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  1. rn2012

    December Bandsters!! How Ya Feeling??

    I'm doing great. Im down 37lbs since surgery 12/15
  2. rn2012

    First Day On The Other Side

    Welcome to the other side, i was banded on 12/15/11. I'm slow but surly getting back to feel normal. Early on i had gas pain, thats prob what your shoulder pain came from, so invest in some gasx strips and walk, walk, walk, that will releive all the gas. I will follow u on her, i starting weights are the same
  3. rn2012

    Anyone With Aetna Insurance?

    i hv aetna and had to do the 3 month requirement. i started on 8/17 and met with the surgeon, nurse practioner and nutrititionist, once a month via telephone i spoke with the nutritionist and Nurse over the phone to discuss diet and excercise, maybe u will get lucky and can do it over the phone too, but thats up to dr office after month 3 11/17 my paper work was submitted and it took about 2 weeks for approval b/c aetna said they were b/up from thanksgiving weekend. i lost 20lbs during the 3 months. i had to do a sleep study, endoscopy, cardiologist, psychologist all required one appt only.
  4. rn2012

    Surgery Tomorrow!!!

    Good Luck and everything will be fine
  5. Every Insurance is different and the plan your employer picks within that company is different. I have aetna, and i had to do a 3month supervised diet, cardio workup, endoscopy, pysch eval, overnight sleep study and no deductible. You should go on your insurance company website and look up weight loss surgery requirements and it should be there in black and white, i know at least for Aetna it was under their policies on their site
  6. ....Wow congrats, 95lbs and no fills. Do u excercise and how many calories do u eat a day
  7. click on your ticker and it opens up another page, and update and hit save
  8. rn2012

    Protein Shake (yuck!)

    I love muscle milk, i never tried the powder form. maybe u should buy the ready to drink, i buy a 12 pk from BJ's for 19.99 its 180 calories, and the 18pk of lite muscle milk is 27
  9. rn2012

    Fitbit Or Bodybug?

    I love my fitbit, its so tiny i hope i dont lose it
  10. rn2012


    If you know how, please create a group b/c that way its much easier to track , and make it a secret group
  11. rn2012


    i just sent u a req too, i also created a FB just for banded friends, i also belong to a secret fb group of all Dec bandsters from lapband, but its closed now b/c we hv 110 members now
  12. rn2012

    I Wonder!

    Go for it!!!!!
  13. rn2012

    I Wonder!

    I would personally tell him to stop playing with your emotions and quit rescheduling you. I'm 12days post-op and this is the best decision I ever made
  14. This is pratically normal for many types of surgery. I was banded on 12/15/11. I had BM on post-op day 4 , 9, 11 and still waiting to be regular, lol
  15. rn2012

    3 Month Diet For Insurance

    I hv aetna amd there was a 90 day waiing period requirement. the insurance co wants to make sure that you are serious about surgery. During this time it was required that i meet with the nutritionist and nurse practioner monthly to discuss diet and excercise regimen. Its not required to lose any weight, but if u actually stick to their program you will and besides its getting you ready for surgery and how you will then be forced cold turkey to eat right, so why not transition early on. I lost 20lbs during this stage and another 13lbs on my two week liquid diet required by my surgeon b4 surgery
  16. I posed this same question months ago, i was recently banded on 12/15 and had gall bladder surgery in 2009. For me both procedures felt the same, I was sore for two weeks, and the pain were exactly the same, the pain meds really helped and only needed it for thr first 3 days for both procedures.
  17. i felt the same way. I was nervous as all hell and i kept thinking am I doing the right thing. I was banded on dec 15, and this is my 4th day postop and I'm so glad I didnt let all my insecurities get the best of me..Go for and u will be fine..There is a secret facebook group for Dec bandsters, the info is on this site, go under dec 2011 groups to get all the details and its total private and feeds wint show on your page, this secret group is awesome and we have about 90 members on there now
  18. Why did they deny u, and how long do u hv to wait to resubmit paperwork once u were denied, I'm still waiting for an answer
  19. @lanie...i fell the same way as you, I'm also on day 4 and its hard as hell. My stomach is making loud growling noises, Day 1 and 3, i wasnt hungry, but day 2, and 4, i was starving..I'm hoping tomm day 5 will be much better..When is your surgery, I'm 12/15 and I'm still waiting on approval from ins co
  20. I start my 2week diet on 12/1 and just curious how much weight have other people lost during this time???
  21. I have Aetna too, my paperwork was submitted on 11/21 and im waiting for response. Can you post on my wall as soon as u get your results and i will post on yours as well. I'm so nervous about approval decision
  22. rn2012

    December Bandsters!

    Hi, we have the same date, yeahhhhh
  23. rn2012

    When Is Your Lap Band Surgery Date?!

    December 15th, as long as insurance approves me
  24. rn2012

    December Bandsters!

    My tenative date is thurs dec 15, i'm waiting to hear back from Aetna, my paperwork was submitted on 11/16, I'm getting a little nervous, b/c i hv seen other post that they rcvd an aetna response within 3 days

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