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  1. Savannah26

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Hold up - it is my birthday that is next - July 26th. I think / hope that I am finally in the green zone. I am starting to see the scale moving after literally about 6 weeks at the same depressing weight. I need to think about a realistic goal, but would love everyone to jump on the bandwagon with me! I bought a new scale last month because I didn't like what the old one was telling me - lol. Actually, the old one fluctuated so bad that I would weigh myself multiple times but couldn't tell what my true weight was. I just had to settle on the number that came up the most times. My new scale (Health-O-Meter) has been great and accurate. I now weigh 215 lbs. and I stepped on the scale Saturday night before bed (and after a July 4th feast) and the scales said 225 lbs.!!! I freaked out in disbelief that one meal / one day caused me to gain 10 lbs. Then the scale error'ed out - whew. I weighed again and it said 190 lbs. Yeah right, I wish!! So I am reseaching how to fix it - I have reset it, changed the batteries, and it is still wigging out. I was distraught that I couldn't get an accurate weight this morning. Hopefully I can resolve whatever issue it has tonight! Any suggestions?
  2. Savannah26

    Fill Fill Soon..does It Hurt?

    I don't think my last entry actually posted, so this may be duplicated. Anyway, NO it doesn't hurt - at all. My doctor doesn't use any numbing medicine either, which freaked me out because I have a huge needle phobia. He has me lay down on the table and put my hands behind my head, then lift my head up, which tightens the stomach, making it easy to find the port. He locates the port, puts the needle in and extracts a little Fluid to ensure he is in the port, then pushes it all back in. Easy and less than a minute - no biggie. By the way, if they offer numbing medicine, I wouldn't take it - that's two sticks and the numbing medicine burns. It's not bad at all. Good luck - let me know how it goes.
  3. Savannah26

    Fill Fill Soon..does It Hurt?

    It does not hurt - at all!!! My doctor does not use any numbing medicine either - which freaked me out when I heard that. I have a huge needle phobia. However, it was so easy. My doctor has me put my hands behind my head and pull my head up, which tightens your stomach so he can feel the port. He locates it and puts the needle in, sometimes he has to wiggle it a little to hit the port - none of it hurts, I promise. He will extract a little fluid to ensure he is in the port, then pushes it all back in. It takes less than a minute - no biggie. Good luck - let me know how you do.
  4. Savannah26

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Nicole/Just Do it - Congrats on the 16's Nicole! JDI - I thought the same thing - I weigh about 218 and am in size 14 jeans, which are a little loose - yeah! Guess I need to see how many inches I have lost since the scale hasn't moved much lately - lost a total of 30 lbs. (but only 16 since surgery on Jan 31st) - depressing. I just had a fill Monday - hopefully my last fill for a long time as I am now at 10cc in my 11cc band. Yes, that is correct. I have asked for my doctor's help since the weight is not coming off like they advertise (1-2 lbs. per week). I average less than 1 lb. a week which is crazy. I am drinking plenty of water, eating protein, keeping under my calorie allowance, but definitely need to do better on the exercise. My doctor asked me to log everything I put in my mouth and send it to him in 2 weeks, so that is what I am doing. I've been at 218 lbs. for the last 10 days. I am struggling with exercise - I prefer to stay busy doing home projects, so I am choosing the sweaty jobs. Does sweating make you lose weight???? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  5. Savannah26

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Chrissy - congratulations!! I saw your wall post earlier. That is awesome - so proud of you! I can't wait to get there too!
  6. Savannah26

    Trouble Writing

    Are you diabetic? Perhaps it was due to low sugar?
  7. Savannah26

    Doctor's Appt July 5Th---Nervous!

    Congrats on your decision to join the band wagon. I have BCBS and I had to also go through six consecutive months of medically supervised "failed" weight loss attempts. I didn't know about that until after I did everything else, then they denied my surgeon's first approval request. I was very upset as that delayed my surgery for 7 months, 6 months of doctors visits and another month of waiting to be approved. They have a policy which they can send you - think it's called something like "G15", which tells you ALL about their true requirements. Please call them and request the documentation now - plus if you miss ONE monthly visit, you have to start the six month process all over again. OK - now that is out of the way.... for me, this was the easiest, most painless surgery that I have EVER had. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Just remember to stay active in this forum - it has been instrumental going through the same process at the same time others are. Word of advice - act like you are banded now, during, and after the surgery. It is a tool and you will still have to make good, healthy food choices. If not, you will not lose weight as expected. At first, I was frowning upon only losing 1-2 lbs. per week - I wanted faster results. Now, I am thrilled if I lose that much per week. I have to remember all of the reasons I choose the band over the other invasive options even though they typically result in faster weight loss. Those also result in hair loss, lots of recovery time and other potential problems. No one knows that I had the surgery - it's been 4 months and people are noticing, which is AWESOME!!! It's my little secret. I love knowing that once I get to my goal weight, my lap band will help me stay there, providing I do my part. Good luck and congrats to all!!
  8. Savannah26

