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  1. CCMASON35

    BAND removed now sleeve or bypass?

    Pinkgirl Keep me updated so Happy for you!!!!!
  2. CCMASON35

    BAND removed now sleeve or bypass?

    Thank You for Sharing Threetimesacharm!! Any tips for me, I am seeing the surg on the 30th and will be telling him I will go by his reccomendation and have by pass.... Were you out of work long and was the pain worse? Thank You So Much for sharing your info
  3. I had my band placed 2011 and it was removed Jan 2015 I have now gained all my weight that I lost and went to speak to a surg about sleeve but he mentioned I would not lose that much cause all the scaring but mentioned I will lose a lot more with by pass.. Has anyone gone through this and if so any suggestions for me Thanks!!!!
  4. CCMASON35

    Really tight in early pregnancy?

    My band is really tight an I can barley hold any solid food down. I had 1 fill since 2011 then wks after had it all removed due to same sxs's unable to hold Fluid or solid down, I hope this get's better :/
  5. CCMASON35

    280+ Lb Bulimic.

    This is something you will fight for life and I know about this first hand. My surgeon knew my hx with being bulimic and I have been in recovery for about 10 years before I had my lapband which was 7/11. Once I had the lapband placed I was fine until I had my 1st fill and then the vomiting started the fluid was removed and I still had the vomiting. Now this is NOTself-induced but when something does acutally stay down I got those bulimic tendencess back and this was due to my body reacting to the band and my surgeon not listening to me. I never in a thousand years thought I would relapse ever again but this procedure proved me wrong and now I feel as though I am back where I was 10 years ago and not very proud. Both my surgeon and psych MD's cleared me but if I knew there was this much prob with the band I would never had this procedure. GOOD LUCK ic ur lapband is coming soon.....
  6. CCMASON35

    280+ Lb Bulimic.

    I can totally relate to you hun. I had the band placed July 2011 everything was fine until I got the 1st fill then 2 days later had all removed except 1cc left which is next to nothing. I have had nothing but problams since that fill with vomiting everytime I eat anything it just comes up no matter how hard I try to keep it down and my surgeon keeps saying chew more , chew smaller potions blah blah blah now everytime I eat my port hurts so much and I hope it doesn't move from all the vomiting. I know what I can and can not eat and I live off those safe foods but this is ridiclous when yogurt doesn't stay down and I can not eat in front of anyone cause I do not know how my body is going to react. That is why I am telling my surg who happens to be the chief im going for 2nd opp if he doesnt sit and listen to my concerns, good luck keep that head up all we can do . YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE.....
  7. CCMASON35

    Lapband Removal

    Oh I am so sorry that you are going through this but I think I am in the same boat as you. I have had the band for 1 yr now had 1 fill had to have it removed all is left is 1cc and have been vomiting ever since with having bad pain where the port is. I think my body is rejecting it too and I thought I was the only one. I see my surgeon in couple of weeks. I will pray that everything goes fine for you hun, good luck~!! CC
  8. CCMASON35

    2Nd Fill

    WOW GOOD FOR YOU THAT IS GREAT~!! I have not had a fill and I have had the band for now 1 year. Having alot of trouble with it and surgeon wont listen so I have to get 2nd opp from another surg but I am glad u are doing great with it

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