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  1. So what happens after one year? Does the weight loss just stop or do you continue to lose maybe slower? My year is coming up soon and and while I am extremely grateful that the surgery has help me lose almost 100 lbs..Id like to know what I can do to lose the last 20 lbs that I need to get to my goal weight.
  2. Val_Martin

    I hate feeling ungrateful!!!

    Thanks! When is your surgery date?? I remember being so restless from excitement before surgery!!! Please keep me posted on your progress before and after surgery!!! Oh and your absolutely right about the difference in things you can do!! Good Luck!!!
  3. I should be so happy that I have lost 53 lbs in 5 months ( i have a week to go before I hit 5 months). I consider myself a SLOW LOSER. I cant help compare myself to others of the same stats. Most have lost more then 30 lbs in 2 months. I try everyday to tell myself how I would have not even lost 5 but probably gain 10 lbs in these 5 months if I hadnt had surgery. I know its my fault, I havent exercised.... I tried to and then I thought well let me let the surgery do what its going to do for me and then when weight loss slows down i can kick it into gear by starting an exercise program. I dont get my Water in everyday (probably 4 or 5 days outta 7), and I dont track EVERYDAY like I should but Im sure I dont get in more then 1000 calories a day. And I say 1000 because that is the max that I know my body will take if I try hard enough. I would say 95% of the time it is 800 or less. I do a shake for Breakfast every morning and about 2 to 3 hundred calories at lunch, and then sometimes dinner is hardly anything (sometimes just another shake but at max 400 calories). Iknow most of the time I eat so little that I get faint (head rush if i get up too quick) every once in while and I know I need to eat a lil more. I will say that my body is more active then it used to be in general. Im not tired all the time so Im always moving (chores, run errands, going to school now). Before surgery I was always tired and depressed and didnt do ANYTHING! So even if Im not exercising right now, my body is getting WAY MORE movement then ever had. As a matter of fact, I know as I write this that tomorrow morning I will be under 200 ( even if its 199.8) for the first time in almost 3 years!!! Im excited for the morning but yet somehow i wonder why im not losing as fast as others!!! Someone kick me please. Give it to me straight and tell me to stopp being such a pouty baby!!! Heck even if i lose only 5 lbs a month from here on out Id be almost at a 100 lbd loss and at goal in 1 year. Anyway....sorry for the vent guys. I had to get it out.
  4. Val_Martin

    United Healthcare????

    yes it was very fustrating and discouraging!!! I didnt quite understand why either but I figure i just grit my teeth, smile, and give them exactly what they want so I can get the surgery!!! As long as they say its covered then unfortunately the ball is in their court! As soon as I gave them that diet I was approved in less then 24 hours. I waited 3 weeks for the first two denials and as soon as everything was submitted in whole and to the right person it too less then 24 hours!!! I couldnt believe it!! Stay Hopeful...Pateince was the hardest for me but they will approve you.
  5. Val_Martin

    United Healthcare????

    Please triple check that you dont have to do the six month Diet, My Policy also stated that I didnt have to do the six month diet but I did. It only said I had to do 3 thing 1.) must be 21 2.) BMI of 40 and 3.) Psych eval. I asked the nurse CM and told her that the policy said I didnt have to do it but there was no arguing she said I had to do it. So when I was denied the first time it was cause of my BMI and I thought good at least they didnt deny because I didnt submit a 6 month diet but the the second denial came and thats the nurse case manager said IT HAS TO BE SUBMITTED TO ME AND YOU HAVE TO DO THE 6 MONTH. So they werent even submitting to the right depts of UHC and those depts were just giving the denials even though it wasnt theirs to deny. And after the third denial its final.
  6. Val_Martin

    Need to get serious about exercise, AGAIN.