    January Surgery Bandsters Group

    Meredith/Otaknam/JDI - J Thanks Ladies – appreciate you taking the time to reply. I am going to try the warm water to curb the urge to snack. I just called my doctor’s office and talked to the PA – she is awesome, and gave me a few things to try. Definitely need to recognize my old bad habits, such as eating when I am not even hungry. Basically I use the diet pills (actually they are appetite suppressants) to hush the head hunger – it works for me for now. WATER – yes, forgot to mention that – I only drink water and lots of it, so no issues there. I actually have minimized my intake and not drinking while eating has been really a struggle for me. Thanks for the Do’s and Don’ts – sometimes we need to remember this is a journey. Some of the long term banded patients that I have seen lately actually average between 1-2 lbs. a week. My goal is to be on the high end of that going forward. J Question – anyone from Georgia here? I would love to have a real life buddy that understands all of this. I haven’t told anyone except my daughter and cousin that I had surgery. Good since the weight loss is barely noticeable – Bad since I am not held accountable (by the masses) and can’t discuss this with anyone. Anyway, have a great weekend ladies!
  9. I only told my daughter and my <out of state> cousin, whom I do not keep any secrets from. No one else in my world knows. I am very happy with my decision to keep this private, especially since this is a VERY slow weight loss journey and didn't want to constantly be judged by anyone regarding what is on my plate or if I didn't live up to their rapid weight loss expectations. Two of my friends have confided in me about WLS for themselves, so I am most likely going to share my story with them in confidence, of course. It is a very personal thing - good luck in your decision. To share or not to share - that is the question!
  10. I was stuck at 225 for over a month - then finally this week the scale started moving. I'm finally at 222 now - hope the weight loss continues!
  11. Savannah26

    Lapband Dating Group...

    That would be great - sign me up! :wub:
  12. Savannah26

    One Year 92 Lbs

    That is awesome!! I was banded Jan. 31st - lost a total of 25 lbs. so far, but hit a plateau for the last month and it's due to bandster hell, I know. I can't wait to get to bandster heaven and see the same success. I would be on cloud 9 if I lost 92 lbs. in a year - you go girl!!
  13. Savannah26

    Pain With Eating

    Are you properly chewing and eating slow? I was banded on Jan. 31st and have 7cc in my 11cc band. I have always eaten soooooooooooo slow - frustratingly slow - and chewed my food to death - so I have the problem of my food sliding right through the band, thus not getting "satisfied" soon enough. Needless to say, I have never gotten sick and my weight loss is also frustratingly slower than expected. If you feel that you should have Fluid removed, definitely do that. I would probably personally wait it out, maybe do liquids for a couple of days, then back to the basics, mushies, etc. I welcome the day when I feel too tight..... hopefully then I can start really losing the weight. Good luck - keep in touch!
  14. Savannah26

    Do You Feel Full??

    My doctor doesn't put anything in during surgery. Six weeks later, he put 5cc in my 11cc band. I am scheduled for my next fill on April 9th - can't wait. I can still eat alot in my opinion and don't feel any restriction with 5cc. However, I joined Weight Watchers on Monday and have lost 4 lbs, in one week - whoop whoop! So I think it is a combination of both WW and healthy eating while "pretending" I have restriction - lol. I am hoping that I can get true restriction on the next fill. Until then, it's amazing how good it feels to finally see that scale moving after being at the same weight basically since the surgery. Happy Banding everyone!
  15. Savannah26

    First Fill

    I just got back from having my first fill (5cc) - it was SO easy, I could not believe that it really did not hurt AT ALL!!! I also got a bandaid, cup of water, and a "see you in 6 weeks" - lol. I am on liquids for a few days, then mushies. I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to have that "full" feeling on a teensy, tiny bit of food. I am so looking forward to eating like a petite little flower - ha ha. I honestly can't tell any difference from the fill - still chugging water like I did before. Hopefully, I will get full fast when I start mushies. I actually want to get sick just one time so I get too scared to let it happen again - lol.
  16. Savannah26

    Weight Gain At The Hospital!!??

    Yes - the same thing happened to me. I am going in for my first fill today and plan to ask my doctor why that happened. Very demotivating!
  17. Savannah26

    So Inspirational!!

    I was banded on January 31st - losing 22 lbs is awesome! My highest weight was 248, day of surgery 235, today 228. So 20 lbs down from my all time highest weight. I had lost 4 more lbs., but had a sip of water and gained it back - lol. Anyway, I go Monday for my first fill - you are so lucky to have gotten your fill quick, because I feel no restriction at all and that is why I am stuck at 228. Anyway, did the the fill hurt? My doctor doesn't use any numbing agent and I am terrified of needles - not looking forward to that part, but definitely can't wait for the restriction to kick in! Good Luck and keep in touch.
  18. Savannah26

    August 2011 Bandsters????

    I have only told two people - my daughter and my boyfriend. I have a fabulous family and great friends, but I am just too embarassed about gaining 30 lbs. over the last year. I can "hide" my true weight with a few "blessings" and some other positives - no one believes that I weigh as much as I do. I have weighed 218 lbs. for several years, however, my mother died last year and through her very long, stressful hospital stay, I gained 30 lbs. I started this process last month on July 1st (first doctor appointment) and have fast tracked all of my tests and surgery is scheduled in two weeks (August 23), pending insurance approval. I'm impatient, thus why I only have about 7 weeks invested in the entire pre-op process. I weighed 248 lbs. on July 1 - today August 9, I weigh 240 lbs. - down 8 lbs. and started the liquid diet today so I can lose the remaining 12 lbs. prior to my surgery date. Would like to talk to others about "My Little Secret".
  19. Savannah26

    I'm in Augusta, Ga

    When is your surgery scheduled? Mine is August 23rd! I am in north Georgia - but at least we are in the same state. Would love a lap band buddy - new to all of this as well.

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