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    Sleeve buddy wanted in NY

    Hey everyone, I had surgery 5 years ago - VSG. I noticed that many people stop posting after a while and I want to be here to support any newbies or anyone thinking about surgery. I am in NYC so please inbox me with questions or if you need advise or support with anything please don't hesitate to reach out! Best of Luck!
  2. Hi, So I am 5 Years post op and the best advice I could give you is to wait at least 6 months unless your surgeon gives you the thumbs up beforehand. Try to stay away from the sugary mixed drinks, beer and champagne... at least for as long as you can. I had my first drink ... thnx to peer pressure and feeling left out ...about a month out it was a corona mixed with tomato juice (Clamato) - I took like 4 sips and was done... couldn't finish drinking it. I didn't drink again until I was officially 6 months post op and realized that my tolerance for beer was different + the carbonation had me feeling like I was going to die lol . I also got drunk much faster. My advice is to wait as long as you can and try to take small sips and make sure you eat before and after to ensure that the you don't get crazy drunk. Hope this helps!
  3. beba238

    Energy level

    Hi... I am 5 years post op and about 1.5 to 2 months later, I noticed that I could run up the stairs without stopping (I live in a 4 floor walk up). I was motivated to walk more as I didn't feel tired and do extra activities after work instead of coming straight home. Hope this helps!
  4. beba238

    Need support & feedback...

    Hi @@jordantaylor congrats on the 56 lb weight loss.. It's very understanding to feel the way you do. I am 2 years 1/2 post op and I would like to tell you that it's normal. I've had my days where i wanted to eat my whole life away. Days during the holidays when there were food everywhere. It was hard to keep away from the bad things. What motivated me was keep a goal & non scale victory list. I have it saved to my computer and was excited to visit it a few weeks ago. I will share it with you. Plz send me your email by pm. 56lbs is about 3 toddlers lol. I had surgery in March 2013... A friend of mine had surgery on Aug 2013... By Sept I was barely 50lbs down and my friend had already lost over 100lbs. Everyone is different. You just need to remember the reasons why you wanted this. Motivation should be your wedding. Look at some nice sexy dresses. Pic a few and make it your goal by losing one dress size to fit into it. Also remember u are also losing inches so remember to measure yourself every month. Seeing your therapist will be even better to continue. Socialize with ppl who share the same goals. Birds of a feather flock together. Just don't give up and forget about gaining... That's the past and this is the present. They new you will be Skinner and healthier then the old you back in April... And your getting married how awesome is that. We are here for support so plz dnt ever hesitate to come here. Good luck.
  5. beba238

    United Healthcare - Just Beginning

    I'm definitely going to have him check it out. He was on the phone with them to get reimbursement for something and he happened to mention the surgery and that's when they told him about the 5 year minimum. He told that to the doctor and the insurance lady and they said that wasn't true but then a month later they called him and cancelled all his appointments because the insurance lady spoke to uhc and they said it was truly and that he needed to wait another 2 years. He went to another hospital. And they said that was bull but then the insurance ppl called him back and said in fact that it was true. He had done his 6months and everything. He was devastated. I will have him call another hospital and not mention the 5 years just in case. Hopefully he gets approved.
  6. beba238

    Lost my mind!

    I used to go crazy on everyone. Yelled if they ate in front of me yelled if they didn't. Be mindful that they are also going through it with us and they don't know how we feel
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    Lol that's funny. As long as it wasn't painful u should be fine. Just tell ur doc
  8. beba238

    BMs - embarrassing!

    Water and stool softener
  9. beba238

    Discharge weight

    Nope everyone is different. I had gained 5lbs and lost 6 - 10 a week later. I was one of the slow losers which I truly enjoyed but at times it did get frustrating. Keep it going 5 lbs off is better than an extra pound gained. Good luck
  10. Good luck. Please keep us posted. I'm almost 3 years out and am anemic due to not drinking enough vitamins
  11. It used to hurt me to swallow anything. Is it when your eating? Call you doctor. Maybe they'll bring you in to check it out. But I'm sure it's normal
  12. Everyone's different. I think my bf at the time must of liked me losing the lbs because I got preggo 7 months post op lol... Fast forward almost 2 few years 1/2 post op, we are married and he wants to get the surgery too. I'm much slimmer and he brings a lot of ice cream and soda and other bad things around. I think he wants me to gain weight. Anywhoserz its up to me to keep my will power. When we are outside and someone checks me out he grabs me very tight as if to say "she's mine" which is awesome. I'm looking into cosmetic surgery and he's very supportive. The surgery gave me a lot of confidence even in my relationship because I used to be embarrassed to come around his friends. Now I'm like whatever I can care less
  13. beba238

