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  1. SADIE HERE Dr. Ramos Kelly 2-18-2011 ..................what what ???lol so excited
  2. I had surgey the same day as you and i have lost about the same . I also feel like I cannot eat as much in the morning as I can in the evening .The sleeve is not just what I expected either I think in my mind it was the magic surgery that would make it all better. I am finding out that I still have to work at it but just not as hard as before the surgery. I do still want to eat bad things and head hunger is a real pain in my a$$ but the sleeve is still helping me. I think in my head I like you thought something different but it is what I have and I plan to do my best to make it work for me . I wish you the best.
  3. sadie_mo


    thank you all so much I leave tonight for my surgery tomorrow and it is going to e great and I cant wait all my kids have big weekend plans so it is goingto be fine . I would be lost with out all the support I have found on this site
  4. for me the benefit is I could never afford the surgery in the US and my insurance has a restriction on weight loss surgery. You will see several people on this site went to Mexico and several that wish that had.
  5. sadie_mo

    Home from Hospital

    Thanks for posting I am having surgery 2 weeks from Friday so I like to see the updates
  6. Best of luck I am sure it will work out
  7. I think it is extremely hateful to be so rude and loathe a post if it is an open forum about how you handle it. I cannot help that I am comfortable enough to say it out loud. To each his own I don't judge anyone on their choices I just post mine and wish everyone well. I am here to get and give support not to be judged or "loathed"
  8. I tell everyone who will listen I post a count down on my facebook and all my coworkers know . I am a person who puts it all out there and says love me or leave me alone. This wasn't like anything else it was hard to make up my mind to share this though. I get lots if emails on facebook though wanting details and price because the truth is people do want to know and some may not have ever thought they could do this so I am speaking out and saying it's ok . I am out of the WLS closet and so happy to share. I know it's hard for some people and they want to keep it a secret and I think it is just a personal choice. I get lots of great feed back and some negative and I am sure people talk behind my back but I can handle it.
  9. sadie_mo


    This s bad @$$ what a good group I am getting so so excited and I am glad so many have answered my crazy call lmao
  10. are you having it done in the US
  11. I think we all go through these feelings . It us no joke this is major and life changing so what your feeling is just part of it. I am scared to death to be going to Mexico to get my surgery so far away from my family. I just remind myself that it needs to be done and this is the only and push through my fear . I am going the 19 of February so we are going to be pretty close in there .
  12. I think it is just your body adjusting to the change. With so much less intake it goes into survival mode storing all the fat. I think once it readjust you will start dropping more weight. Best wishes I can't wait till I get my sleeve Just remember when you were where I am now and be happy you are on the other side lol
  13. I am so excited for you ! I had a friend who used him 2 yrs ago this feb and is still doing great!!! I will be there the same week but with Dr. Kelly on the 21st so let's stay in touch . Congrats and don't be scared , you got this covered!
  14. sadie_mo

    pre surgery over eating

    Oh yea they said for my BMI I will need to do a 10 day pre-op diet and the last three of them clear liquid only. I think I will do ok with that because I know I have no choice because it is for surgery. I think my brain works like that because I couldn't quit smoking in my own but as soon as I got pregnant I stopped that same day.
  15. sadie_mo

    Ok here I go...me at 168

    you look so beautiful it just amazes me
  16. Me and 3 out if my 5 kids are all stuck in bed with a mean nasty stomach flu and I wonder if things like this will be worse after surgery ? With 4 of my kids school age and a 6 month old at home reality is that I will be dealing with things like this post op.
  17. sadie_mo


    Is constipation a commen problem with this surgery ? Also how long post op till you can wear a regular bra again ?
  18. sadie_mo

    Eve of My Sleeve

    You are going to do awesome no to mention look and feel better. I just closed my eyes and said a little prayer for all of you having surgery tomorrow
  19. I have a few coworkers who gets do angry I just want to slap them ! I get tired of people asking why I don't just go on a diet and eat right. I only told them because I wanted to request the time off ,not because I want their advice. I am a 33 year old woman who is paying cash out of my pocket and my hard earned vacation time . I am not shy about telling people to mind their buisness but I had a guy today act like I owed him an explanation of some sort and he just kept popping off and saying what a quiter I am.I just wish I could slap a gag on his big mouth and put tape over it !

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