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  1. I was banded at the end of August and I still don't have a regular BM. Just be careful, during the first couple weeks after I was banded, I got severely constipated and ended up in the ER. Very embarrassing. Make sure you push your fluids and miralax could be your best friend. I started taking a fiber supplement and I still do.
  2. Lisa1967

    Lap Band Port Site Lump

    Mine does too but not too bad now. I was banded at the end of August. From what I understand the more weight you lose, the less you will notice the port site.
  3. Lisa1967

    Christmas Goody Intervention

    I hate gym hours during the holidays. I just joined an Anytime Fitness so now I won't have to deal with that!!!! I can go whenever I wan't. If I want to go at 1 am then so be it. I hate being restricted to a time!!
  4. Lisa1967

    Michigan Bandsters Check In

    Banded 8/22/11 in Sault Ste Marie by Dr Adair. My mother had knee surgery at Crittenden. Great hospital!!!!
  5. Lisa1967

    Is this PBing?

    I know there are others that don't ever have to have a fill. I went on how much I could eat and it was more than I should have. I would listen and pay attention to your body. Thats what I did. I would see how I feel the day before, before you cancel your appointment just incase.
  6. Lisa1967

    Eating too much!!

    I was banded Aug 22, and I was going through the same thing you are going through, except I wasn't paying attention. But my husband was and mentioned it to me. Luckily I didn't gain but I did see-saw. I had my first fill this past friday and has made a difference.
  7. I was addicted to skinny cows too. I quit buying them for now.
  8. Lisa1967

    Nicotine Test?

    Some physicians require it if you are a former smoker. My surgeons requirement for surgery was 6 months smoke free and would run a nicotine test. I would have had to have quit for over a year not to have one. But I didn't have one, he forgot lol
  9. Don't feel bad I was scared to eat when I first started mushies. Make sure you chew until it's like liquid and you will be ok. I've had a couple close calls but I've never vomited. So far so good!!!
  10. Lisa1967

    Is my postop pain normal??

    Don't feel bad. I used a pillow too. I learned this from my husband who had hernia surgery 4 weeks before me. It seems you have minimal improvement. I would just give it a couple more days. I'm glad to see that pain goes away with baths. My son does this when he has a tummy ache and he says it makes if feel better. I really thought he was being a drama queen and making excuses for his baths lol. I stand corrected, thanks guys lol
  11. I have been on a see saw lately. I gain a couple I lose a couple. I work out 3-6 days a week. I had recently gained 3lbs. I weighed myself this morning and lost the three. I also haven't worked out since thursday. So there is a lot truth to what others have posted. It's frustrating though it seems I'm not getting anywhere. I'm hoping for a fill on wednesday to see if that helps. I have nothing in my band right now and am almost 8 weeks post op.
  12. If you are self pay, find out what the surgeons requirements are. They are all different. He may still want you to do the 6 month diet.
  13. Lisa1967

    What do you count? Calories/protein/carbs?

    Your welcome. Good luck on your surgery. Please keep us posted. It's good to ask questions prior. That is something I never did. Lol on reading those posts. I know I kinda freaked. I just happen to let people get to me and I shouldn't. Lesson learned!!
  14. Lisa1967

    I hate my metabolisim this sucks....

    I've been working out every day. So the one thing I did do is quit weighing myself everyday. I don't blame you for not wanting to do the see saw dieting. My surgeons nurse told me a lot of people get frustrated with the lapband. I'm trying not to be one of those people. I just want things to start moving again. I would be happy with a pound a week right now =)
  15. Lisa1967

    Looking for a buddy...

    I had my surgery 8/22 you can add me if you would like =)
  16. The one thing I noticed is when I started coming to this site all surgeons are different. It's really been an eye opener. During my pre op diet. I had to stay 1000 calories or under. Protein shake for breakfast and one for lunch with a snack in the after noon. For dinner I could have 4 oz of meat a half cup of veggies and a half cup of starch and lots of fluids. Except for the day before surgery then It was either breakfast or lunch was my full meal and a protein shake for dinner.
  17. Lisa1967

    Co-Morbids?? Help!

    If you do have sleep apnea, that should cover it. As for the lab work, I'm not sure if one time of abnormalities will cover it. I know a history will. Do you get regular annual lab work done? I would call your insurance company and ask what the qualifications are and also ask your surgeon. I have found they are all different.
  18. Damn!!! LOL. I've been banded since 8/22/11
  19. As long as they are pureed or strained they are considered full liquids.
  20. Lisa1967

    I bumped up.. is that so wrong?

    Well I am a firm believer in following Dr's orders. I was banded August 22nd. I was just released to mushy foods 2 days ago. I'm still pretty much on liquids have tried mashed potatoes that didn't go well. It didn't make me sick just gave me a heavy feeling. I know you get sick of being on the same diet for any amount of time. But I believe your surgeon has your best interest at heart and studies have proven this is really the best way. I understand everyone is different, and I am also hungry a lot, but I just let it pass. I know I have to be stronger than my urges or this will have been a waste of time for me.
  21. Lisa1967


    My surgeon told me to stay off of it as well. I haven't had any since post op. I'm going to try and stay off of it. I may sneak it sometimes =D
  22. I agree!!! The sipping concept is for the birds!!!!
  23. I am one week and 1 day post surgery. When I was first released from the hospital it said to take in 2-4 oz per hour. I was wondering when I could increase that. I was reading that you can gradually increase this to 8 oz but I was just wondering when a safe time to start doing this.
  24. Lisa1967

    When do I start increasing fluid intake

    When I was first released from the hospital the directions of the diet said about 2-4 oz a day but could gradually increase to 8. I really appreciate all the advice. I really miss chugging water

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