    United Healthcare - Just Beginning

    My husband has uhc. He was told that he needed to have uhc for at least 5 years in order to have the surgery. I think this is ridiculous.
  14. Please ask away. I'm here to help as much as I can.
  15. beba238

    prenatal vitamins

    I was 7 months post op. I stopped multi vitamins and began prenatal. Had to do gummies because my tummy couldn't handle it.
  16. I was 7 months post op when I got pregnant. I was at a huge stall as well. When I found out I was pregnant I was stalled between 215-212lbs. I lost weight during. I went Down to 200 lbs and stayed between 204-208lbs during my third trimester. A week after I gave birth I weighed 188lbs. I started eating reckless and now I can eat a little more so I quickly started Gaining the weight back. The baby is 8 months old strong and healthy. With stress new mommy and wife duties the holidays and EverytHing else going on I went back up to 208. I started eating smarter and am down to 202. I hope to get back to 188 and go to my original goal weight which is 175. I'm going to continue my healthy eating like I did before I gave birth. Since being a new mom is life changing it took away from my priority to keeping loosing mostly because I was always tired to prepare my meals and it was Always easier to get home from work and order take out. Hope this helps.
  17. My bf got really excited when i told him my surgery date. He even joked about me leaving him for someone else... and mentioned how he can't wait to throw me all over the place in the bedroom lol. He's very happy. He wants to get bikes so we can ride together. Will this last? Will it get better or worse? I am excited and I hope my bf doesn't change and that i don't change as well. Jealousy is normal in any relationship. I hope he doesn't get jealous when i start going out and wearing nice clothes and gett attn from guys, etc. I've been with my bf for 5 years and I've gained 45 lbs during the time we've been dating. I hope to lose the wait and gain the confidence i had back then. I want to keep him on his toes but at the same time reassure him that i am still the same person. Any advice is strongly appreciated. Thanks!!! :wub: *** Getting sleeved on March 19th***
  18. I'm 10 months post op and 18 weeks preggo. (yaa we are so the same week lol) I was stuck on 215 the whole summer. Once i found out i was preggo i dropped 15lbs like nothing. The lowest i've gotten to is 196.9lbs. I've been stable at 200.2lbs. I was told it was normal, but after awhile the doc will start increasing your cal intake because they want you to gain at least 6 to 15 lbs. Baby is fine and is currently 8 ounces. Good luck to you and please keep me posted.
  19. Pre-vsg i read alot of stories. I went into this surgery knowing that if the bf of 6 years did not support or approve he can go to you know where. Of course easier said than done but I was prepared. I am 10 months post-op and down 65lbs. My bf has been the same person he was before i got vsg. I believe the only difference is that in the beginning he started to think i was going to leave him once i started to lose weight and look/feel more attractive. Now he's just like "okay babe stop losing now plz. I need you to keep some meat for me to hold on to." lol Before surgery i sometimes felt like maybe i settled because of my weight but honestly i feel so attractive to him now more than ever.. The fact that i am more confident and don't feel threatened by other girls makes me feel so good. Personally, if you start seeing a change in your partner than its time to have a talk. Sometimes it might be self-confidence issues or low self esteem in which a heart to heart is needed or maybe your partner is just an a-hole and you never realized it until now. My best advice for anyone who is going through a difficult time with an un-supportive partner is to remember that your doing this or did this for YOU. My motto is don't just lose the fat... lose everything negative around you as well. Hope my words helped. Good luck everyone!
  20. I heard from someone that because of Obama care most regular insurances won't cover the surgery so maybe its because Obama care will cover it... But please don't quote me on that.
  21. Manhattan over here.... I'm 5 months out. 47lbs down... I'm a slow loser but I'm enjoying every lb I lose.
  22. I'll be 5 months on Monday and I have been stalled for several weeks now. In June in less than one week i dropped 9lbs. went from 234 to 225 and then I stood at 224. In July I was stuck between 224-220 now in August I finally went down to 216 but keep gaining between 220-218. Today i realized that I haven't poop (SORRY TMI) as much. Especially since i am drinking Iron. Bowel movements are very important. I'm terrified of not losing anymore but I am keep my hope up!
  23. beba238

    Relationship woes, anyone?

    I'm sorry to hear about that. A lot of relationships are tested after surgery. It can be jealousy, selfishness, insecurities, or other problems. I've read a lot here about relationships post op and you aren't the only going through this. Just know that this is the time for you to concentrate on yourself. Be selfish. Because in a few months when your looking great and feeling extremely confident your hubby will be begging you back but it might be too late because he'll have to get in the back of the line of all the guys knocking at your door. Good Luck!!!
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    @datsweetmami Omg meee toooo Surgery was 3/19- 265 Today 6.17.13 - 223.8 42#
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    Mi gente!!! K lo k... Como estan todos?