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    Mexico Versus Us

    Yanik...I too kept the fact that I was going to Mexico from all but 3 family members and told them just a few days before leaving. I could not afford the US cost and initially got denied by insurance 8/31/11, after my appeal, they approved it in November and I was so pleased to tell them..."nevermind, I was sleeved 10/14". I received better healthcare and attention from nurses than I've ever received in the US (and I work in the healthcare industry). I think a lot of the pre & post care treatment in the US is BS and mostly done for insurance companies not for our own health. I did not require any post op care or medications upon returning to the US. I returned to work after 1 week and only told 2 co-workers that I had the surgery. I too went alone and don't regret it for one second. I felt very safe. My surgeon was Dr. Kelly and my sisters' both went to Dr. Ponce in June of this year after seeing my success. My choice was the best decision I've ever made in my life, my only regret is that I didn't have this many many years ago! Good luck to you!
  2. Got the biggest kick today! Just realized I now really actually weigh what my drivers license says I weigh! Hopefully by the time I renew, I can (probably for the first time in my life) tell the truth about my weight and it will be lower than it is right now. It's a good day!
  3. Heller2u

    How long off work?

    I had my surgery on 10/14 and returned to work on 10/24 (one week). It was plenty of time. I was and still am tired at the end of the day, but I was before the surgery! If you feel well enough, return to work and then use the paid time to Celebrate the new you in a few weeks!
  4. I was just sleeved by Dr. Kelly on 10/14. (I'm 45) At first I didn't tell my Mom and only told my sister & niece. As the day approached I called her and asked her to trust my research and not to make me regret telling her. She was very very nervous and scared (which I'm sure your parents are too). She wanted to drop everything and go with me and I told her this was something I had to do for myself and by myself. I gave her Dr. Kelly's information and she researched about him on-line. Up until the day I left, she still had her doubts. While I was there, I brought my netbook and communicated with them online from time to time (the hospital has free wi-fi, I highly recommend it vs. a cell phone) When I called her yesterday to let her know I was home and safe and felt great, she told me she was proud of me. I know your parents will come around too when they see how successful your surgery will be. I would be happy to answer any questions you might have via personal message or even give you my email address and I'd even speak to them for you if you'd like. It will be a difficult time for you if you have this added stress of their lack of support. I would explain to them where you're going and that their support will actually help you to heal and recover. Good luck to you, Dr. Kelly is wonderful! The nurses are fantastic (tell Sarah Stephanie says hi), the orderly Jose (sometimes called Pepe) was fun and helpful, housekeeping was very friendly! There are some Amish families there too (receiving cancer treatments and other surgeries like hysterectomies). I had a really great experience and no regrets.
  5. Heller2u

    BAAAAAAAAAD Week!! :-(

    I think if you add in the weight of your Ex, you've lost a lot more than 1 lb! (not trying to be rude, just trying to lift you up) You're doing great! Get back on track & enjoy your success!
  6. Heller2u


    Hi Monty! Hope you're feeling ok, when you feel up to it, tell us how it feels to be sitting on that losers bench...is it comfy? Save us some room, we'll be there shortly! Congratulations... and from what I've read, sip sip sip & walk walk walk.
  7. Heller2u


    I've been looking for this roster and now I've found it! woo hoo! I'm on the 14th! Getting closer! Good luck to all!
  8. Heller2u

    I took before pics...

    I suppose we should be grateful for technology, digital cameras and the fact that we don't have to torture some poor clerk at the photo center by making anyone have to develop those before pictures! I too will be taking before shots and keeping them all to myself for progress updates. Good luck to everyone on their journey!
  9. Heller2u

    Very New - First Post

    Hi! I know what you mean about the 6 month PSWL, during that process, I couldn't quite figure out what I was supposed to do...was I supposed to succeed and be told by the insurance company that I didn't need surgery because I could in fact follow a weight loss program from my physician? or was I to fail at the 6 month of dieting to be told by my surgeon that I would fail at the after surgery diet if I couldn't succeed on the physician guided diet. It was very confusing and now I sit in limbo somewhere between the 6 month diet (which I completed on 8/25), and insurance approval (submitted on 8/30 ) and no word yet...still a little confused, do I bug the insurance approval office to the point that they deny me because I'm a pest or wait patiently and get denied because I didn't push hard enough...ARRRRRGGGGG!! Can't wait until I hear something because I'm going insane waiting to know. I feel different every day, up because no news isn't a denial, yet down because no news isn't an approval either, arrrg!
  10. Heller2u

    October 27th

    Congratulations Lisa! I'm hoping to be an October Sleever too, don't have my date yet but if I get denied by insurance I just might join you there.
  11. Heller2u

    I've got my surgery date!

    Congratulations! Keep us posted, I'm living through everyone else until I get approved.
  12. Heller2u

    Returning to work?

    Thanks everyone for your responses! @ Leahg -- I think that's a great idea to do half days, I'm pretty sure they'll approve it if it means getting paid on $payday$ or not, lol That's my biggest concern. I do a lot of computer work so I technically could do some from home if I needed to, but really want to allow myself to heal and rest. @ Jennilee, I too think I would have a lot of support from my co-workers, they just don't know about my surgery yet. Since I work in a pediatric office, I just know they'll all (including the physicians) have a lot of "medical advice or pros & cons" that I'm not really interested in prior to surgery. When I do return, I'll tell them what I had done (too late to try to talk me out of it) and I know they'll be supportive & help me if they can.

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