    Im just now reading this tread but I would love to join this. I too need the motivation to get my but into gear and I want my scale to go down faster!!!! Im going to make big changes ladies!!! Im on myfitnesspal.com aswell now so if anyone wants to add me let me know what I need to give you or you me to add as a friend.
  7. Val_Martin


    I know Ive been terrible about tracking and Ive said it before but Im really gonna start. Ive done it for 3 days now and Im putting my iphone to better use with myfitness pal. I was wondering...I have 2 cups of coffee a day with SF creamer. Can I add this to my water intake? I havent been cause Im not sure but I usually have a cup anywhere from 5 am to 7am and then again anywhere from 1 to 5. Also Tiff when you nsay losing stage....Should I consider the whole first year the losing stage? Then when you say 600 to 800 calories is that net calories?
  8. Val_Martin


    Does anyone about How many Calories I should be eating now. I feel like my weight loss is kinda slow ( 3months = 42 lbs) I mean Im grateful but Im scared that it will stop at 42 lbs and I dodnt have surgery to lose 42 lbs if ya know what I mean. I completely understand that Im in control and I havent measured portions or really watched what I eat ( Nothing Unhealthy thats for sure), So Im increasing my water intake (that made me gain but I talk to Tiff and i felt better about it) but Id like to keep track of calories. I just wanna know how many I should be eating at my stage. Ive been losing slowly but still losing so.... Any and all advice welcomed please!!! I do have to say that the water increase helps tremendously with hunger but man I hate looking at the scale cause it it can be like 3 lbs up and makes me regret the water!!!
  9. Val_Martin

    Adipex After VSG? Tips Please.....

    Im nt sure what to say......... Im going to be honest.....I would let the surgery do what its going to do for you and then once you get to the point where you stopped losing (if your still not happy) then try the phen. I know that you want the weight loss to go faster but it could all backfire if you dont try to do this without the phen. Like I said let the surgery do the work for you (about a year) during this time take the opportunity to learn everything you can about treating your sleeve well and maybe by this time you wont need the Adipex. I cant say I havent thought about phen but i definately dont want to go back to those days if I dont have to.
  10. Ok ....has anyone else experienced a fast heartbeat if they feel full or maybe ate to much. I know it can be symptoms of a leak but im not too worried its tha because I ont have ANY other signs of problems.
  11. I agree about the soda....one of the things that i really felt got me over weight was honesly not so much the food but soda. I coul drink tons of it and diet soda wasnt my thing. I knew that if I was going to do this surgery that I HAD TO stop soda....now its like "well, i should be ok with diet soda every once in awhile" Maybe I have i like once a week....but your absolutely right I shouldnt get ino a habit.
  12. Thanks Guys....Im having a hard time with carbs mainly because my stomach doesnt like them right now but my brain does.... I have given in to my stomach though...I just dont like the feeling carbs have been giving me. I try every once in a while like today with the hot dog but like I said the first bite immediately reminds me. I didnt realize that the chips from the Nachos was carbs...but i didnt feel that so I dunno.... but Breads, Pasta, and rice and my stomach hates me! I need to remember though chips=Carbs! Thank you every one!!
  13. I am 6 1/2 weeks out and today we had a birthday party fir my daughter. Im going to list everything I ate today and I wanna know how it sounds to everyone. Remember we had a party so Im aware that some of my food choices werent the best but they were small... Breakfast 1 egg 1 slice of bacon 4 ounces of coffee (maybe i think it was lot less) lunch Hot Dog with chili and cheese (i took one bite of hot dog bread then ate only the beef weiner with a small bit of chili and cheese) Chees puffs ( I admit i think it was a lil tiny bit more then a hand full) Cake (took two bite and could barely swallow the second bit but it went down) Cake was about an hour after lunch dinner Before gym I had 6 ounces of Water with a Protein powder Here is where I am worried After gym I was sooo hungry I had lots of a Diet Pepsi Max it was a 20 0z (almost half) while making Nachos (daughter gets to choose dinner for birthday) then I had what i felt was alot of Nachos for my stomach to hold but wasnt feeling the restriction???? I thought I was only going to be abke to eat a couple of Nachos cause I knew I had drank alot of Pepsi while making them...but I stopped myself instead of my stomach stopping me. I have to admit I have grown dependant on my stomach telling me to stop and i just feel like I ate alot...I didnt finish my bowl but I didnt expect to be able to eat half of it and I think I did. Did I stretch my sleeve already or could this possibly have been a slider food I hear so much about? The Nachos were made with velveeta, rotel, and ground beef. Please some input from somebody...i could probably use some constructive criticism.... My first party after surgery.
  14. Val_Martin

    Fat Burners

    Im 6 1/2 weeks out....Can I take a fat burner? I am starting to work out and I have a protein shake to drink but was also given a fat burner so I wanna make sure thats OK. Thanks in advance!
  15. About how many calories should i be having at 3 weeks out?

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