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    Welcome! You are lucky to have such a short pre-op diet! Most of us have two weeks or more! I am being banded on the 23rd and started mine the day after Easter....Just hang tough...the first few days are rough and then it gets better!
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    There are a lot of sf syrups that can add a lot of flavor. I mix sf carmal, sf vanilla and a little skim milk with my favorite coffee and bleanderize it with the Protein and it is very smiliar to a starbucks iced coffee.
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    HI my name is Debra Valentine
    I am scheduled for surgery in 6 days!!!!! Yikes, it is getting so close. I am dealing with a mixture of feelings and emotions. I am ready to lose weight and to start having a more active life but I am nervous about the surgery and having a foreign object inside of me. Not sure if anyone else feels/felt the same way...
    I just started the pre-op shakes and would love any suggestions on making them taste better.
    I am looking forward to meeting new people that are on the same path. :wub:
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    I'm on the same diet and I know it's so hard. I can't stand the taste of Protein Shakes so I've been having a very hard time with those. My surgery is on Monday so it's seems like this time has flown by pretty quick for me. The first few days were rough for me though and I hate to admit it but I did cheat on my diet some (being honest). I felt sooo bad for cheating and told myself I've got to stick to this if I want to succeed and since then I've done great with the diet. I lost 4 pounds just in the past two days alone. I drink A LOT of Water to help with my hunger, I usually add lemon juice to change it up a little lol. I was told I could add fruit or nuts to my Protein Shakes and it helps a little. Just hang in there and try to stick to the diet because it's rewarding in the end. I wish you lots of luck and success!
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    I add crystal light to my shakes it makes a great difference, I also add ice. The doctor also suggested a sugar substitute and maybe like a banana extract. chicken broth and Jello and plenty of Water will help you, but truthfully I'm ready for this liquid phase to be over lol
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    I'm right there with you! Surgery April 20th. I have all the same feelings and emotions but ready to get the party started. My shakes are tolerable but I can only do 3 as can't take anymore but hungry. I add sugar free chocolate Syrup and a banana for extra sweetness as they are chalky. Never been so excited for a cup of broth! Lol. Good luck .
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    Of course your doctor knows what he/she wants you to have, but I find that a 1/2 tsp of sugar free dry instant pudding mix makes a world of difference on the shakes. Try the cheesecake pudding mix. Or pastachio (sp?) butterscotch is wonderful as well, and if the calorie count will allow, a tsp of peanut butter!
    I blend the powered mix with ice and flavorings like the pudding mix. WONDERFUL
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    I know how you feel. I am scared and excited at the same time. I keep telling my self that it will all be worth it. I am scheduled for April 25th and the pre op diet stinks so far but I mave to make it!

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