carbs....are we counting ALL carbs.......OR Carbs minus Fiber content.......??? Thanks = D
  14. TiffanyIsMajor


    I have been counting them all, but I am just finding out about this fiber business... Sounds interesting = D
  15. TiffanyIsMajor

    Not Happy.

    It moved today....254.8 this morning = D..I just think I need to walk more....and REALLY pay attention to what I am eating.......I am going on a walk soon to keep up the sexy downward momentum = D
  16. TiffanyIsMajor

    Not Happy.

    You absolutely did not offend me...I just get frustrated with folks when I just asked for a little comfort and I get a list of things I am "doing wrong"......Or things they think I am doing wrong, like the incision thing....that DOES piss me off....you were sweet so thanks = D
  17. TiffanyIsMajor

    Not Happy.

    Yeah but I haven't lost anymore.... But thanks for putting it into perspective for me babe .... = D
  18. TiffanyIsMajor

    Not Happy.

    Thanks everyone who did in fact post something encouraging, I really appreciate it =D The following message is not for you = D OK soo now, I have to be a BITCH, because someone is well...nevermind, name calling is not nice. FIRST of all..... MY incisions are NOT infected....If you "watched" my videos, you sure didn't watch with the volume up...I took my stiches out earlyISH...I was told 7-10 days, but that they prefer I take them out after 10..I took them out on day nine....So thanks, but try ACTUALLY LISTENING next time.... SECOND.....I did not expect to drop all the weight in a week..I am upset because 90% of the time I FOLLOW THE "RULES" yet my body only gave up 17 pounds the first week and has yet to give up anything else. For those of you who seem to think I am stupid, please stop responding to my post. I do like exercise, but I am not allowed to do any until Week six.... What I am also upset about is larger people like me seem to lose more quickly except me...BASICALLY the whole post is about me pretty much being jealous that I am not losing like them...and I want to be..and I am worried because i haven't lost ANYTHING since the first week... I did not ask everyone to jump all over my ass and tell me how wrong i am doing things....so thanks for your backwards encouragement.... For now I will try to stop worrying...
  19. TiffanyIsMajor


    Yay for stalling out on week two. Next week best be better. = /
  20. Please don't answer that I already know the answer = ] I have a question for you all that I would think I should know the answer. Before I ask, NO I don't think I have one. My question is, is it actually possible to eat so much you burst your new tummy and cause a leak. By POSSIBLE, I mean wouldnt other things happen first to warn you? Like projectile vomiting and extreme pain? Sorry, I know that is gross but sometimes I wonder. Thanks, Tiff
  21. I am SOOOOO glad I found this....I have done the same thing and now 4 out of 5 of my incisions are a mess.....I was on day nine thinking I was fine too. I even attempted to go to the er, but the triage nurse said they wouldnt stitch them back up, just make sure they were infected, which they arent, and rebandgae them ...all and all a waste of money because I dont have insurance, so i left.
  22. TiffanyIsMajor

    I'm young

    I am 24 and only about a week out, but I can already tell you if this surgery would have been an option at 18 I so would have done it.
  23. TiffanyIsMajor

    Am I stupid..hmmm

    lol I sent you a pm to ask you the same thing, thanks for responding...Now I am worried...I crammed deli meat in today, while it did take me a while to get it down, I still cant tell at what level of discomfort am I actually done, so i just kept eating = / I hope one day I figure it out...
  24. TiffanyIsMajor

    Am I stupid..hmmm

    Like really how is NO ONE but you and I gonna ask this? Or better yet how is NO ONE going to answer it = [ Come on guys I know someone knows...
  25. Yay! Congrats! It gets better everyday = ]

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