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  1. Hi Norman!! Im really sorry about your insurance situation. Please let me know what happens. I have Anthem also and have been preapproved. Wow that is like exactly what you didnt need after surgery. You are trying to enjoy your new life and BOOM this happens. I will pray for you. Keep me informed, Sarah
  2. Thank you! I called my doctor and he said he does want me to drop as much as possible before I come in for the pre-op visit. He said my surgery could be as early as Monday so I have been doing the liquid diet and exercising. Thank you everyone for your advice! Sarah
  3. My appointment is 9/16/11.....someone just told me that I need to lose atleast 10-15lbs before I weigh in with my surgeon. Please help if you know any suggestions. Ive been exercising and eating lower calorie foods but I need more help......Sarah
  4. Thanks for your reply!! I will just go to my appointment assuming that I am going to have to do it also that way it wont be a shock to me. What do you have to drink and how often? Sarah
  5. Thanks. I will watch a video and see how that works. Great idea!!!! Sarah
  6. When i had my abdominal us for pre-op the us tech told me that my liver was normal size so I might not have to do it...? Thanks for your reply. I was just trying to see if my surgery would be put off for the liquid diet. Im just being impatient. Whatever will be will be. Ill let you know what happens... Sarah quote name='MelissaAnd' timestamp='1315375803' post='204461'] My doctor required it to shrink the fatty tissue around the liver.
  7. Hi!! Its me again!!! Just anticipating my pre-op visit on 9/16/11. Im sitting here wondering why some ppl have to do the 14 day liquid diet and some just do the npo the night before. Just want to know what the doctors told some of yall was the purpose of it. ......thanks bunches!!!!
  8. uromanager72

    Packing and ready

    Good luck and all the best wishes to you. I will pray for your mom and for you to have a safe trip,surgery and to be as relaxed as you can be during this major change in your life. Everything will be fine. Just think positive and stay in contact with all of us. We will all be here for you. Sarah quote name='tjharmon' timestamp='1315355417' post='204349'] ok--so I leave for Tijuana in the morning--I am currently packing--I thought I had calmed down a little for the last week from all the nerves, but the nerves are back!!!! I have spent the day with my elderly mom--and now I am thinking things like how much she needs me--and things like that--oh man--if I hadn't already paid... Anyway, I am leaving tomorrow--surgery is first thing Thursday morning--pray for my nerves to settle down a bit--talk to ya'll when I get back
  9. Hi everyone!!! I have completed everything in my process to getting the sleve....now I have the pre-op surgeon visit on 9/16/11. When the nurse called to schedule it, she said to be prepared to stay 3-4 hours. Why??? Just wondering what all they do and go over during this visit. Thanks for your help in advance my friends. Sarah
  10. uromanager72

    "administration fee"

    Hi!! My surgeon requires $500.00 upfront before surgery and I have insurance. Hope this helps!!
  11. uromanager72


    Hi!! I know how you feel. I just got approved and now I am waiting on getting the labs/xrays next week, then I have to go to Memphis and talk with my surgeon and then ......schedule my surgery, so I am a little further behind you. This is what I have been doing.......I have been getting myself a new schedule on my daily routines, cleaning and re-decorating my house and getting organized and exercising everyday and when I get the overwhelmed feeling of "I want my surgery now" I make myself drop the thought because it will be here before you know it. Dont rush time. I have had to learn this throughout this process. Just change your thought process when it happens to you. I hope this helps........please know that all your dreams are just around the corner.....so look forward to them and dont be hard on yourself by worrying so much...just relax and take a deep breathe and think about the future....... but enjoy today.
  12. uromanager72

    Hi, new and SOOOOO ready to start my process

    Hi!!!!! Dr. Woodman is my surgeon. He is a wonderful surgeon. When ppl say that he has no bedside manner, its bascially that he does not want to hear excuses. He just wants ppl to admit to their eating disorder or weight issues and be honest. So many ppl lie and make excuses to him and he just calls them out if they do. Like if someone died in your family and you ate (emotionally) and went to his office for checkup and you gained some weight.....he dont like that. He says you eat because you eat.....nobody or nothing can make you. He just wants all of us to know that we are the ones that control our bodies......some ppl call it mean, i call it being straight forward and honest. I am glad to find you. I have been looking for someone kind of close to my location. I am in Henderson. My insurance didnt require the 6 month diet program....just psyh eval, dietitian and 5 yrs of recorded weight history. I was just approved yesterday. I will have my labs and xrays done next week, then come to Memphis to Dr. Woodmans office to discuss the surgery with him and schedule the date. I am so excited!! Hope to hear from you.. I dont have any info regarding pre-op and post-op diet or anything yet but when I hear something I will keep you posted. ttys
  13. Hi Stephanie! I thought at first I would have to do the 6 month diet and i did 2 months of it, then i found out Anthem BCBS didnt require it so I was very lucky. I am hoping to have the surgery soon. This will be a new beginning for me in a couple of ways. My job of 11 years as a Medical Specialty Office Manager will end in December this year due to the doctor I work for is retiring. I am really excited. I hope everything goes for you quicky and stress-free as possible.
  14. Hi!! No they haven't given me a date yet. They said I had to get all the labs and xrays and EGD done then I will see the surgeon and he will set date. His nurse said he will make me lose weight prior to surgery 15-30 lbs....for safety purposes. I have been exercsing and eating healthy for 3 weeks like crazy.......I hope I can lose the required weight. Why do you have to wait till 9/7/11 to submit your insurance the info?

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